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In case anyone missed the link to the walkthru for this game's another link


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fierybella wrote:I'm stuck at the door. I've gone back and found 10. What else am I missing? Please!

I don't know if my last reply saved so I will write another and apologise if it's repeated.
I thought I had all 10 hearts but I didn't. I noticed 2 hearts were pink with a yellow heart in the middle, they were not jewelled hearts, just the space where they needed to go.

So I had to look all over the house again for two more hearts, not forgetting to check the gate at the beginning and the garden, also the office in the cottage where Victor was sitting (it had the skull puzzle on the door).

Count how many small yellow hearts with pink backgrounds you have and thats how many more hearts you need to find. Once they are all in the board the wall will open.

Good luck

Gilly :-)
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fierybella wrote:I'm stuck at the door. I've gone back and found 10. What else am I missing? Please!

HI there

Do you have any hearts that are pink with a smaller yellow heart in the middle ? They are not hearts, they are the heart shape ready for a jewelled heart !

I had two of these coloured hearts, thinking that I had all 10 hearts but I didn't. So I had to go all over the house and cottage, not forgetting the front gate and the front door at the top of the stairs as you pass the well, plus check in the cottage that Victor was in when he caught you and locked you up. Remember the door with the skull puzzle leading to an office ? That was where I found my last heart, after about an hour of looking !!!

So to re-cap, if you are staring at the hearts still, you don't have them all, even though it looks like you do ! Count the pink and yellow hearts and that's how many more that you need

Gilly :-)
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lil_mik23 wrote:Ok, I have browsed this forum looking for an answer to my problem but i have found nothing. I have ALL 10 hearts and the locket into the door (I have counted them, and checked everywhere for more just in case) and the door WILL NOT OPEN!! This is really frustrating. Also, my inventory is empty. PLEASE someone help, I need to finish this game -.-

Hi there

I too thought that I had all ten hearts and no way would the door open. So I decided to go back around all the rooms in the house again, tedious I know but I wanted to see if I had missed something. Immediately the front door a the top of the steps glittered, giving me a heart, I went back to the heart door and even though I thought that all the hearts were taken, I clicked the heart on every space until it stuck on the wall.

The empty hearts were pink background and a yellow heart in the middle. It's basically a case of going around the whole house and cottages (through the 3rd door which opened by typing VICTOR) .
I'm still looking for that last heart so I can't help anymore but I hope I have been of some help :-)
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Re:No Screwdriver//sorry I was wrong
[Post New]by florianna98 on January 6, 3:17 PM
wow...way to screw up my first post in the forums
I decided to go back to the garden and double check, and sure enough the statue was sparkling. Sorry I bothered everybody!!

Hello there florianna98 !

I'd like to say that you absolutely didn't screw up your first post ! I too was stuck without a screwdriver and if it wasn't for your very successful post, I would never have thought of going back to the garden at this stage of the game so Thank you very much for your post, it was very helpful

Gilly :-)
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sylviamj77 wrote:
agillilan wrote:
I,too, have the same problem. It is frustrating not to be able to save your game and come back to it. It doesn't make se nse. You're following the rule to save your game, and the game ignores that fact. I read somewhere that you could go to the files and reset the game to play in XP. I don't really know how to do that. Its a great game. Just doesn't work with Vista

I too had the same problem, I was able to download the game but not load it, using vista.

In reply to changing compatibility mode, try this:

go to computer
c drive
program files
word wizard deluxe folder
last but one file should say, word wizard deluxe application 4,982KB
right click on that file and select properties
the second tab along should be compatibility, click on that and you can then change the compatibility mode to win XP

This is using vista, I haven't tried it in win 7 or any other OS

Hope this helps

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