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At first this stage seemed difficult. I spent forever trying to figure out the "perfect" meal for dish 1. Figuring out what matched with what and what gave combos with what. I got frustrated that just to get one recipe that I was using up all my flavoring and vegetable power-ups very quickly. Quicker than normal. i was thinking boy the second dish is going to be very hard, If i have no power-ups left to help.

Then It hit me. Maybe this level isn't about making the "perfect" dish like most of the others w/ getting a lot of food combos. Flavoring meats and veggies properly along w/ combos and YES extra hidden points.Some foods when put together give extra points or lose points Bet you din't know that. This level is all about matching flavor types (savory,sweet, german,etc) with there ingredients properly.

Truly, it is that simple. As long as you match ALL flavor types and get at least two combos for the first dish and three for the second. They will both be 5 star. So to help you I will give the first four ingredients to place for both dishes and you can use the BLUE power-up (which I call "Show Flavor") to match the rest of ingredients. They give you four so that is two for each dish, which is more than enough.

In the intro to this stage you are shown two combinations Broccoli and Carrot, Mushroom and Veal. Since they show it. Lets use them.

Dish 1: The first four are Apple, Carrot, Gorgonzola, Broccoli.
Carrot w/ Apple, Gorg combo w/ Apple, Broc w/ Carrot. hit the BLUE power-up and match everything perfectly and do the timing chains perfectly and it will be 5 star. If you want one more combo. The last ingredient can be apple or onion to combo w/ pork.

Dish 2 the first four are: Blk Olive, Tomato, Apple, Mushroom. Tomato combo w/ Black Olive. but apple and mushroom do not combo anything. Hit the BLUE power-up and match everything perfectly and timing chains perfectly. Let the mushroom sit until the first Meat arrives and make it Veal. Combo. At the end use apple for last ingredient combo w/ pork.5 star

That is it. I was surprised how easy it was. All this stage wants is you to match the flavor types exact and get a couple combos w/ good timing chains. You could say that is what all the stages are about. But, some are all about combos and flavoring your meats and veggies right. Like some of the Canapes. Only 6 steps, if you only half match one or two it is fine if everything placed is a combo them it will be 5 star


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This is just a brief summary of each dish and some tips.

Dish 1: Pretty straight forward recipe. Which makes it tough is because there is only 1 true recipe. in a sense. so stray but a little and it will lead to 2 stars easily. This recipe is 9,900 points. No other recipe for this dish gave that amount. I tried and tried for 10,000 but to no avail.The second highest was 9550 and that was missing the last combo because I tried a different way. I spent a good hour seeing what the different combinations were for Dish 1 This is the best IMO.

Power-ups are usually only needed once for Flavoring and/or Vegetable. Using more then that now. You might as well start over. Sometimes you get lucky and none are used, but rarely.

Dish 2. Again. Another straight forward recipe. There are not many deviations. Sure you can flavor the duck all day with several things but they are not matches and only this recipe gave a score of 22900. Everything else was in the 18-20000 range, but still 5 star. though you have to match perfectly. except by using Ginger in place of truffle giving no matches but combos Duck will give 5 star if all the rest is perfect.

Flavoring power-ups are used a lot on this dish. Esp. looking for the Orange or Apple.

Dish 3. This is a liberal dish with its ingredients. Making a lot of combos. esp with Nutmeg, Black Pepper and Cinnamon. It allows more freedom from matching Flavor types. Matching for half on three items and 2 missed combos still give me 5 star. Top score of 40,500. Again only this recipe made score higher the rest was 38-39000

The beginning is the hardest part for the recipe. Getting all three first flavorings can suck your power-ups away. The end seems to be very easy with a lot of combos coming in from different angles.

