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 posted in Rescue Team 5 on Dec 18, 15 2:28 PM
Hi mitupogo - Spoiler
I find clearing and fixing top road works, then clear wood to build first house, build up supplies, build café, close valve on left side first, remove rock and build 2nd house, next remove rock, build 3rd café, remove large rock, when mill has 20 wood with nothing to build, destroy mill and build 3rd house, you should have enough food and money to clear the large rocks rescuing 2 people and order fuel 2x, clear swampy area and use speed run to clear last swamp, rescuing last person.
 posted in Rescue Team 5 on Dec 18, 15 1:14 PM
Hi Badmikey Spoiler

I haven't counted how many houses and cafes to build at first, i try to keep the numbers even, at the centre of the circle, I build a mill to keep supplying wood whilst picking up additional gradually, I then add three gas stations and more houses and cafes until enough money is generated then change two/three to cafes, this should supply enough to rescue everyone, clear the wood to speed up the atv to rescue all people. Speed is necessary as the fire spreads, supply is the key! Repair the bridge as this gives you more rescuers over the area and if you can wait rescue the rescuers first before the people.
Happy and successful rescuing.
 posted in Rescue Team 5 on Dec 18, 15 12:21 PM
Hi Wyoming0405 Spoiler

If you have not discovered how to get fuel, here is a way that works, clear wood first, build house next, clear wood (mill), build café and house, build another café, build bridge and remove small rock to the right, collect freebies, remove small rock, collect freebies, Repair holes, collect cook food faster, have enough food to remove large rock, rescue animals and change the two cafes to two more houses, collect boost income, this will let you take care of fuel needs until you heal your sick patients!
Happy and successful rescuing.
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on Sep 20, 15 9:11 AM
Hi fellow chef, I purchased the platinum oven some time ago and it does increase the amount of food cooked to be sold so speeds up preparation when higher numbers are needed with less appliances. Also lets you choose what you want to cook and sell as your playing the game. Enjoy and think about what to spend the bucks on. Hope it helps. I think it is worth it for my style of play.
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on Apr 19, 15 4:44 AM
Hi mrip

I found my other password so can now play both games, I associated it with something and it jogged my memory. Hope you find/found yours. Fellow Chef.
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on Apr 19, 15 3:10 AM
Hi Fellow Chef

Not much help as I had forgotten both of mine for two games I had running. I had not played in months and remembered one today but the other alludes me. I sent in a question to big fish and await a reply, but just noticing the date on your question and no reply appears that you may have rediscovered it, bfg have/not replied and you have not updated so I wait to find out. do write login down, keep safe and don't forget where you put it safe, as I did that also. I do not fancy starting again at the begginning.
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on Jul 12, 14 8:14 AM
Hi susiejane9

No not always, you decide which one to do, achievable for bucks rather than coins reward!!! that's a first, but you will come across it for pots, pans and board recipes. Happy Cooks!!
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on Jul 12, 14 8:06 AM
My mistake it's deco and bronze/gold utensils in 3's across and all the way down on the far left and 332 hearts, customers eat in 10 seconds rather than 12 seconds.
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on Jul 12, 14 7:24 AM
I placed decorations on the far left in two's, between the two corridors are all cooking utensils 5 across and 6 down, then tables at the mo' are 3 across and six down on the right hand side facing the cooking area. Selling, eating and having plenty of counters out etc anything that improves hearts are speeded up also if getting 3 stars on preparation of meals (having 322 of hearts at mo') will have your customers flowing and achieving dd. All counters are in two's from the bottom right to left with spice pots dotted where ever I put them, usually I stick to a platinum pot to get four spces an hour! Happy Cooks
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on Jul 11, 14 11:22 AM
I did try this just to see it happen! signed off and they'd gone before completing, so thought I'd make some more and have them ready to sell en-masse, two days later had the fish taco dd again with 20 bucks reward, left the game and sure enough they dd disappeared again. I reasoned with self I could leave the game open all the while but old laptop overheats and turns itself off anyway if not kept cool using a fan at its side, plus where laptopp kept would disturb somebody's beauty sleep. I can't win till it's sorted.
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on Jun 6, 14 5:22 AM
Hi Mrs Schrute

I play 2 games and I did this by when playing my first game I clicked menu to come out of the game play, which brought up a list of icons, one which said email, I clicked onto this and entered email address and password to login, this allows you to play, I click menu to quit that game and on the list is log out which I click on and enter another email/password and login. Doing this saves your game play. Hope this helps! Happy cooking.
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on May 20, 14 6:59 AM
Thanks efi24 if that's how it works, will check next DD challenge and when I start a new day, by the way whether is not the same as four seasons weather.
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on May 9, 14 8:11 AM
Is that how it works?. If you try to cook the DD before you click to accept thus giving yourself more time to cook it, you are penalised by X hours deducted from the 22. DD was for spare ribs so I got cooking them, not long after I clicked on the DD by mistake and from 22 hours I had lost 8 hours and I'd just recently put the first lot in the oven.UUUgggghhhh. very annoyed, VERY, VERY GLAD I HAVE NOT PAID real money for this.
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on May 4, 14 6:13 AM
Hi debgerard
I don't know how to restart but regarding angry customers, when you've got empty counters with no food prepared to serve, remove them as soon as possible into stow and this will stop customers entering altogether, you get to keep hearts rather than lose loads waiting for menu to be prepared. And hearts will go back up when bonus counters are in back in use. Got this advice from another fellow chef!!!
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on Apr 25, 14 6:15 AM
Did I get it wrong???. Got the daily demand 21,000+ cookies, Cooked en-masse, ready to serve, clicked to accept DD and served 22 hours to go, made another batch of @8,000 to complete, when checked the time less than an hour later, I had less than 30 minutes, Where did the time go?. Completed the other DD and was nicely rewarded!!
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on Apr 24, 14 9:00 AM
It's not easy getting them Daily Demands, I find that when a new one appears and it shows what to cook, I try to cook as many as possible before clicking on it to accept the challenge, that way it gives me a better chance of achieving the demand. Also helps is attaining the gold level appliances (only what I can afford at the moment) to make a higher quantity. Happy Cooking!!!
 posted in Finders on Mar 2, 14 8:08 AM
Hi Poidog and Andao
You may have discovered that you just need to build up your money and mine stone to build the well, I recently started this new game to me and have enjoyed it through to the end but still have to catch the rare blue fish!!! Happy building.
 posted in Finders on Mar 2, 14 7:42 AM
Hi 70summerfield
Once you have made it, go into your storehouse and choose to use it rather than sell it. Happy fishing, not a bad game just got to catch me a rare blue trout.
 posted in Finders on Mar 2, 14 7:30 AM
Hi 70summerfield
Probably you have discovered by now, how to buy the gas guns using the vehicle to purchase them, as they are an odd item rather than the standard.
 posted in Farm Up on Nov 16, 13 2:38 PM
Hi gwenshuman if you never received a quest to plant and grow 10 tomatoes quite early at the beginning of the game, did you reach the achievement first? if so then the husband will never show as I got further on previous a game without the husband showing and had to start again. Be patient with the game and allow actual quests to happen before you reach achievements. As you progress you will start to figure out what and when to plant/achieve. Happy Farming.
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