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 posted in Medieval Mystery Match on Nov 17, 17 3:33 PM
any advice on how to navigate through this level?
 posted in Incredible Dracula II: The Last Call on Oct 4, 16 7:16 PM
how do I get by the guys with the flash lights? is there something I can do to get rid if them? Otherwise I can never get my minions to complete their tasks!!
 posted in Rescue Team 5 on Nov 29, 15 7:34 AM
Thanks so much for the advice about Level 32. Now that the craziness of Thanksgiving is over I can settle down and give the game some time. Thanks again!
 posted in Rescue Team 5 on Nov 25, 15 8:34 AM
I cannot figure out level 32! Please advise
 posted in Demigods on Mar 6, 14 12:02 PM
It worked! Thanks again! I wasn't aware of the orange switch. Your advice worked a charm.
 posted in Demigods on Mar 5, 14 7:48 PM
Thanks! I will give this a try!
 posted in Demigods on Mar 3, 14 5:35 PM
I managed to get te first set of 5 crystals from the mysterious guy, but how do you get the next set of 5 crystals to work the third (green) switch? Because at that point you can no longer have access to the mysterious guy even though you can get the 9 coins he requires.
 posted in Demigods on Mar 3, 14 12:03 PM
ok, I figured out how to manipulate the switches.Now I have reached bottom level, repaired the farm, got enough blue crystals to continue. Noe I find myself at a catch 22. If I raise the floor, I can get more coins, but can no longer access mysterious stranger for clue crystals. what do I do now???
 posted in Demigods on Mar 3, 14 9:11 AM
How do I reach the sheep farm from the upper level? The steps seem to disappear at the bottom of the screen. I tapped on the white arrows and on objects on the lower level,but nothing happened. Please advise. Thanks!
 posted in Castle: Never Judge a Book by Its Cover on May 11, 13 6:03 AM
does this game have a walkthrough? I did not see it listed
 posted in Eternal Journey: New Atlantis on Jan 12, 13 4:47 PM
I am at the end of chapter 8. I cannot figure out how to get from the Burrows scene to the Queen's Lair scene. Accordingto the map it is right underneath the Burrows scene and has as arrow pointing to the Queen Lair scene. If I point the arrow down it returns me to the Lake scene. If I point it up ,the locket in the rotating squares appears.( I already have the locket in my inventory) It seems to be a dead end. Please advise as I have a syringe loaded with poisoned cat's blood ready for the Queen!. (Love the Scottish Fold Cat ,Marcy!.)
 posted in Mystery Case Files ®: 13th Skull ™ on Nov 15, 12 7:18 PM
thanks so much!!! I finally posiioned it. However now I cannot retrieve the gold coin buried at the carraige house. No matter where I place the curser or he shovel the shovel just clunks back into the invatory
 posted in Mystery Case Files ®: 13th Skull ™ on Nov 1, 12 7:14 PM
I cannot get the screwdriver to get the screws out of the panel on the side of the piano. Is there supposed to be more than one screwdriver in my inventory?
Thank you for replying so quickly. Although I have the regular edition, I looked the chapter about the bar. I made the gumbo but it will not go into my inventory. so am I missing a promt? or is this a tehnical problem?
 posted in Mystery Case Files ®: 13th Skull ™ on Oct 21, 12 11:26 AM
How do I access the walkthrough for the 13th Skull???[u]
 posted in Spirits of Mystery: Song of the Phoenix on Sep 8, 12 10:26 AM
I am stuck on chapter 9 The Garden. I have completed all of the tasks exceot painting the rays io
the sun. I can pick up the paint brush and move it over to the sun.But when I click to have it paint it just falls back down to the ground. I cannot go further it seems without this step. What can I do?
 posted in Spirits of Mystery: Song of the Phoenix on Sep 7, 12 2:54 PM
II need to paint the rays of the sun onto an easel which has the sun already on it. However, when I put the paintbrush up to the sun and click the mouse to paint, the paintbrush just falls down and I am back to square one! Very frustrating
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