Dish 4 This is actually the easiest recipe. Unfortunately, power-ups are usually gone by now, so getting the right ingredients is tough and that is what makes it hard. But basically everything is an expensive item which only leaves truffle and cheeses, Not hard to find but hard to find the right mixture for combos. it has a very open ending with a lot combos with the veggies. Although it is not a very forgiving recipe either and one or two mess ups and it is 2 star. Top score I think is 53,650

Dish 5. Almost anything you place will be a match or combo. Which is nice being that power-ups are gone. but don't miss too many matches/combos or 2 star. Top score 64400

Thanks for reading. Hope it all helped
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This is an interesting dish. Flavoring and Vegetable power-ups are probably gone. So getting the proper ingredients will be super difficult. As for the helping power-ups: Focus,Show Combo,Show Flavor Type. You may have used up them up, For me, on the other hand, having done each dish over and over again to find the best possible score. Do not need to use them, Focus, I do use sometimes

That being said. This is a very liberal dish. A lot of combinations are possible and a lot of Flavor Type matches, as well. The key really is speed. 1:40 goes by quick. So you have to stay on it and try not to get flustered (like me) and mess your timing chains up to be followed by not having the right ingredients. So, now I have to figure out what to replace it with. Next thing you know "bink times up. Anyways.On to the dish.

One more thing. This dish has many Flavor type matches for the "Flavoring" ingredients, so i will not name them in recipe like I have w/ previous dishes.There is too many.

Grilled Entree w/ Salsa
--Grilled Scallops w/ Lime, Ginger, and Cilantro Salsa
1.Ar/Da - Parsley. Many.
2. Ar/Thai - Garlic. Combo w/ 1. many
3. Sw/Fr - Scallop. Combo w/ 2. Scallops give more points believe it or not as does Shrimp.
4. Ar/Fr - Lemon. Combo w/ 1. Many.
5. Sw/Gr - Cucumber. Combo w/ 2. Zucc. is the other.
6. Sw/Fr - Basil. Combo w/ 5. Many.
7. Sw/Li - Tomato. Combo w/ 5. Carrot can be used for combo later.
8. Ar/Sp - Lemongrass.Combo w/ 6. Many
9. Sw/Fr - Zucchini. Combo w/ 7.
10. Ar/Fr - Lime. Combo w/ 6. Many. Be quick to place. You are probably working on 6 when spot opens up.
11. Ar/Sp - Ginger. Combo w/ 10. Many
12. Ar/Gr - Cilantro Combo w/ 10. Many

That is it. I have no idea what the highest possible is My Score was 64,400, 5 star on all, but that is not by any means a perfect game. I was 2,650 points down after Dish 4. No power-ups. Getting here w/any power-ups while making perfect Dish 1 - 4, is close to impossible. I missed 2 combos and had a half match. So, my guess is close to 69-70,000.

Movement. We will keep it simple.There is not a lot of time left and by tapping the Scallops, it makes it so two Flavor Types come out at the same time near the end. Try and keep a Focus Start w/ Parsley at station 1. Then 2. Tap Scallops and go to 4. Go to 1. then 2. 4 again. Scallops are done now and 2 types start to come out. Use Focus. Make sure you keep Basil out long enough for Garlic combo. The rest is standard timing chain. Congrats You are Top Chef!
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This Dish is really not that hard of a recipe. What makes it hard is you probably have very little, if any power-ups left. I would say if you are out of them that you should restart stage 15-3 and try again to have at least 1 or 2 Flavoring or Vegetable power-ups for this DIsh.

Oh yeah. i did not have the room in last post, but sometimes on this and third Dish it will keep you at two stars until the final ingredient is done and then bam it gives all 5 star when done, so don't give up when you are almost done because it will probably be 5 star at the end. All right on to Dish #4

