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 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules VII: Fleecing the Fleece on Mar 17, 18 10:02 AM
I’ll do my best to remember.
- start by grabbing wood around the tent and restore the bush
- build the bridges to the extra worker, you’ll need the gold near the upper center of the screen, so grab that on the way
- restore the bush and free the worker
- build the bridge to the portal
- enter the portal and work towards the strong man and the golden blocks
- get the strong man to free the bushes, lots of food is vital
- you need both golden blocks, so work towards them
- you need wood from the pillars, work on the ones close to the tent first, then near the golden cubes, and build the obelisk
- build the bridge to the bush on the upper left as soon as you can, too
- work to get to the pearls, saving the crystal for last because you need to gather the gold from the cubes while you work to free up the other pearls

I hope this helps. Enjoy the game fellow fishie.
 posted in The Love Boat™ Collector's Edition on Dec 19, 17 3:11 PM
Brad comes in at the end, with a magazine. Go and take it from him.
Haven’t gotten to that level yet. When I do I’ll try to help. ? And by the way, you can’t join a discussion that has a lock on it. See the lock to the left of the subject of the forum message? So like me, you have to start a new discussion.
Hello fellow fishies,

There was talk in the forum about 3.1 being glitched because you couldn’t beat the developer’s record. Looks like it got fixed because I was able to beat it. So. Yay.
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules II: The Cretan Bull on Sep 30, 17 9:20 PM
Finally got 2.3 expert and beat the developer's record. Here's some tips.

Work quick to upper right farm and gold mine while building workshops, upgrade one workshop

Build upper farm and goldmine, upgrade goldmine first, second farm upgrade will come later

Do not not bother with anything to the left including the pile of wood past the weeds

Upgrade the house once, think I did it between building goldmine and upgrading it, but it may have been after

Get the gold to the right

Use extra help when available

Click on resources to keep thieves from stealing

Focus on food and gold at the end, clicking to queue

Good luck!
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl Power on Sep 16, 17 1:02 PM
First let me shout out to waxman77477 for his instructions on getting expert level. Without it I couldn't have beaten the developers record. In fact, I only have one modification, though he may have intended it but it just wasn't clear to me. Either way, I'm grateful.

Here's how I beat the developer's record with waxman77477's help:

- don't bother with:
the two gold pads on the lower right
the upper left boulder and beyond
the acid pit before the lower gold pads, you WILL need the acid pit before the pointer

- use the 2 food pads, 2 wood pads, and food bush in center
- use the gold pad at bottom center
- use gold pad at left in front of boulder, you'll just build the bridge and fill the crack to get to it but leave the boulder and beyond, do this as fast as you can
- upgrade the house to max, and you can eary on because you can access the left gold pad very early
- use increase harvest bonus thoughtout, until the very end when you can use speed
- watch for picking up max items because you won't need to bother to pick up more until you use what you have
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl Power on Sep 16, 17 10:02 AM
Oh, I forgot to mention something important, I clicked on every bird I could see. In fact, I clicked a lot of birds, especially in the beginning when your mind isn't fully engaged on every task. Nevertheless, try to click on every bird throughout! Practice will make this easier. Good luck!
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl Power on Sep 16, 17 10:00 AM
Yes, I believe it's 10 points a bird. But to complicate things, some have reported that there are levels that clicking birds gave a penalty. I can't say which, so I click the birds. Have no memory of receiving a penalty.
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl Power on Sep 16, 17 9:57 AM
Use the increase harvest bonus every time until the very end

Plan the bonus for when all workers can use it, as best you can

Here we go:

- clear around house to get to bridge and gold rock, always keeping workers busy, no lag time
- work quickly to bush, then to build store house first, again keep workers busy clearing
- clear sheep when they are free
- work to warehouse, upgrade fully, quick...the first time you use increased harvest, have one worker free to go to the gold rock for gold, you only need two for last warehouse upgrade but I did it for the extra gold piece anyway
- meanwhile have guy move the boulder on the path to the gold mine NOT THE GOLD PILE AND SHEEP WHICH YOU WILL SAVE FOR LAST
- once warehouse is fully upgraded, build bridge
- build farm while crossing bridge to remove weed
- remember to keep using increase harvest bonus
- move quickly to mine, then click to queue repair stone bridge, then click to queue house to get one more worker
- cross bridge and gather food and all but two trees, you will have gotten the two trees nearest the berry bush and the one near the weed, already
- once house is upgraded, upgrade farm to upgrade
- while getting trees, click on fang near button, push button
- after house and farm are upgraded once each, fill large hole near molar tooth, then fill hole near food and Minotaur on upper left, then hole to bridge to cave
- build cave and destroy upper left Minotaur and gather items
- don't forget to get all sheep that are free
- don't forget to get the gold when it pops up
- after molar, click on fang and sheep
- fill hole in front of Minotaur and queue the sign
- once fang is gone, click on BOULDER IN FRONT OF GOLD PILE AND LAST SHEEP, you'll now be gathering food for this final step
- the last thing you should have now is the last sheep, the sign should already be done or they happen at the same time

I beat the developers record by 13 seconds. If I can do it, you definitely can. Granted it took time to figure out the fasted method and more tries than I want to talk about. Good luck all.
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Aug 15, 17 11:02 AM
Yay! Pumpkin pie will be in my market today.
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl Power on Aug 11, 17 10:44 AM
100 tries later, finally got it. Can't say exactly how, but my strategy was to quickly get more workers, focus on gold production, gather fruit, get all trees, and weave everything else in.

