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 posted in Wedding Dash 4-Ever on Oct 30, 12 1:26 AM
So, this game is the biggest freaking joke I have seen in a while. I've spent hours playing this stupid freaking game on my day off. To find out that once I hit level 5.9 there's no possible way to beat it. I've done every freaking upgrade and I've tried seating everyone perfectly, not breaking chains. Chaining litterally everything as much as possible. I tried giving them coffee and those stupid little bags that are off on the right, I think they're supposed to be party favours. The last two hours have just ticked me off because I've been trying to beat this level. I have it memorized for who comes where and who gets seated to who for this level, that's how many times I've played it.

It's rediculous. I should be able to get past this one level but the last two hours have proved it to be impossible. Whoever made this game is moron and this **** is a joke.

Added on : I have played many tangent games and most of them TM. I have blown through them in a matter of hours easily, including the other wedding dash games. However this one is just rediculously stupid. I DO NOT on any note recommend it for anyone. And I have looked up help in walk throughs and the only thing it can tell me is where the shoe is and to upgrade. I have no upgrades left at this point. Maybe they should've added an extra upgrade to make Flo and Quinn walk faster? but reguardless this game is a joke.
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