Grilled Entree w/ Sauce
--Grilled Kobe Beef w/ Carrot,Beet,Spinach and Foie Gras Sauce.
1.Ex/Sa - Black or White Truffle. Combo w/ 3 Pretty much only choices for both 1 and 2, Caviar, Foie Gras and the Cheeses are the other choices when dealing with Expensive
2.Ex/Ea - White or Black Truffle Combo w/ 3 Opposite of 1
3 Sa/Ri - Kobe beef. the rest of meats don't seem to have as many combos making it difficult for a 5 star
4. Sa/Ri - Foie Gras Combo w/ 3. pretty much only choice for a combo.
5.Ex/Sa - Gorgonzola. No combo yet. Again pretty much only choice for combos
6. Ea/Bi -Spinach. Combo w 5. Both Cabbages and Asparagus work. No combo tho
7. Ex/Sa - Caviar. No combo yet. If Beef is still out you can always Flavor it again with a truffle or Foie Gras. but that is kinda lame to re-season what you have already seasoned. but it works. go for it
8. Ea/Ger - Beet. Combo w/ 5. Potato is usable no combo w/ 5 but combo w/ 9
9. Sw/Ger - Onion. It was suppose to Combo w/ 7 but combo w/ 8 instead. Apple is the other choice and will combo w/ 10
10. Ea/Sw - Carrot. Combo w/ 8. It can Combo w/ 9 too. whether Onion or Apple

7-10 has many different combo combinations all leading to Grand Total of 53,650
This is a very close estimate. I have not been able to go from Dish 1 to this Dish w/ a flawless score. I guess 53,650 because I was 1350 points down after Dish 1-3 and did this Dish perfectly w/ a score of 52,300.

Movement. Not going to say a lot, not enough room. Place Kobe Beef first, so Both Truffles and Foie Gras Combo it, But Start chopping w/ station 4. tap Beef move to 1, then 2..The rest fill-in as you are doing it. Kobe Beef will finish itself. the rest is pretty standard.You may use a Focus if you have one to get done w/ this dish faster. This will be a two star meal until last ingredient is finished then 5 star. Only one more Dish to go. Hooray!!!
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This is a very difficult dish. First, if Dish 2 didn't take most of your Flavoring power-ups away. Ingredients 1-4 probably will. They tend to be hidden well. Making 5-12 and Dishes 4 and 5 harder. Second, timing chains are trickier w/ a long Garlic and Zucc.

Nutmeg, Black Pep, and Cin. (NBC) all make a combo w/ each other. All three can be used as Ar/Da and you will get 5 star no mater when used.

Roast Entree w/ Salsa
-- Roast Lamb w/ Parsley, Blk Pep, Blk Olive Sauce
1. Ar/Da - Rosemary. NBC can be used but leads to a dead end of combos when placed here Still 5 star
2. Sa/Ar - Garlic. Honestly not sure what else can go here. When rushing to fourth dish I use NBC to satisfy the Ar part and wing it
3. Da/Sa - Lamb only choice. How nice. Combo w/ 1
4. Gr/Ar - Parsley. Combo w/ 2. Pepcorn can be used, but leads no where.
5.Ar/Da - Blk Pep or Cin. Combo w/ 3. Nutmeg can be used no combo. Still 5 star.
6. Sa/Da - Blk Olive. Combo w/ 2. Anchovies can be used matching "Dark" to be combo w/ Blk Olives later matching another "Dark" Still 5 star, but you better have the rest right and timing chain unbroken.
7. Ar/Da - Nutmeg. Combo w/ 5 no matter whether you chose Bp or C. These also can be used.
8. Gr/Da - Zucc. No combo yet. Brocc, Spin, and Avoc. work too, but lead no where for combo
9. Ar/Da - Blk Pep or Cin. Opposite of 5. Combo w/ 7
10. Ea/Da - Broccoli. Combo w/ 8. I think only choice for true match.
11. Da/Gr - Mint. Combo w/ 8.Pepcorn works too. no combo
12. Sw/Fr - Tom. Combo w/ 8 Red Pep and Gr.Bean work. no combo


Place RM station one, Lamb at three, Pars. at four. START chopping Pars. Garlic station two. When finished w/ Pars, replace w/ Blk Pep and tap Lamb going to station one to deal with RM, After RM, replace w/ Blk Olive. Garlic is flickering and is close to done, so be quick w/ Blk Olive before you are done. Replace w/ Nutmeg. Skip Lamb, it finishes itself just before or after you deal w/ Blk Pep. Replace Blk Pep w/ Zucc and Lamb w/ Cin. Back to Blk Olive. Replace w/ Brocc. Use Focus. Tap Zucc. Deal w/ Nutmeg replace w/ Mint. Then Cin. replace w/ Tom. Then hit Zucc. The rest is pretty straight forward as to what needs to be done.

