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 posted in Big City Adventure: London Classic on Mar 5, 12 8:17 PM
BIG FISH GAMES!!!! Are you listening to your customers? I join with others in saying how much I hate this game.

I don't play these games so I can bang my head endlessly against the same wall. I play them FOR FUN. This game is no fun.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ... either post a walk-through that's of some use or give us credits for this useless, worthless, poorly designed game.

Unless I hear something back from you, I WILL cancel my membership.
 posted in Big Kahuna Words on Aug 21, 11 5:53 PM
I hate tutorials in games and find it much easier to simply read the directions and then play until I master it. It is SUPREMELY frustrating to be forced to go through a tutorial.

I've tried, six different times, to play this game but each time I struggle with the tutorial that is all but useless. It's no help to just try to ride it through because the tutorial FORCES the player to complete certain tasks.

I will NOT buy this game until the tutorial is turned off.
 posted in Big Kahuna Words on Oct 29, 08 9:31 PM
I downloaded this game and just as quickly uninstalled it. There is apparently no way to escape the tutorial levels, which I found infuriating.

I might have considered playing longer, but I absolutely hate it when game designers try to force you to jump through their hoops. If I want to play the tutorial, I'll play it. Otherwise, just leave me alone to sample the game in the way I see fit.
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