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 posted in Who Am I on Jun 29, 14 5:48 AM
For the "hated it" crowd, lighten up! It wasn't designed to make any practical sense. For those that didn't get the logic of the original, stop trying to make sense of it. it is a lot more fun if you, not only think outside the box, but to throw the box out.

I think of this game as a supplement to the original. It may have been rushed, or grudgingly thrown together to appease the people who wanted more of this game. But as a gamer, it had the potential to be truly great. From the original game, the basic thought for a sequel, was ingenious. Wait and grab this as a freebee, or a $2.99 special buy.

I own it and play it each time I finish my City Of Fools game and it's like having a longer version of that.

It is an Abby-normal game, to be played abnormally.
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