Grand Total 40,500. That was tough. Phew! Almost done. On to Dish 4

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Welcome back. This one is a bit tougher then dish 1 and longer. This dish also likes to use up a lot of your power-ups too. So lets get right into it. This dish uses a specific ingredient/part of meal combo technique. Again at the end, movement will be discussed.

Roast Entree w/ Sauce
-- Roast Duck Breast w/ Carrot, Beet, Butternut Squash and Nutmeg Sauce

1.Ea/Da - Nutmeg Only. Cinnamon, Black Pepper and Black Truffle can be used, but does not flavor the Main Veg.or give a combo that is not already be given elsewhere.
2. Sa/Ex - Black or White Truffle. Prosciutto is good and gives its own set of combos, but only goes so far and lower score.
3. Sa/Da - Duck Breast. Combo w/ 2. Sausage works, but is dead end for combos
4. Ea/Ex - White or Black Truffle. Opposite from 2. Combo w/ 3. Ginger having no matches gives a combo w/ 3 and still 5 star.if rest is correct.
5. Sw/Ea - Butternut Squash. Combo w/ 1. Beets and Carrot also do the trick. Again no combo,
6. Sw/Fr- Orange. Combo w/ 3. Apple works too.
7. Ea/Da - Beet. Combo w/ 6. Eggplant is second option. No combo still 5 star
8. Sw/Ta - Apple. No combo yet. Orange can be used to flavor the duck again, but you get same score.
9. Sw/Fr - Carrot. Combo w/ 7. Peas and Zucchini are secondary.
10. Ea/Da - Nutmeg or Cinnamon. Combo w/ 8. I choose Nutmeg because in the title it is a "Butternut and Nutmeg sauce". Butternut and Nutmeg are a combo so it just sounds good. If you want Cinnamon the title will say Cinnamon sauce instead.

After the Flavor types are in place. Place B/W Truffle at station two START chopping, Place Duck at three, W/B Truffle at four and Nutmeg at station one. When finished with B/W Truffle. Replace w/ Butternut. tap Duck on way to W/B Truffle. Chop it up. Replace with Orange, tap Butternut and start working on the Nutmeg which is probably flickering. Replace with Beet. Go for the Duck. Replace w/ Apple. Finish off Butternut to be replaced with Carrot. Hit the Orange. replace w/ Nutmeg. You may want to use a Focus Power-up here to end it quicker. Then finally finish off the Beets. Carrot and Apple maybe flickering, and then Nutmeg.

Grand Total of 22,900 WOOHOO! Done with Dish #2. Did you use a lot of power-ups? I hope not, because the third dish well probably finish them off. It is a tough beginning w/ random ingredients for an even tougher entree. Hope you are ready.
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FIRST! Please read "5 star on final 5 dishes Intro"

Actually a pretty straight forward dish. It has various flavor combos that make it relatively easy to get 5 stars, but we also would like MAX score too. The lowest score I got was 8250 and that was missing 2 combos and lost my timing chain. It Still gave 5 stars. As for power-ups, try and save them as much as possible for the final dishes.

At the end i will tell the order of placement and where to start chopping for timing chains. This is pretty much an everything placed is a combo dish.

Roast Entree w/Sauce
-- Grilled Pork w/ Peas,Fennel, and Tomato
1. Sa/Ar - Sage or Rosemary
2. Sa/Wh - Pork. combo w/ 1
3. Sw/Sa - Vidalia Onion This can be replaced with Red Onion or Garlic. But gives lower score.
4. Sw/Fr - Tomato. Combo w/ 3. Fennel, Peas, and Gr. Beans works here too.
5. Ar/Sa - Rosemary or Sage. Do opposite of 1, combo w/ 2. Garlic and Onion also work.
6. Sw/Ital - Fennel. Combo w/ 2. Tomato works as well. While trying to discover these recipes, I have thrown in somethings that don't quite match just to get back to the third or fourth dish asap. Here Peas matching with "Sweet" combos w/ 2 Asparagus matching nothing creates other combos too. Still giving 5 star.
7. Sw/Red - Red Onion. Combo w/ 4. Apple also does combo w/ 2, but leaves nothing to combo with. Still 5 star though.
8. Sw/Lig - Peas. Combo w/ 7. Tomato and Gr. Beans are secondary.

