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 posted in Deadly Sin 2: Shining Faith on Mar 24, 13 12:40 AM
You do realize that there's only 1 final battle in the whole game right? At the Lureska Resort when you have defeated all the foes from level one to the gold semi-quarter round then you will have a chance to challange the Arena Champion aka the goddess Bella Durai, she is VERY tough even in Easy Mode. But you don't have to challenge her to finish the game since she is only the optional super boss of the game.
 posted in Leah's Tale on Feb 7, 13 7:19 AM
Can I ask are there anything else to do at the Temple other than rescue Leah?
 posted in Leah's Tale on Feb 7, 13 7:16 AM
You won't be able to beat him Just try your best to stay alive and when you damage him enough, the battle will end and he will rewards you with a weapon (a staff for Leah, I've forgot its name )
 posted in Ella's Hope on Feb 7, 13 7:12 AM
Uh, I think there's nothing you can do about that frozen dwarf
 posted in Leah's Tale on Jan 27, 13 8:31 AM
Hi everyone, it's me again

And does anybody here happen to know where the water orb is? I heard that it is located in the Water Plains but I've search everywhere and still can't find it

Please help me because I really want to to what will happen if I collect 4 orbs.
 posted in Skyborn on Jan 14, 13 9:46 AM
Oh that's too bad, oh well, hope to see one day there's a new game release by you

P/s: Maybe I shouldn't wait for Deadly Sin 3 anymore LOL
 posted in Leah's Tale on Jan 7, 13 7:45 PM
Thanks I found it now
 posted in Leah's Tale on Jan 6, 13 8:04 PM
I wonder what will I get from those pieces of rock that the dwarvens give to me
 posted in Ella's Hope on Jan 6, 13 8:01 PM
Hi everyone I've just finished to replay this game a few days ago, and I decided to open this topic to help the people who are just dying to know

First of all, there are multiple endings for this game (Eri said there are 6 of them), but so far I've got 4 endings now.

In all the endings, no matter what you do, Leah, Dayna and Sakari will always fail; Areth and Marcus will always pass.

My first ending is both Ella and Cal failed, second one is Ella passed and Cal failed, third one is Ella failed and Cal passed, and the last one is both of them passed.

Depends on what you choose when Cal asked Ella that did her care for him like he does, if you choose that Ella do care for him than he will fail in the end, but if you choose Ella to rejected him, then he will pass.

To get Ella passed the Candidacy is more tricky, you have to get enough Exam Score, Quest Points and Sky Orbs, for me, I've got 20 points for exam, 300 for the quest points and 45 Sky Orbs, my final rating is 49. So I think that the average points to gets Ella passed is her exam has to be 15 or more, the quest point has to be 250 or more, and keeps your eyes open to collect as many Sky Orbs as you can. Means that, you have to try your best to get high score at the Exam, do all the sidequests and collect lots of Sky Orb (there are 52 of them in this game). If you acquried all of these, the Angels will acknowledge her passes the Candidacy in exemplorary style

That's all, if anybody has any idea please tell me, I'd love to hear

 posted in Deadly Sin 2: Shining Faith on Dec 31, 12 6:42 AM
Thanks for reading
The keys to win that: keeping Teresa's threat the highest, Reflect Magic like crazy and stock up well
 posted in Deadly Sin 2: Shining Faith on Dec 31, 12 6:39 AM
As far as I remember, if you push the blue button first, both Carrion and Maric will get hit with a lightning bolt, if you push the red button first, nothing happen. But no matter which button you pressed first, Maric and Carrion will suggest that each of them try to push the buttons at once in order to open the door.

Maybe you should try again, this time, push the blue button first
 posted in Skyborn on Dec 31, 12 6:30 AM
I think Harmonic is probably busy with something now
Just wait for him and we shall see
 posted in Skyborn on Nov 17, 12 9:54 PM

First of all, I think Saehral WAS the weakest in three bosses Even though when you fight her, this battle will automatically triggers to Hard mode but she still didn't have what its take to be a big challenge though I can't imagine how easy it could be if this fight can trigger in Easy or Normal mode When she said that "I don't think there is anything in this universe can challenge you anymore", she was wrong, because Qua'Lon Hard mode is incredibly powerful than her

The second place probably Super Vanity, although some of her skills could be murderous, she could really stand in the first place if it wasn't for her big weakness: paralysis

Of course, the toughest of all is Bella Durai She's very tough even in Easy mode, this is a big challenge even for experienced RPG-players But I'm happy that I'm the rightful owner of the Gold Medal

That's all, any comment?

P/s: Wow, I'm a Starfish now
 posted in Skyborn on Nov 17, 12 9:41 PM
Same question too
 posted in Skyborn on Nov 14, 12 5:38 AM
Hey Harmonic, Alika

I've replay DS, DS2 and Skyborn and I've made a comparison between 3 Optional Super Bosses of 3 games, wanna hear?
 posted in Skyborn on Nov 14, 12 5:24 AM
The goldies in the Colosseum are tough But trust me, the Champion are much easier than them Try to use the skills which are given by the Apple of New Limits, and do your best to keep your party alive, everything will be okay

P/s: Personally, I think that they're hard because their HP are quite high, also they aren't alone, they always come in pairs or so. And their multiple-targeted skills are powerful so they can be really annoying if you didn't heal at the right time. So try your best and you won't be disappoint
 posted in Skyborn on Nov 14, 12 5:16 AM
You will meet her later in the game, not the first time you see her in the desert She will only gave you a Roast Beef of Vitality when you talked to her the first time.
 posted in Skyborn on Nov 14, 12 5:12 AM
I'm kinda busy these days, sr for offlined too long I will answer to your questions

Because Chaska and Sully aren't have magic abilities so their skill are not using MP like the other, but they have EN, it stands for "Energy". Chaska have a buff called "Adrenaline Rush", it'll give her 100% of EN, but Sully doesn't have any buffs that raise EN. But both of them can gain EN by dealing or taking damage (Sully can gain lots of EN when he hits or gets hit, so it would be wise to keep his STR and all of his Resistance high ) And yeah, you can only use one augment at a time for a piece of gear

P/s: This fight is difficult but not the MOST difficult one So try all the tactics you have
 posted in Deadly Sin on Oct 14, 12 8:55 PM
In my opinion, King Duros, Cenario and Super Vanity are the hardest fights in the game

Okay, so here's the deal, Duros has enormous amounts of HP (about 10000 for the head and 80000 for the body), like what Wincheseter has say at the very first of the battle, you must take his head down before you hurt the body, but I suggest you equipped Dori with Lightfury and let her use Shockwave all the way so that he can't get a chance to counter-attack you with the Terravolt spell, wipe out his head, ignore the hand and focus everything you have to damage his body. Remember, you must always keep him stunned or else that Terravolt spell might be annoying.

I suggest you equip everyone with their best stuffs, and let them use their best skills (Lorelai's Barrage, Dori's Shockwave, Glade's Premidiated Bloodlusted Opportunity Strike, Belinda's White Bolt and Winchester's Dark Holy)
 posted in Skyborn on Oct 14, 12 8:31 PM
Hmm, I think there will be nothing too much diffrent though Both of them will make the robots go crazy and you have to fight through them to get to the permit in the end of the dungeon. It depends on your choices. That's what I can remember Alika, Harmonic, where are you? Help me please
P/s: There aren't any walkthrough yet, but you may find a Playthrough on Youtube for this game
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