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leapfrog0202 wrote:
gottatude wrote:my map doesnt show anymore cursed areas yet still do not have middle puppets head any ideas

Mine also has the only areas remaining are areas where it says I don't have that ability that is needed yet or that cottage where I cannot get it unlocked yet.

I looked through the walkthrough I found by googling by as far as I can tell I've completed all the scenes that they say has a puppet part.

You may want to try finding a walkthrough and checking it gottatude. Good luck. I know I'm far too frustrated to play further. Grrrrrr
Hey im Missing a head cant find it any place?
 posted in Magic Encyclopedia on Sep 19, 08 8:51 PM
I STUCK too boi i hate numbers sums and crap like that
im over this game im leaving it
 posted in Magic Encyclopedia on Sep 19, 08 8:49 PM
boandtrentsmom wrote:Hi. I am stuck and have searched online for a walkthrough for MAGIC ENCYCLOPEDIA and there isn't one yet. I also have searched the forums here to see if someone may have posted the help I need already, but there isn't. SO! I need someone's help please..........

I am stuck on the one where you have to paint the wings. I see inside the tent with the other totem pole that the wings are painted three blue on top and four red on bottom but when I paint them that color, I don't move on so I am assuming that is not the correct color pattern. I desperately need some help please. thanks so much in advance...........
 posted in Magic Encyclopedia on Sep 19, 08 8:46 PM
NUMBERS IM dumb as dog..... i still cant figger it out neither can hubby and son. boi.....
 posted in Magic Encyclopedia on Sep 19, 08 8:17 PM
kizzi1 wrote: PLEASE HELP ME. Am having trouble with the feather. Have read the messages and tried the answers but no luck. Tried on the eagle and on the shield, is there an obvious place for it to go? This is driving me MAD !!!!
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