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I have been trying for ages. I have the mop and have scrubbed in all directions umpteen times but cannot get past this task to get to boiler room.
 posted in Mystery Stories: Berlin Nights on Aug 21, 12 9:10 AM
I've got hrough loads of levels but can't find a tray and a jug in a West Berlin Apartment. I have made several attempts and am now stuck. Be grateful for any help!!
 posted in Mystery Stories: Island of Hope on Aug 9, 12 11:13 AM
I need to power up the construction light. I have found the power pack to click on it but don't know what a construction light looks like!!? I've tried holding the pack over everything randomly but every time it returns to where I picked it up!!

I've gone through loads of levels BUT NOW I'M STUCK!! iI DON'T HAVE ANY HINTS LEFT.

Can anyone help?
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