I built and upgraded the goldmine first, then upgraded the house. Fruit trees and freeing the prisoner, next. Then to both gold rocks. Queue them so a worker is always getting gold from both. Fruit - second priority. So it's gold, fruit, one other thing, gold, fruit, one other thing. That's the weave.

Use speed bonus every time except with lower right gold and wood, then use increase yield bonus. Time it for both workers to run to pick up gold, fruit and wood piles. It happens early on with only two workers. Don't worry if you don't get a lot. A little makes a difference. Then only speed bonus. I may have used the increase worker speed for the last crystal, but maybe not while beating the developer.

You need ALL the trees. You actually have a few seconds to do just fruit and gold, before dealing with the crystals. When you have around 20 or so gold, start queuing the crystals and bridge. You'll already have broken the big one that was first in line, for the wood behind it, early on.

Good luck fellow fishies!
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl Power on Aug 7, 17 3:05 PM
Does anyone have advice for beating the developers score for 2.4?
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Jul 17, 17 2:17 PM
Greetings LT_reddit,

I wasn't sure what your point was so I was compelled to read between the lines. It sounds like you're saying these forums are oppressive, based on your comment about the reddit forums being, perhaps, "less oppressive".

Still, I'm not sure why you are posting this. Do you have a complaint or comment related to this particular forum? Maybe you could be more direct.

Despite all the implications of your post, I appreciate Big Fish Game's efforts to keep this forum friendly and open, in as much as it's purpose is to provide help and connectivity between big fish gamers. Moderating an endeavor this large takes a commitment and maybe even a passion. I applauded Big Fish Games for all their continued and consistent support.

 posted in Sunken Secrets on Jul 4, 17 3:39 PM
I'm with you toxic waste, my intention is to sell. I want the items purchased. I didn't realize I should ever be concerned about who is actually buying my stuff and why.

I'm still not sure I understand how new players quit if items are not available in the markets of those they follow or who follow them, because I never played the game with that mindset, when I was lower levels. I looked in the available markets, if it wasn't there I did something else and/or waited until I found it, or was able to grow/make it. I'm level 86 at the moment.
 posted in Mary le Chef: Cooking Passion Collector's Edition on Jun 27, 17 12:32 PM
Thank gojojogo, I tried your way and finally got it.

But, I didn't realize I'd gotten the trophy until I looked in the trophy room, because I never saw the notification of the achievement while in the restaurant I was actually successful in. So, I don't even know which combo did the trick.

I was so frustrated I contemplated giving up, which I rarely do. For some reason, before exiting out of the game, I clicked the trophy icon, and to my delight, the viola flowers trophy was shining brightly. Either way, your method took the stress off.

So no matter what, fellow fishes, try every combo, delete them from the tray, go back in, change up the ingredients, trying every possible combo, and do this with every restaurant, while ignoring customers. Then check the trophy room. You may have gotten the achievement. Good luck.
 posted in Mary le Chef: Cooking Passion Collector's Edition on Jun 27, 17 12:13 PM
Okay, in Steve's restaurant, the 5th one, I noticed a blimp flying by, I clicked on it and think I saw "found" flash on the top I my iPad screen. It happened quick, so don't hold me to it. Hope this helps.
 posted in Mary le Chef: Cooking Passion Collector's Edition on Jun 27, 17 9:36 AM
Hey fellow fishes,

It is true, you can get this achievement. I finally got it.

A couple tips:
- if there are two products, like two coffees, and only one can be set to default because the other automatically selects the next option, don't worry, as long as one of them is set to the default. So, it's okay to have one set to the upgrade as long as the other is using the default. This won't matter much because the game will set one to the default and the other to the upgrade option, when you use the upgrade during the game. It will matter if there are TWO items and THREE options. So, check everything.
- that goes to my next tip CHECK EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT AND INGREDIENT to determine if it's set to the default option. Even if you have a product changed to default, there may still be an ingredient within it that needs to be changed, like a sauce or a fruit type. I missed a couple things that way, like in level 60 I had the right meat but the wrong sauce, and in level 50 I think, I had the right cake but the wrong fruit. Also in that level there is a white or red wine in a pitcher and a fruit type. So check everything.
- when you think you're ready, diligently and patiently check again.
- don't give up, this achievement can be gotten (I almost gave up)

Good luck and play on
 posted in Myths of the World: The Black Sun Collector's Edition on Jun 17, 17 10:10 AM
Sazoria answers this question and more in a discussion titled All Unexplained Achievements....check it out, very informative
 posted in Myths of the World: The Black Sun Collector's Edition on Jun 16, 17 11:02 PM
I really enjoyed this game. The story was good, but not great. Wasn't sure I liked the whole reptile fathering a child thing, but it was well acted and still fun.

The graphics were pleasant and appealing. It looked really good. The puzzles were fun and challenging, intuitive and creative. I love morphs (that don't take forever to change - staring forever is no fun) and this game had a nice morph change time. Finding a lizard in each location kept me on my toes, too.

What I really loved was that the game gave you the opportunity to go back and find lizards (the balcony fight went so fast I never got to get the lizard until later), so it's nice to have the chance to get all the achievements of that sort without having to replay the whole game. Having said that, I did replay the game to get two that couldn't be gotten any other way, but I didn't mind. The game was fun, so doing it a second time was fun.

Right now I'm working to get gold medals on all the HOPs and I'm enjoying that challenge too. Well done, great game!
 posted in Myths of the World: The Black Sun Collector's Edition on Jun 16, 17 10:52 PM
Well, I was wrong about some of what I said. So, if you're talking about the one that asks for compasses, deer and swords, then the coats move from left to right. One of the compasses is a picture on the wall near the horses head. It's not like the hand held compass, more of a compass you'd see printed on a map. Good luck, hope I answered it right
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