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When offered a choice of replies to Huang's threats at the end of the game, I saw that the guide preferred the submissive answers, but I chose the taunts because I thought that getting him angry would be more likely to distract him from Sam's attempt to sneak up on him. I don't know if choosing differently would have produced another outcome.

Did anyone try the submissive answers?
If this is the scene I'm thinking of, you have to go further into the game to pick up a tool that will help retrieve the object that is partially visible. I'm not sure it's the scene you're talking about, because what I'm remembering was not part of a HOP. Hope this was helpful.
Well-written answer that should help clarify the issue for many players.
 posted in Love Alchemy: A Heart In Winter on Dec 17, 17 4:52 AM
When I click on the cemetery gate to enter, all I get is a vision of a canine skull saying "Where is my dog? Where is my buddy? Please find my dog." I already used the Set statue at the gate. What am I missing?

Sure hope someone sees this; looks as if no one has been to this forum for years.

(This is my second time playing - had to start over because items disappeared from my inventory during the first run, making it impossible for me to continue.)
 posted in Magic Encyclopedia: Moon Light on Dec 11, 17 3:03 AM
It would be most helpful if fishies would specify location and nature of problem when posting on the forum. Simply typing "Magic Encyclopedia: Moon Light", "Stuck," "Please Help" is useless when someone is looking for help. We already know that this is the Magic Encyclopedia: Moon Light Forum, that you are stuck and need help.

This goes for all the forums, all games, if someone would kindly post this reminder at whichever forum you're reading.
 posted in Alex Hunter: Lord of the Mind on Nov 9, 17 3:35 AM
In the cabin for the second time, I can't get the HOS on the deck to show up. I know it's supposed to be there, because I need a part that you get from playing the HOS before going to the submarine. I've gone back a few pages to see if I skipped anything, but following the walkthrough provided with the game, I don't seem to have skipped anything.

Later: After checking the map, I discovered I still had something to do in the tavern; the walkthrough had omitted that task. I figured it out, came back to the cabin and found the HOS.
 posted in Moorhuhn: The Jewel of Darkness on Oct 7, 17 4:26 AM
After several failed attempts to pass this level, I watched a video for the solution. I noticed that on the screen for level 123, there were sand blocks leading into the chambers with the fat monsters (the last two chambers.) There were no sand blocks on the screen for my game, so I just got sent back down the tube or else got punched silly when I arrived at the first of these chambers, never able to reach the third bubble. Since the video I watched was for the German version, I'm wondering if this lack of sand blocks leading into these last two chambers was an accidental omission on the English version.

At any rate, I went back to the game and by mistake selected "new game." I couldn't get back to level 123, and I'm not going to start at Level 1 again. Too bad, losing 122 levels. But that gave me a final score of 81.3 %.

Maybe Toronto Bound will find a way to restore saved levels (hoping.)
 posted in Sheep's Quest on Aug 30, 17 8:29 PM
Wish there were a way to play this without the clock counting down but didn't find an option to turn it off. My heart is racing trying to get all the sheep to the exit, avoid the hazards, change all the arrows in time, etc. Would be so enjoyable in an untimed mode. As it is, I can't settle down enough to get to sleep.
 posted in Beetle Bug 2 on Jul 4, 17 2:59 AM
To get through those rocks blocking your way to get to the last two blue monsters, hover over them, release the grenade and fly up while it's falling; it will then blow up the top rock. Repeat until all rocks are blown up. Discovered this by accident after several failed attempts and nearly giving up on the game.
 posted in Resurrection, New Mexico Collector's Edition on Jun 17, 17 5:43 PM
I'm trying to remember about the box cutter, but found the game so unsatisfactory that I deleted it after finishing, so I can't get into it to find the solution to your problem. Does the built-in strategy guide tell you anything about the box cutter and the basement? So sorry I can't be of more help.
 posted in Farmscapes on Jun 4, 17 7:09 PM
After finishing the first farm, making me eligible to move on to a new farm, I was disappointed to discover that it was still the same old farm, with the same characters saying the same things, the same town people saying the same old things and making the same old, eccentric hand gestures. The new farm offered the same building, fences, paving, etc. upgrades, making me feel as though I'm playing Farm One over and over again.

Such a disappointment to find this in an otherwise innovative, enjoyable game.

And why does Joe say there's no cat when we can clearly hear a cat and see a cat in the indoor shots. I would have liked the option to choose a cat. What is a farm with a barn without a cat?
 posted in Dracula Twins on May 26, 17 4:53 PM
What is the best resolution setting (under Options on menu) for playing Dracula Twins on Windows 7? The game isn't working properly on the default setting (640 x ?.) If you could just tell me what resolution you're using and on what version of windows that would be a big help!

 posted in Nancy Drew: The Shattered Medallion on May 7, 17 7:15 PM
It's been a few weeks since I re-played MED, but I remember that there's one piece that was taken by one of the other characters. If you've played ND games before, you're probably aware that Nancy has to do certain things in order to trigger certain events. I had forgotten about the landslide, but luckily I was able to avoid it. At the Junior Detective level, the hint system is really thorough, so you might click on Hint when you're at the tree. If you keep asking for more hints, it will usually take you through all the steps to accomplish what you need to do. As a last resort, you can always look for a Walkthrough.

Not wanting to boast, I still can't help feeling a bit inflated when I read about so many others who have given up on the game because of the difficult tasks. I even beat the kayak race...after about 10 attempts, of course, but I beat my age!

I really hope you can find the answer to your question and will be able to finish the game. Nancy Drew games are some of the most difficult to complete.
Lani Minella is Carla Zambetti

Thought Sam wouldn't show up, but he was there at the end of the main game wearing a new shirt!
No problem here - just wanted to share something odd I discovered:

There appears to be a face on the tongue in the Loggerhead's mouth on the "Loading" screen. Am I the only one seeing this?
 posted in Cave Quest on Apr 3, 17 3:54 AM
How do you overcome the King's Curse? Tapping the hint button sends you back to his chamber and you just get thrown out onto the map again. Someone asked for help this before but failed to get a reply.

Sure hope someone can help.


Got it: Earn lots and lots of gold, take it to the Shopkeeper and get a charm to beat the curse.
 posted in Aquascapes on Mar 29, 17 7:38 PM
Now that I've collected 10 tanks, I see that the limit has been raised to 20 tanks (which raises the minimum to win the full achievement). It's time-consuming to take care of 10, and I"m not sure I want to add another ten.

It would help persuade me if we could get new backgrounds, new water life (plants and animals) and new decorations.
For those who wonder what Lani Minella is doing since she's no longer the voice of Nancy Drew look for the woman tending the booth in the market place.
 posted in Astro Avenger 2 on Dec 26, 16 3:14 AM
One of the options offered is to use keyboard controls, but after I selected this from the options menu and clicked on apply, when I went back to the game, my selection was ignored. Playing by mouse is wearing out my fingers! How do you get the game to use keyboard controls?
 posted in Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery on Dec 21, 16 3:20 AM
I keep wishing I could see the animals in the Professor's stories that precede each puzzle but have found no way to get to them. Are there any pictures available to accompany these stories. Otherwise, the stories seem to have no connection to the puzzles.
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