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 posted in Gardenscapes on Nov 10, 09 12:41 PM

HAHAHA!!!!! You made me laugh so hard...thanks!
 posted in The Dracula Files on Nov 8, 09 3:16 AM
I like to live and let live....what's good for some is bad for others, and vice-versa. HowEVER....this game, I have to say, is the PITS! If you DO play the demo, first thing you'll want to do is go to options and turn of the game cursor, which is very slow and stalling. Might also want to turn that music way down's like an old record that skips in places.
Ok, so now you can crack your knuckles and start playing right? WRONG! Go pour a nice, hot cup of coffee, take a potty break, let the cats out/dogs in, maybe whip up a batch of the the intro movie MIGHT be over (can't seem to just skip through or fast forward it, like it, or leave it).
NOW you're ready to start. What can I say??? The objects are somewhat difficult to find (great for us HOG fans), but some are just ridiculous and either undetectable, or just don't look anything like they should.
The hints, which you will need unless you have 10/10 vision, do refill fairly fast. But oh, so annoying when the big whatchamacallit thingy that locates the item lingers on the screen after you click the found item.
Don't even think to rapid/random click to get through a scene quickly, in hopes of moving on to perhaps find the game gets better as you go. The penalty is a darkened, disabled screen that seems to last forEVER!
Opted out and deleted the game after 15 minutes, most of which was a total waste of time gritting my teeth through the intro movie.
By the way, this is my first negative review. How'd I do?
PS-Sorry game creators....I know you all worked long, hard hours on this game. But, it just doesn't appear ready to be out in public.
 posted in Hidden Magic on Nov 1, 09 12:45 PM
Wow! Hesitant to buy, but went ahead and got it. Can't give you exact play time, but well over 4 hours, and I'm usually fairly quick. Started out pretty easy, but got more and more challenging as time went on. Battles can get pretty intense, meaning you have to search quick, or run out of time. You don't get penalized if you run out of time (or mad-click); you simply start the 'battle' (meaning, find enough items before you are defeated by your enemy) again. Once all 48 levels are completed, a more challenging level of play unlocks, as does the mini games and battles, all can be played as stand alones. Also, game score came up at the end....I haven't check to see if the scores are saved, but venture to say they are. All in all, this is a fun, very different, and somewhat challenging, innovative game. Kudos to the creators for thinking outside the box!
 posted in Superior Save on Oct 19, 09 3:00 PM
Good starter HOG (hidden object game, for the benefit of newbies). Straight HOG, with no interaction. Mini games every now and then, again, good for those just starting out with this type of game.

For those with an insatiable lust for games like RTR, you may wish to save your time and credit, unless you are looking for very little challenge for a change of pace.

 posted in Danger Next Door: Miss Teri Tale's Adventure on Oct 19, 09 1:49 PM
So glad I didn't listen to all the negatives and decided to see for myself. Love the game! The first time around, I sped thru all the dialogue. This time, I'm taking my time and enjoying it even more.
Warning, for those who buy and share with children....this is NOT a game for young ones. There is some gore, nudity, references to partying (beer bottles, find the 'pipe' (meaning a pot pipe), etc. The kids get enough exposure to that stuff on TV, in school, and generally, all around us.
By the way, on replay, the lists of objects to find changes, so there's a mix of some already found last game, plus new ones. A pleasant and rare surprise!
Well, that's my coupla cents. Happy gaming :-)
 posted in Route 66 on Oct 6, 09 2:44 PM
suss1 wrote:just like bad lovemaking, too fast and too booring.

Ha haaaaaaaaa! Darn near fell off my chair reading that one!
 posted in Route 66 on Oct 6, 09 2:43 PM
For those who finished with 20+ minutes to spare on demo...WOW! I consider myself a decent gamer, but I got only about 3/4 or so...maybe closer to 7/8..through during the demo hour. Played long enough to get my fill....and too long to consider buying it to finish up. There is no "I can't wait to see what happens next!" emotion here.
Straight up HOG, good for most novices as an intro to HOG games. No interaction or particular excitement for seasoned gamers, but ok, I suppose, for a lazy day, give-the-brain-a-rest diversion.
 posted in Magic Academy II on Oct 2, 09 8:36 PM
I am soooo glad I used my own judgment, instead of leaning toward negative reviews! Bought the game after the demo (I was about 20% or so done at demo's end). Figured I'd get another 3 or 4 hours out of it. Boy, was I in for a pleasant surprise......Played ANOTHER 6 hours on top of the demo hour! And that's with clicking through all of the dialogue to make it go quickly.
IMO, this game is well worth buying. The graphics are good, sound is fine (some real amuzing voiceovers, too). Some parts are a little on the easy side to get through; others are absolute brain-stumpers! I admit that I referred to the walk-thru twice.....and I've only used walk-thru on one other game out of the TONS that I have.
Don't know about replay yet, as far as anything being different. But I do know that next play, I'll take my time and do the whole dialogue thing....from the bits I caught, seems like a good story to go with the rest of the positives!
Challenging enough (almost to the point of hair-pullling from time to time), yet relaxing for the most part. Total thumbs-up from me
 posted in Drawn: The Painted Tower ™ on Sep 19, 09 7:16 AM
Kudos to the creators....well done! I'm pretty good at this sort of game, but took me over 6 hours to complete....with the help of lots of hints and one peek at the walkthrough when I was completely stumped toward the end. The ONLY complaint is that, as I'm in a rush to move on at times, there is no way that I know of to skip some of the story line. However, it's well worth going through at the pace set by the creators. This game ranks high on my list of recommendations!
 posted in Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse on Aug 21, 09 8:19 PM
I very rarely post comments, but just finished playing this game. Slightly annoying fairy (say some) aside, this is an excellent, well thought out game. Challenging, but not impossible to beat without a walk-through. I bought several of the newest hidden object games (isn't this a great run???), and this one is my favorite out of the bunch. The others are good too, so that's saying a lot. Bravo!
 posted in Magic Encyclopedia: Moon Light on Jul 5, 09 6:34 PM
I just finished the game. Plan on several good hours of exceptional fun. Haven't done a replay yet, but surely will. Buy won't be disappointed, I'm sure.
 posted in Magic Encyclopedia: Moon Light on Jul 5, 09 6:30 PM
Once you have the milk in the bowl, click on the monkey before offering it to him. The monkey should start to sparkle. Give him the milk at that time. Hope it works for you!
 posted in Magic Encyclopedia: Moon Light on Jul 5, 09 3:51 PM
Gill.....Thank you SOOOOOO much! Figured it had to be something obvious, but sure did escape me!
 posted in Magic Encyclopedia: Moon Light on Jul 5, 09 3:13 PM
I'm at a point where I have a lantern ready to use, but no where to use it. Missing one piece of butter, which could probably lead me to a missing piece for a scoop, bow or...ummm...another thingy (knife-like). I keep trying the hint which leads me to go in the door......then try hint again, takes me right back out! Tried clicking all around the door and still can't figure this out. About to pull my hair out. Please,!!!
 posted in Magic Encyclopedia on Oct 4, 08 5:14 AM
take a peek at the map
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