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 posted in Jewel Match IV on Feb 3, 15 8:52 PM
What I think is a "glitch" in the game is meant to make the higher levels of Jewel Match IV harder because in game testing (professional game players?!!!), they had a BUNCH of lives left -- like 20 or more!!! So they were really whizzing through the levels without using many moves or many lives. Also, he said, you can "buy" more lives in the shop, although I've never seen that in my own play...

I began having problems about Level 52 and up where it doesn't ask you if you want to use gold or a life to buy more loves. That's where he was talking about players having many more lives left.

I think they must have used bombs, hammer, etc., all the special tools instead of actual moves...

Also, he said there have been a couple of fixes put out to straighten some things out, but the "big distributors" like Big Fish are slow to put them out as updates...

Just the messenger...
 posted in Jewel Match IV on Feb 2, 15 9:24 PM
First of all you must complete the puzzle with the fishing net -- Click on the fishing net and catch fish... Then put the bucket of fish into the crab cage. After the crab walks into the cage, place the end gate on the cage, then the lock.
 posted in Jewel Match IV on Jan 7, 15 8:50 AM
I LOVE Jewel Match IV! I do play it in the relaxed mode. If you're looking for relaxing, zen-like music and beautiful jewels, I recommend this game. This is like the first game in a LONG time that I am tempted to play all day! By long time, I mean since I first "discovered" computer games in about 1997! The puzzles are actually "puzzling." I haven't played a game like that in some time. I did find an online walk-through, and I have come to learn if you get to a "puzzle" and it's not working, you've left a piece behind somewhere, and sometimes, the best option is to replay that level. But it's so relaxing, who cares?!!! I look forward to many more hours of relaxing fun! (Please note: I have not gotten to the last levels with no lives left, as another player below, but I don't think I would be disturbed, as I would not mind to start the whole game over again!)
 posted in Puzzle Quest 2 on Aug 9, 14 9:25 AM
My only problem is how do you "quit" without having to use my computer's task manager?

There are no buttons or links on my play pages....

However, now that I'm here, this seems to be a minor issue.

Game is playing well, as far as I can tell, on my Windows 8.1 with the Direct X that I downloaded.
 posted in Puzzle Quest on Jul 22, 14 7:11 PM
What "donating to the temple" is ... is improving your skills by spending some of your gold. That's why the temple bells chime when you upgrade your skill levels.... Click the button Improve Your Skills.
 posted in Puzzle Quest on Jul 22, 14 3:45 PM
Well, I'm very angry and frustrated with this game right now, and we're not speaking! It seems way over-weighted to the other guy!

But I do agree with others above, the game's suggestion isn't always a bad move but most of the time it is, and I, too, will take a 5 point error loss than take that move.

I have come to pat myself on the back every time it says "No More Moves Available," and I say to it, oops! I'm playing too good! Just set the game up the way you want you ***@@$XX---!

I'm also having troubles with Lord Bane and at Level 50, everything gets harder. It's either too hard or too boring...

So I'm laying off for a while....
 posted in Puzzle Quest on Jul 22, 14 3:38 PM
What worked for me were these four spells: Mirror Helm, Mirror Armor, Poniard of Fire and Trollkin's Tome. Use Haste liberally and lots of Fire Balls.

However, I have to report I'm PO'd with this game right now! I've had it with their cheating! Too much weighted for the other guy! We're not speaking. I'm so mad at it!
 posted in Puzzle Quest on Jul 2, 14 9:58 PM
He hides and then swallows whole and even though I start out way ahead at 30+ point a pop, he soon gets me.

Any suggestions appreciated. I'm new...
 posted in Zuma's Revenge - Adventure on Oct 2, 13 9:37 PM
I'm having the same problem. Then, got to Level 54 and bombed out there and back we go again... But on and on I go...
 posted in Awakening: The Skyward Castle Collector's Edition on Sep 13, 13 3:30 PM
I have had Dreamless Castle on my machine a long time, but just got into it in the past few days, and I really like it! The puzzles seem to me to very brain-stimulating and some of them are very challenging, which I think is a good thing. But I did have to use the "walk-thru" guide a lot. I'm replaying it now to see how good my memory is....
 posted in Jewel Quest II on Mar 16, 13 10:31 AM
I am a Jewel Quest II "addict" who recently purchased a new computer complete with Windows 8, and here's what I have noticed: It takes two things to get better performance out of your computer -- the computer itself, its programming, etc. but also broadband. I'm way out here at the end of the Universe near the Mexican border and I have high-speed satellite. Better than dial-up and great for most uses, but may be lacking for games.

My Bejeweled II game now does things it never has done before, but on Jewel QII I still notice a bit of hang-time.

Secondly, when playing the upper levels of Jewel QII, you need to balance your number of lives vs. your number of special moves. I absolutely lost 99 special moves when I failed at completing one level and had 0 lives left. (Just wasn't thinking...) Also, when you have -0- special moves in these upper levels, but you have several more lives left (one time I had 9 lives and -0- special moves...) rather than trying to complete the board, spend a life or two adding to your special moves. Some of these more difficult levels can only be completed by using special moves near the end.

If you think you have completed all the spaces and the game does not end, you haven't completed all the spaces. Some of them sort of "hide out" and don't appear to be spaces but a part of the background.

Above all, don't let your frustration level get too high before taking a break. Take a break and try again tomorrow!

Much love to fellow questers!
 posted in Jewel Quest II on Jan 21, 13 8:33 PM
I am having the same problem! Even though I accumulated many specials during the earlier part of the game, by the time I get to Level 2-6 Back to Africa, I use them up along all my lives and it becomes a thing of going around and around in big (or little) circles!

I do think the "trick to it" is having at least 6 or more specials to conquer the game before the spring sound.

But would appreciate any help anyone can offer.....
 posted in Gardenscapes on Sep 2, 12 2:50 PM
My new all-time favorite game with great music, great objects, kind of clever way of disguising objects, is Vacation Quest: Australia. As I am a newcomer to the world of computer games, I still have Vacation Quest: Hawaii to look forward to! I hum the music when I'm doing my housework! There are a few puzzles, which I also like, but if you don't, you can skip them. Also, it's a Pop Cap game and seems to glitch-free, at least for me and my ooooolder Windows XP....
 posted in Gardenscapes on Aug 26, 12 8:48 PM
I like Christmas Wonderland... I think it's very much like the Gardenscapes and Dream Inn Driftwood I like. Play at your own pace, hidden objects are easy to see (when you can find them...). Based on the Twelve Days of Christmas and I love the Lords a Leaping (straight out of Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, sort of...)

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