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 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 13, 14 8:58 PM
Mobi01 wrote:I have a problem creating the "creating of the world" item. There is a question mark in one item, therefore I can't create that for Henry. What can I do? Also there is problem "connecting to server" every 10-15 minutes. If a press "retry" is OK. But it's annoying.

The problem you have for crafting Henry's item is that you haven't reached the level yet where you can access the item with the question mark. Once you open up the new HOS you shouldn't have any more issues with the question marks in the item.

Server connection seems to be an issue today. Internet fluctuates occasionally.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 12, 14 9:42 AM
Gemmam77 wrote:guppies 56, thank you for letting me know.
Anyone else out there with a unique stamp to gift?


If you are in the IOS version then you need to go to the discussions for that version. The way I understand it PC players cannot gift IOS players and vice versa.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 10, 14 8:08 PM
I have 3 Manticore eggs if anyone is interested. My friend code is 164047. If you want one please friend me with the manticore egg in your wish list. I'm on a PC.

Sorry, all eggs are gone now.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 6, 14 9:26 PM

Don't forget that you need to delete the credit card information that is part of your BFG account. Since someone else has access to your game they can buy coins and diamonds using your account if you don't.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 25, 14 8:44 PM
guppies56 wrote:The Overgrown Pond, "Pipe" I was hitting away at the waste pipe convinced there was a glitch, then thought it must be a smaller "waste pipe" or "copper piping" I then thought there must be another "flute like pipe/fife" never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the "Pan Pipes" to be a pipe.
I have never heard of "Pan Pipes" being called anything but "Pan Pipes" so it's your guess how long it took me to complete that HOS the first time round.

Also "Clothes Pin" it's just a plain and simple "Peg"

I've never called the spring loaded clothes pins anything but a clothes pin. The pins that are shaped out of a single piece of wood are called clothes pins as well as "pegs".
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 25, 14 8:31 PM
jen8973 wrote:I still Cant get anything on my social page no gifts and no wishlist I contacted tech support and got no response I am really disapointed in this game and the hep i am not getting this last update messed up everything half the the time I spend shutting down my computer because it freezes everytime Im so frustrated Can anyone tell me is this normal? Im new to the Big Fish family is this how it always is

I've been with BFG for several years and never had an issue they couldn't or wouldn't help me with. MC is a work in progress and the story is meant to continue. There are an awful lot of bugs in this game, some of them minor, all of them annoying. The most annoying part is that many of the complaints have been being voiced for months and they are still not fixed. The blank HOS scenes and the flower coins not dropping are just two of the issues that need to be fixed. I still think the timers in the HOS scenes are not correct.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 22, 14 4:09 PM
Bedazzles wrote:I wanted to inform the Developers that so far with the new update(06/19/2014) I have noticed that the changed HOS (Mirrors, Winter Garden, Fairy Sculpture)still show sparkles as if they are recharged right after you play them. Typically the sparkles are only visible when the HOS is actually available to play....

Thank you

I only have one changed HOS...the Fairy Structure. I never noticed any changes in the other HOS's. Getting frustrated with the Broken Statue HOS. Am going to refuse to enter it if I have to log off every time to get out of it.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 18, 14 5:08 PM
I am having the same issue with the broken statue not having HOS items and a list. The other day I tried to complete that HOS 4 times before I gave up and quit the game for the day. Yesterday it worked fine. Today it's messing up again.

I also never got credit for 2 gold chests in my achievements list after I completed 2 of the more complicated daily quests.

I love this game but I'm tired of losing my flower money too. It happens at least once a day.

I also do not believe that the time clocks in the HOS scenes are accurate and I've been complaining about them for more than 3 months. The timing is very erratic and seems to vary from scene to scene and sometimes even within the same scene.

I've noticed a definite drag occasionally for my mouse while in the HOS scenes and it doesn't seem to be an issue anywhere else but MC.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 10, 14 8:37 PM
How do you get the lemur and the snail? I got the hippo egg on the wheel of fortune. I just haven't seen anywhere to get the other two eggs.
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 20, 14 5:03 PM
I'm also having issues for the first time tonight with the dice game freezing and having to run the task manager to get out of the game. I've noticed some hesitation in the counter in the HOS and I checked the batteries in my mouse to make sure that my mouse was working properly. I've only missed 1 coin drop for the morphing flowers though since the newest update and have never had any issues whatsoever with gifting. I don't understand what's going on at all.
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 14, 14 6:07 PM
I was still slogging through my 4th or 5th bow figurine when I downloaded the new update. I was starting to lose heart over it and getting bored. I'm not sure that I would have totally walked away from MC but I was starting to look at other games and for the last week only spending an hour or so playing MC. I was both happy and shocked when I went into the bow figurine tonight and found that the 2 quests I was on were suddenly able to be over. Now what to I do with all of the stuff I collected for the old bow figurine? I am happy that our developers and BFG are keeping an eye out for our needs.
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 11, 14 5:44 PM
wishing you and your wife a quick total recovery. Welcome back.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 23, 14 7:28 PM
I have a pegasus egg if anyone is interested please PM me.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 23, 14 7:13 PM
I thought the new update had fixed the problems with my flower money not dropping, last night when I played, because I didn't lose one coin drop. Then my coins didn't drop again tonight in the throne room. It's annoying.