Now for the movement.

When you start, the first four Flavor Types zoom over to your station. Place the Sage/Rosemary at station one. Pork at station two. Vid. Onion at three. START chopping Onion. Place Tomato at fourth station. From now on Flavor types will fill-in when you are done chopping. So Rosemary/Sage will replace Vid.Onion. NEXT tap the Pork on way to chop S/R at station one. When finished, Replace w/ Fennel THEN tap the Tomato before heading back to station three to chop R/S. Once that is done replace with Red Onion and head to station two to take care of the Pork. replacing w/ Peas. The Tomato maybe flickering by now, so might as well get it outta the way. Step over to the Fennel. Chop. Chop. Chop. Red Onion. Finally the Peas.

Grand Total of 9,900. For some reason it sometimes gives me 9,800 I don't know why? Maybe i am a bit slow at placing or use too many power-ups. Not sure?

That's it! Not too bad! But don't pat yourself on the back yet. There is still four more dishes to go.

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You made it! Hooray! Only five dishes to go and they are not easy. This will be an in depth version of obtaining 5 stars on all 5 dishes.

First, being that the game always gives you random ingredients, it is very difficult to make all 5 dishes properly. You usually end up using most or all of your Flavoring and Vegetable Power-ups by the end. Especially for the third and fourth dish. I have yet to do it. However, if you match Flavor Type 95%, still create viable combos (which I will show) and keep your timing chains going smoothly. Everything will work out fine.

Next, so to help understand this guide. I have to explain a few things. When I say "Flavor TYPE" (FT) that is referring to such things as: Sweet, Savory,German, and so forth. These are not Flavorings (FL). Flavorings are the actual ingredient like: "Orange".Garlic, Potato, etc. I have abbreviated each Flavor type for Stage 15-3 only, Here is the list:

Ar - Aromatic
Bi - Bitter
Da - Dark
Ea - Earthy
Ex - Expensive
Fr- Fresh
Ger- German
Gr- Green
Ita- Italian
Li - Light
Red -
Sa - Savory
Sp - Spicy
Sw - Sweet
Thai - Thai

There are two different styles of combos. One is when everything you put down is going to match. No matter whether it is pertaining to the meat, veggie, salsa or sauce, This is good for letting your meat sit by tapping it once and moving on, so it can get a lot of flavor combos.

The other is more specific to what part of the meal you are working on. Each meal as you know is divided into parts all starting with "Main Meat" consisting of two flavorings and the meat, followed by Main Veg. consisting of one flavoring and one veggie then 2nd veg. etc. However, being that there are four stations when the Flavor types are put out, the first three meat FT are placed but only one of the Main Veg is placed. In this form of combo you are seasoning the meat and may have a combo pause in between one or two flavorings.

As mentioned above. tapping a specific ingredient and moving on as you are chopping away creating timing chains. Helps slow down the fire in your station from starting to flicker out, so you can keep a certain ingredient out longer to get more flavor combos.

So, enough info. Let's get onto the first dish.

