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 posted in Midnight Castle on May 27, 16 12:55 PM
This is the last time I will EVER be posting a comment in this forum! I have also cancelled my account with Big Fish Games!

I have just played the tournament with one of my games scoring 235909 with 30 mins left on the clock; my score has not been shown.

I am totally fed up with these tournaments [Removed by Moderator]

Quite a few of you know my email address so if you wish to contact me please do.

Thanks to all of my friends for the help you have given me over the months we have been playing Midnight Castle; it used to be good here!
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 26, 16 7:07 AM
Mhoff616 wrote:Oh_oma

[Removed by Moderator] I've been playing the tourneys for 3 years. And the most I get is three spins @10%. I'm not a lucky person in life!!! But I'm used to that!! But when I see that the same person has won 5 out of 6 days [Removed by Moderator] I just think that something is not right. [Removed by Moderator]

Really? 3 years? They haven't been going that long in my games.

 posted in Midnight Castle on May 11, 16 9:54 PM
I had an email to say Spring was back, rushed in at 5am to complete Terraces but NO Spring here in UK on PC! Going back to bed!
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 10, 16 11:27 AM
Darn good idea susiewastaken!

 posted in Midnight Castle on May 3, 16 8:02 AM
Please would somebody explain to me how certain players manage to get into the top 100 EVERY SINGLE time they play?

I am NOT having a go at anyone; I just do not understand how this happens. Yes I do get into the top 100 every now and again but for every time I do I have countless times of only having a couple of spins or loads of 10s. My base scores are always well into the 80000s.

It just seems to me, and others, that the tournaments are still grossly unfair!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 16, 16 6:13 AM
Sorry, both wrong! I am the thicko!! Going to have a look now to see if I can find it!

 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 16, 16 6:02 AM
Well I am on the downward slope to 70 and with 10 games open I am really grateful to ALL my old longstanding friends who are helping me with the Spring Event ; I totally agree with posts I have read here, I shall not be deleting new SE friends . If they wish to go it is up to them but I will have to let them know that some of my games are not going anywhere!!!

 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 4, 16 4:33 PM
Judy you will never stop missing her; my Mum walked away on a Thursday too just three years ago; it still seems like yesterday.

Talk to her Judy, she is still with you.

I will be thinking of you and will light a candle for your Mum.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 22, 16 3:22 PM
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 21, 16 11:59 PM
Turalyon, I have sent you a friend request from Forest Fairy. I will keep a gifting spot spare until you accept it

Randy, I'm sure two wouldn't go amiss - they only sell for 60 coins so if Turalyon got really desperate for coinage he/she could sell one! (hope your knee is improving! )

 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 21, 16 1:17 PM
I have one I will gift you if you play on PC. No need to swap, it isn't worth much anyway! If you want it PM me with you ID.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 18, 16 4:43 PM
Well I am sorry I beg to differ, I read in another thread about them not counting for the achievement so the next few times they appeared on my wheel I checked before and after spinning and receiving one and they did count.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 18, 16 2:31 PM
whitebutterfly54 wrote:I don't know how many of you are old-timers of the game, but if you remember the torture chamber of old called the bow figurine and six-paws, you will agree that six-paws is right where he belongs. Don't let the face fool you....he is a fiend, I tell you, a fiend. LOL LOL LOL

Too True!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 18, 16 2:28 PM
That's good news then!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 18, 16 2:24 PM
Annelliegram wrote:And....the Golden Egg is NOT a pet egg, so it will not count toward the Egg-centric spinning and spinning for them from the wheel will only cost you coins, but yield no achievement reward.

Are you sure about that? I have gained Spring Event eggs from my wheel and have checked and they HAVE been added to the Egg-centric achievement.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 17, 16 6:28 AM
Hilda Mays game received an update to Level 70 this morning ! This also changed her ID name to Akinator!
The friends are still hers and the wish list but the inventory is not so please do not gift until this has been sorted.

I have sent a Doc. Felix to CS but have no idea if this can be rectified

 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 17, 16 4:45 AM
dlsed wrote:Anyone notice in the Fishing Net HOS, there is a poor little guppy........STUCK???? Really, BF./EG's, can we please free this poor little thing?????? STUCK?? IN A VIRTUAL TIMELAPSE OF FOREVER??????? PLEASE, LET IT GO!!

2nd thing.......what's with the timekeeper??? Since daylight saving time, it's still on fall time; failed to change. It's goofy, and alittle hard to keep things current. I want to say i don't think it's Big Fish, as when you close your game, if there's a promo, for whatever, and it states it's going to last to 'such a day' till midnight......i know that at midnight that will change. So how can MC be off??


Some us have not have not changed our time yet, so maybe MC is on our time and not yours!
Thanks for letting the cat out of the bag for those of us not yet in the upper realms of level 70, how about putting a Spoiler Alert!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 9, 16 11:49 AM
I have done all of those and I still cannot get into the Castle! Grrrrr!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 9, 16 1:49 AM
betslou41 wrote:
lilredhood wrote:you get avatars by playing the dice games, getting the christmas achievements, and there were some that you got from the last fall event, i believe there are some that you get from playing tournaments too.

Yes, I have all of those and just about to finish on the Dice ones, which shows 3 left when I scroll thru. So there are 13 not showing up !!!


So, maybe, they are in updates yet to come!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 9, 16 12:35 AM
drew248 Writes

A Serious Problem With The Tournament Wheel
It Is Laid Out Clockwise 0/+10/+40/+30/+20/+10/+50/+10/+20/+10/+30/+20
My Last 114 Spins Have Landed On The Bold +10 59 Times--Just Over 50% Of The Time--Far More Than Chance Allows
Also I Have Never Landed On The Other +10s (Not That I Want To)

Why Is This?--Highly And Considering I Get Only 2 Or 3 Spins Per Round-Highly UnFair (IMHO)
Too Many Over 200,000 Scores—70 In Last Tournie

ETA Some Peeps Are Getting Alot Of Good Spins!
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