I also do not enjoy having to "wave" or touch all of my winnings with my mouse pointer in order to send them into their proper places. I lost a wand tonight when I thought I had sent everything where it belonged and exited the room before the wand went into the inventory satchel. Last night I lost my diamond winnings for achievement when I exited without waving them into their proper place.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 23, 14 7:05 PM
barregar wrote:
awalkinglady wrote:Since installing the update, the game WILL NOT CLOSE. When I exit the game as usual, it simply does not close, does not return to the BFG Manager as it used to. I can open up the Manager but get an error message that another game is running. Since I have several MC games on my computer, this is a huge annoyance. The only thing I can do if I want to re-enter the game is to restart my computer. THANKS ALOT FOR THIS ISSUE, BFG!!!

That happens to me too, so I had to come in here to see if anyone else is having that issue. It is so frustrating!!! It never happened before until this new update. I have to restart my computer every time after I play this game because it will not close.....that should not be the case. I hope the devs. will look into this issue.

It happens to me too. I just open the task manager and go to applications tab and see that midnightcastle.exe is there and close it out. then I can restart a new game but this should not be happening. I used to be able to open the game from my desktop without the game manager opening but I did experience a second of run on with the music when I exited the game. now the game manager opens when I press my desktop icon and the game does not totally close anymore without the task manager.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 23, 14 6:20 PM
which reminds me....does anyone here need a Pegasus egg? I won my very first wheel egg tonight. If you do PM me tonight. I still have 1 more friend I can gift today.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 23, 14 6:14 PM
you can add me too. I know how it feels. I get 1 or 2 gifts a day and I have a list of 38 friends. I give all my new friends a welcome gift and wait to see if they ever reciprocate.

It can be difficult if you are more advanced in the game than they are and the items on your wishlist are not accessible to them yet. Then friends on your list that are at your level are all looking for the same things you are. I noticed though that when I ran out unusual tickets trying to get through the bow figurine for Pirate Pete almost everyone gifted me one when I put it on my wish list. You can add me to your friends list. My ID is 164047.

I gift everyone first that has gifted me on that day then I go through my list of names that I haven't gifted recently and send a second gift. If I don't get a gift reciprocated after 3 tries then I quit sending to them. I've also been known to spend diamonds to gift responsive friends when I'm able. I have had some very generous friends as well as ones that never gift.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 6, 14 8:00 PM
Keep trying. I completed my 50 items before I got to level 18. It was hard but doable. I have an excel spread sheet that I used to keep track of everything.up to level 18. I relaxed more once I found out I didn't have to craft 50 at one time. I can share the spreadsheet with you if you want to PM me
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 28, 14 9:44 AM
Amerzone wrote:Microsoft won't support XP but I think that just means you won't get updates anymore. If you can't get it moved (which I'm pretty sure you can't but don't quote me) I would not worry about keep playing on your computer if it's working and you have at least Internet Explorer 8 on it. IE 8 is the most current version that will work with XP.

My old XP machine still works fine with DSL but I tried giving it to my mother who has cable and the cable is too fast for it and bogs it down. Ended buying her a new one with Window 8.1 on it and she is ready to cry. It's just too much for an 87 year old to take in when she never really knew her way around a computer.

I'd like to know where you found a Windows 7 machine. I tried buying a new W8.1 with a Window 7 partion and was told they don't sell it anymore so they couldn't add it to the Windows 8.1 machine. I do not want windows 8. I'm using W7 right now and love it but the computer is getting old.

I bought a used machine from a local computer house but I see new ones online at Amazon, etc. My IT department at work says that it's the security aspect of your data on your equipment that the discontinuing of support will affect. Your local computer builder will be able to help you out with that. I hated the Windows 8 and I suspect that the reason I didn't have any issues with the MC game when the new update came on was because I hadn't reached level 18 and I was running XP. Most of the computer people I've been talking to had been installing XP on the machines they were building because the system was more robust than any of the newer systems that Microsoft has come up with.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 27, 14 5:47 PM
Does anyone know how your current MC game can be moved from an old computer to a new one? I'm currently running Windows XP and I'm told it won't be a good idea to keep playing online after mid April as Microsoft is not going to support XP anymore. I don't want to start a new game and lose my current game. My new computer will be running Windows 7 as I tried Windows 8 a year ago and hated it.
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