Grilled Pork w/Peas,Fennel, and Tomato

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First, mopping up spills may or may not happen. It is random and sometimes you may only deal with one spill or have to clean up multiple spills.
Book Readers (BR) and Families (Fam)
Stay standing at podium. It will give hearts three times, before 1st family arrives. Do not seat BR until the 1st family arrives. Start seating BR in order they are in line from podium up.
1st BR @ top right table (4 seats). Match red so that bottom of table is red,red and top is green,blank
2nd BR @ bottom left table (4 seats) No matches possible
3rd BR @ bottom right (2 seats) match blue
4th BR @ top left (4 seat) No matches possible
Still @ podium wait for hearts then wait a few second before you sit family at 6 seat table. Grab baby chair. Go back to podium, give hearts. By this time BR's and family should be ready. Take BR's orders first and families last. Serve food in same pattern you took the orders in. Go to podium. You may have to mop at this time, but return to podium if you do. give checks and clear then podium again.
A this point do NOT sit BR's, seat families only in order they stand in line from podium up
1st Fam @ top left (4 seat) match colors
2nd Fam @ top right (4 seat)match red,green
3rd Fam @ bottom left (4 seat) match double blue
4th Fam @ 6 seat. Match red and have the blue on left side table.
Grab baby chairs for all tables. podium, take orders,serve, podium, mopping may happen at all tables so leave podium if this happens but do it quickly and head back to podium. give checks clear tables , podium.
This part is a bit tricky to match colors properly , so use your best judgement.. Again seat Families in order in line from podium up
1st Fam @ top right (4 seat)match colors
2nd Fam @ Top left (4 seat) match colors
3rd Fam @ Bottom left (4 seat) match colors. Grab baby chairs, podium, take orders,serve,podium, mopping may happen,give checks, clear,podium
Only BR's left. Leave the first BR 6 party until last. Again in order BR's in line from podium up,skipping 1st 6 party
2nd BR @ Top center(2 seat)
3rd BR @ 6 seat matching reds,blues and one green (BIG BONUS)
4th BR @ Top right (4 seat) match green,red
5th BR @ Top left (4 seat) match blue,green
6th BR @ bottom right (2 seat) match blue
7th BR @ bottom left match either blue or green orders,serve,podium,checks clear. The final BR party seat however possible to get best color match. Final score will range from 14970 to 15240 depending on mopping and different color matches GOOD LUCK

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This strategy does take patience. It builds your business slow, but it can help

In Tutorialville just follow the tutorial and you should do just fine.

Day 1 in the rest of worlds borrow 1000 and then starting after Beantown 1500 from loan shark and purchase the GOOD storefront, potion-maker, In-store entertainment, and starting after Beantown the Oh hush spell as well. Use the Oh Hush spell constantly during the business day. You have to click the spell every time you want to use it.

Put 150 into marketing which will be brainwashing in lower worlds and night imps in higher worlds. After you get your business going well put more into to get NON-sop infomercials.

NO Goons. Your competition will not use goons if you don't, But as soon as you do they will continue to use them even if you don't. Wait until your business is going well before using any goons. At which point you wont need Town Criers,Pop-Up Gremlins, Gorillas, or Sandwich Board Dwarves. They only give popularity.

Set research to 103. This will always get you ANY new potion quicker than competition, basically 9-10 days.Try not to borrow all of the money from loan shark in first ten days. Keep some to help get new ingredients for 1st new potion and a bigger warehouse. 1st new potion usually starts you on the way to more money.

As for pricing. Every world starts off with 50% customer and will either start off with Love Potion#8 (25-45),Head Shrinker (40-70), or Uninflammable (50-85). Set the price at the 50% range. Meaning count ten up from minimum and ten down from maximum until the numbers match. After day 1 the customer % will randomly change. Roughly match customer % given.with % range For example if the day calls for 10% broken hearts.55% giant heads, and 80% On fire. This is my prices $26 for love potion#8, $62 for Head shrinker, and $75 for uninflammable. I found costumers never like to pay full price EVER.

Supplies on day 1 For love potion buy 20 eye of newt and 20 itsy bitsy spider. For head shrinker buy 40 fish heads and for uninflammable buy 15 fish heads and 30 itsy bitsy spider. If you like you can fill your warehouse up to the 50 max, but on day 1 you will never have 25 customers.

Following these steps will build you up slowly and you may have to tweek marketing and research money to buy ingredients. Try not to borrow all the money from loan shark in the first ten days, That way when you can get a new potion you can buy the warehouse and enough ingredients.
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Try the game "Oasis". It is more a strategy game then time management, but every level is always random. That way the game can last forever Believe me the game gets really REALLY hard at higher levels. i am not sure if big fish still has this game but you can try finding at playfirst
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