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 posted in Snow Globe: Farm World on Sep 11, 12 5:28 AM
Me too - I can't get the Gold time for this level.
 posted in Snow Globe: Farm World on Sep 11, 12 5:21 AM
Make sure you have the following:

1. Sheep then wait for it to produce wool.
2. Buy a Cloud and place Weaving Machine
3. Click Weaving Machine and its output is a Thread (which you will need for the carpet).
4. Buy a Cloud and place the Carpet Machine
5. Click the Carpet Machine and its output is the Carpet

By the way, I just said buy the cloud and the corresponding machine because I am not sure at what particular level 2 you are referring but if it is already there, just make sure you have the sheep, wool, thread and you will be able to make a carpet.

Also if you cannot find the Carpet Machine, look at the options of the Cloud as you might need to sell a certain machine to be replaced by the Carpet Machine or another option is to buy a Cloud where the Carpet Machine is there.
 posted in Snow Globe: Farm World on Aug 23, 12 11:49 PM
murfy1 wrote:hello

how do you earn 1 000 000 from the bank ? i tright by selling things buth it stopt at 999 999 ????

There was an answer on this thread (Cows to drive away the fox award) regarding your query. Please go to that thread.

It gave a suggestion on how to do it.
 posted in Snow Globe: Farm World on Aug 21, 12 10:21 PM
I bought almost every Farm Frenzy Games and I just love all of them but this one for me is the best.

I just like how the twist was made and I am looking forward to another game series.

It is a definite BUY for me who is a lover of Farm Frenzy game series.
 posted in Shop-n-Spree: Shopping Paradise on Aug 21, 12 10:16 PM
Finally I was able to really play this kind of game and I just love it because this version works with my Netbook!

Thank You BFG for making it run on a Netbook. No regrets on buying this game as I just love it, it is enjoyable, never bores me as I like Shopping and Time Management Games is what I love to buy.

What's more, there is an option not to use Time Management.

Keep it up BFG!

Definitely a big BUY for me.
 posted in Snow Globe: Farm World on Aug 20, 12 12:34 AM
Thank you so much EPF4CATSBK. Without your answer, I won't be able to get out of this level.

The 4th machine spot is called the carving machine.
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