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OMG WOW I had tried putting the snake in the hole but not the tub!!! Thank You so much I thought I would have to start again but you fixed it for me YAY!! and thank you again
 posted in Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome on Nov 21, 12 5:05 PM
Hi I'm having problems opening the grill in the bathroom. I put the snake eye in the snake in the bath but the grill doesn't open. I only found out it should ages after when I got stuck and went back to check what I had missed in the strategy guide (I try not to use the guide lol)Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Is there something not in the strategy guide I need to do? or will I have to start again and hope it works?
As to the "nothing to do here" remark well it told me there was "nothing to do here" in the statue with fans room and even wouldn't let me go through the curtain for ages but the map said there was a room so I kept trying and eventually got through, so I wouldn't believe the game when it tells you that! I'm enjoying the game apart from the above mentioned problems just hope there are no more.
I just finished the Death Under Tuscan Skies ( which I had to play in a window seeing the picture rolled like an old TV on full screen) and am playing the bonus chapter in Death Apon An Austrian Sonata but I missed using the hammer to break a lock and used it to break some rocks and now it's gone! So I can't break the lock and finish the bonus chapter! Is this a glitch? or is the game so rigid that things have to be done in a certain order or you can't finish it? Guess I am going to have to restart the bonus chapter if I want to finish it. Despite the technical glitches I have enjoyed the games ( finished Austrian game in under 6hrs[ some of that was when I got up to get dinner for the kids and forgot to pause it lol] on hardcore mode and didn't use the strategy guide so it's not too hard but was fun until I lost my hammer!)
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Raincliff Collector's Edition on Oct 16, 12 1:37 AM
A big thanks to both prpldva and wunder (I'm usually pretty good at the puzzles but this one had me stumped even with prpldva's post). Finally got it though with wunders post. Am playing on hard mode so skipping wasn't an option. Thanks again.
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