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 posted in When In Rome on Aug 20, 13 12:24 AM
Love the animations, especially the little guy on the sawmill. However, this game, while well animated, is just too simple. You can't upgrade any buildings, this is done automatically when starting a new level. It is just the same production over and over. Not the best TM around.
 posted in Kingdom Tales on Jul 18, 13 9:15 PM
Thank you for a great TM. I could not play HD on my ancient laptop and had a fiendish time finding the treasure chests. Please do not abolish the sparkles. I know some people hate them but they were so faint I still had trouble finding them. Maybe just a corner of the chest visible would help. Love the unlimited workers and the storyline was good. I especially liked that the characters spoke good English and sounded quite educated in parts. Please produce another TM soon, I will look forward to it.
 posted in Asian Riddles on Jul 7, 13 9:55 PM
Finished the game in two days. I love the World Riddles series but this one was just a little too easy. The largest grid was 10 X 15. In reply to a previous post, you do have to get a certain number of stars to open the next room.
 posted in Viking Saga on Jun 11, 13 12:18 AM
This is a great TM/strategy game. OK the voices are annoying but can be ignored. I am playing untimed and am just over half way through. It is an interesting enough game to play so can be replayed on various difficulty levels. Much better than some of the TM's that have been on offer lately. It also has some good bonus levels that quite different (won't mention what they're about as I do not know how to hide spoilers)
 posted in Viking Brothers on Apr 12, 13 3:55 AM
Played the whole trial. Opens in full screen on my laptop with no side bars. From the makers of Northern Tale. The action starts off very slowly but I still managed to get gold on all the levels I played. After 2 levels you can upgrade to get an extra worker and extra resources, after four levels the speed altar starts to appear and the game goes much faster after that. Can't comment on the music as I always turn it off. The story is about average for TM games. Just getting right in to it when the trial ended so I will have to buy!
 posted in Spirits of Mystery: The Dark Minotaur on Mar 30, 13 1:45 AM
I am not a great fan of ERS but this game was definately one of their better ones. The story was good and easy to follow, the graphics were more colourful than usual and the lack of a map was not so noticeable as most things were used close to where they were found. The only complaint I have was the abrupt ending. Was this continued in the CE???
 posted in Ride! on Mar 17, 13 6:49 PM
I get this message on a lot of games but as soon as I connect to the internet I can access them OK. It's a bit of a pain because I bought a laptop so that I could play away from my desk.
 posted in Heroes from the Past: Joan of Arc on Mar 6, 13 5:38 PM
An enjoyable and not too difficult M3. A great surprise to find that on completing the 100 levels of game play an extra 100 levels "freeplay" opened. You see thumbnail sketches of each level and can choose the one you want to play. A nice twist to a good game.
 posted in Outta This Kingdom on Mar 6, 13 5:27 PM
Perhaps a good game for six year olds just learning TM. I found the cartoon graphics and excessive hand holding just plain boring. I can't believe the makers of Northern Tale could slide so far backwards. No buy for me, even as a DD.
 posted in The TimeBuilders: Pyramid Rising 2 on Feb 15, 13 10:18 PM
This is an absolutely great game . It can be easy in parts and really difficult in parts! If you run out of time you can still finish the level and progress on to the next one. Some levels take a lot of working out how to progress and provide hours of brainwork if you do not use the walkthrough. My strategy was to play all the levels, then work on getting a better score in the one's that I haven't got gold for. So far I have spent about 25 hours on it, and I still have some gold to go. Great value for money
 posted in Hidden Wonders of the Depths 3: Atlantis Adventures on Dec 24, 12 12:14 AM
I totally love this game, especially the cheeky crab! Come on ERS, give us more M3's, you're really good at it.
Another magnificent game from Elephant. It has a fairy tale theme and graphics to match. I love the colorful scenery (without the constant snow which made the Nutcracker a bit hard on the eyes). Oh well, there goes my budget! This game is a must have.
ETA: Just finished the main game (saving the bonus until later). This is a truly spectacular game and well worth the CE price. The story keeps your interest until the end, the music is not intrusive and matches the game play. I'm grateful for the interactive map as this game has many locations each as intriguing as the last. My nomination for game of the year.
 posted in Phantasmat on Dec 7, 12 12:10 AM
DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS DD! This is one of the very best games I have ever played. I am sad that the developer is no longer with us, as this game and the M3 Saqqarah are among my favourites which I replay often.
 posted in Zodiac Prophecies: The Serpent Bearer on Nov 13, 12 3:42 PM
Bright colourful graphics and a jump map, what more could you want. Always looking for a SE to use my pcc's and even though the curser is a bit "laggy" I think this one has enough of a good story to hold my interest. I hope the Devs come up with a fix for the map not showing locations for action, although the hint system compensates well for this. Definately a game worth trying.
 posted in Rune Stones Quest on Nov 13, 12 1:28 AM
Played 40 mins of trial. What could have been a nice little M3 was spoiled by the appearance of swarms of "pests" that could not be disposed of by making matches near or even in them. Pity but its no buy for me.
A big Thank You to all at Boomzap for your wonderful games. I play games to relax and escape into a fantasy world and you provide that better than any other developer. I love your bright and cheery scenery and great storylines. As soon as a game opens and I see Boomzap I immediately buy without bothering to play the trial. Please keep them coming.
 posted in Forbidden Secrets: Alien Town Collector's Edition on Nov 11, 12 5:21 PM
Based on 45 minutes of the trial, I agree with most reviewers that the game is smooth and clear, and the map is a definite bonus BUT, after all the colourful games we have had recently I found the scenery dull and depressing. Maybe it's just me but I play games to lift my spirits and provide enjoyment as well as exercising my brain. Abandoned towns have been done in other games without being depressing (dare I mention Phantasmat). I may buy this game when I am desparate because I like the Midwitch Cuckoos and Children of the Damned.
 posted in Spirits of Mystery: Song of the Phoenix on Nov 2, 12 9:40 PM
WELL DONE ERS! Definately your best to date. Graphics better than ever, and a great storyline. The lip sync was perfect in the voiceovers, how can a dev without english as a first language get it so right? This game held my interest right to the end. Do NOT judge this game by the trial. I almost did not buy it because the trial seemed like the same old, same old, but the story improved as the game went on and the graphics became brighter and crisper. A great game, congratulations!

 posted in Royal Detective: The Lord of Statues on Oct 30, 12 6:59 PM
WOW! Just finished the game and it was everything I could want. Great storyline with an unexpected twist towards the end. A decent length that held my interest right to the end, great graphics and some different gameplay that I have not seen before. The "helpers" were unique and fun. Elephant games have excelled themselves. I love the "jumping" map, the game would be too big without it. Looking forward to the sequel, ( I hope there will be one).
 posted in Dark Arcana: The Carnival on Oct 19, 12 1:42 AM
Another great game from my favourite developer. I never thought I would purchase a carnival game, they just don't appeal to me, BUT, this one grabbed me from the start. Great story, the usual stunning graphics and do-able puzzles. Parents please note, this is not a game for young children. Artifex Mundi, thank you for producing games for adults.
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