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 posted in New York Mysteries: The Lantern of Souls on May 10, 16 3:12 PM
I am playing the test game (pre-purchase) and I believe this is a tech issue that is preventing me from going fwd in the game. On the first "page," if you will. The frame is in the front of the mansion with car and guards station. According to the strategy guide there is an item in the evergreen tree to the left of the stairs leading to the mansion. However, there is no magnifying glass allowing a closer look or pick up of the item. I would consider purchasing this game, but not with this glitch. Can you assist?
 posted in Hidden Expedition ® - Devil's Triangle on Jul 11, 14 3:39 PM
The is the only next move in the game I can figure out but when I sit the beaker down on the mortar it twirls back to inventory. Any help will be appreciated.
 posted in Drawn: Dark Flight ® Collector's Edition on Dec 26, 12 5:28 AM
Are the characters supposed to be speaking in this game. Something seems off. I see the little call out bubble with the . . . ellipsis in it. It would seem to indicate something being said but no dialogue appears on my screen.
 posted in Dream Chronicles on Dec 22, 12 4:02 PM
fbix5 wrote:I get to the library,place the books on shelf, find all jewels, find crystal, place globe on shelf, then it tells me to charge crystal with rock. Ican't get out of the library, or charge thecrystal because I can't find the rock. Any answers?
 posted in Dream Chronicles on Dec 22, 12 4:01 PM
Go back to the Dollhouse and flip the switches in various sequences til you get all the lights on at the same time. Everything will start to vibrate and the key will appear.
 posted in Dream Chronicles on Dec 22, 12 3:59 PM
lmtur51 wrote:Dream Chronicles is a major challenge, because there is no "hint" button to guide you and it lacks a "walk-through", which would be a major help. I've just started the game and already I'm stuck, looking for a key that's suppose to be the child's favorite toy (a dollhouse) which by some strange querk of fate... also needs a key. I can't leave the room, because the game won't let me walk out the door I just came in... so I'm stuck in the sleeping child's room... looking for not just one key, but three keys in order to progress. Now what?
Someone please make a "walk-through" for this game, give it a "hint" button or take it off the game listing altogether. We're not all game wizards you know.
 posted in Syberia - Part 1 on Nov 2, 12 10:49 AM
I'm having great difficulty getting the conversation portion of the game to work smoothly for me. It's never quite clear to me when the "business" the conversation is supposed to accomplish is complete. In addition, the conversation keeps restarting. I thought there was a way to hear an audio version of the conversation and to interact with the characters somehow, Did I misunderstand? If not how do those features work.

I'm off to a very slow start and as beautiful and interesting as the game looks, it's going sooo slowly I may give up before I get any momentum going. I've opened the Walkthrough and made it past one bump, but I really would like to get on w/ PLAYING the game. As it is I'm getting really cranky because I can't get into it for figuring out how to play it. No game I've played so far has been quite this quirky.
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