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Thanks Maggie!
You have to get metal then make them in the smithy
 posted in Elven Legend 2: The Bewitched Tree on Mar 4, 16 7:50 AM
I Also did not upgrade sawmill and had just enough crystals to do all. However I can't remember how I did it and got 3 stars! Is this the level where I saw a Hummer (hammer) at the bottom right? I can't remember.
 posted in Rescue Team 5 on Feb 17, 16 8:25 AM
Clear the two wood piles then build a café. you will be able to clear the rock in front of the police station then.
 posted in My Island Kingdom on Jan 27, 16 2:04 PM
I don't know if the problems were fixed by the time I bought the game or what but I was able to go back and pick up the leaves I had missed (remember you also have to finish the level). As far as the wood requirement someone mentioned I guess I got it by default, I really don't know how I got it. I am now on to the third island and level 11. P.S. I played all four levels of each stage I don't know if that mattered or not.
 posted in Rescue Team 5 on Dec 10, 15 8:17 AM
Do you mean level 22? Just click on the field hospital.
 posted in Brownies on Jul 31, 15 6:47 AM
Finally Success!! Thanks for the help. Now only level 6-4 left for Gold!
 posted in Brownies on Jul 29, 15 6:48 AM
Even with this help I'm still stuck. Any other strategies? I also need help on 7-3. Got Gold on all other levels so I am really frustrated!
 posted in Moai II: Path to Another World on May 28, 15 8:31 AM
How do you find out about hidden achievements in games?
 posted in Elven Legend on Mar 20, 15 7:48 AM
Thanks! Fun is not how I am rating this game at this time. Still on NP not even thinking Pro! Five levels left for 3 stars, 24, 27, 29, 33, and 40. Any suggestions?
 posted in Elven Legend on Mar 18, 15 6:39 AM
Finally got 3 stars on this level in NP don't know what I did different, guess the TM gods were with me!
 posted in Elven Legend on Mar 13, 15 8:09 AM
YEAH!!!! 3 stars on level 39 in NP!!!!!!!!
 posted in Elven Legend on Mar 12, 15 6:41 AM
Thank you so much!!!!!!!
 posted in Elven Legend on Mar 5, 15 7:44 AM
Please share how to get 2 stars on level 20, I can't do it on regular level and haven't even considered playing on pro level.
 posted in Elven Legend on Mar 5, 15 7:39 AM
I agree, this game is just not FUN anymore and isn't that what games are supposed to be? I too am a fan of "rewards" but sometimes just finishing the game with all gold is reward enough.
 posted in Elven Legend on Mar 5, 15 7:35 AM
Am I just not hiring enough workers? I have three stars on 29 levels, one star on level 40 and two on the rest (asst. from level 20-39). A lot of them I am on the last task when time runs out. This is the hardest TM game for me to date.
 posted in Elven Legend on Feb 27, 15 9:25 AM
I want my money back. I in no way consider myself an expert but this game is ridiculously hard and no fun at all.
 posted in Elven Legend on Feb 26, 15 8:06 AM
I guess asking for help was what I needed to do. Just got 3 stars. I got there by building the well and upgrading to 3 ASAP using the first bonus constantly and not building the sawmill or fixing the hole in front of the water tower. I also used the speed bonus when the first bonus wasn't needed.
 posted in Elven Legend on Feb 26, 15 7:34 AM
Please send help! Any tips to get 3 stars on level 26?
 posted in Royal Envoy on Sep 28, 14 5:55 PM
i build and upgrade three cottages but the game won't recognize them and end the level
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