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 posted in League of Light: Silent Mountain on Oct 15, 15 8:56 AM
Have you ever wondered why developers create these detective characters for us to play who go into their investigation without a knife, a gun or even a small flashlight or screwdriver? Look besides my cellphone having a flashlight, I have a tiny flashlight on my key chain.
If i were realistically planning on going to investigate something in some God forsaken place, I would not go ballistic like Lara Croft and carry an armory with me but i would at least go with my badge/permit along with a flashlight and a knife.
What with these games having detectives constantly looking for a knife to cut something, Then they find a very good knife with a sheath, they take out the knife use it and then toss it and go looking for a knife again a moment later. I do not expect them to carry an axe or shovel or crowbar but please would a basic knife and flashlight be too much?
This is becoming like kindergarten and ever so tedious and tiresome.
Man they need to give me a tool kit or better yet a Lara Croft type detective
Developers enough already. I even stopped posting reviews because my frustration would make me trash an otherwise good game.
 posted in Fall of the New Age on Jan 18, 14 10:46 AM
Hi jimweinberg
I left this game alone for a day and thought about this problem and the request by BF to use Felix to send them info to help me. I thought, why go through all this for a game? Then 'light bulb' I figured out what to do to fix the situation for me. I remember seeing the game resolution requirement pop up when the game opened and I have a huge monitor and realized that my resolution was not a match. I do not know if it will work for you but this is what I did:-
I uninstalled the game and removed everything about it from my machine, delete, delete, delete. I went into the file ShamanGS that Croix from BF told me about which has my profile. To go to it: go to user file, AppData, Roaming and you will find a folder called 'The_Fall_of_the_New_Age' and I deleted that too.
After removing everything, I went into 'Graphics Properties' (by just right clicking your desktop). There I changed my resolution to 1280x720 which is the exact resolution for the game. I then re-downloaded the game and went through the installation process as usual. I clicked play and problem with developers window preventing game play was solved.
 posted in Fall of the New Age on Jan 13, 14 3:32 PM
jimweinberg I am having the same problem. You wrote about this but why has nothing been done? I am experiencing a developers window with warnings etc and a command prompt window. I am unable to enjoy this game that I purchased. Are we going to get a fix for this or (notwithstanding the fact that I like the game), maybe I should just get a refund?

jimweinberg wrote:Well, once again, I seem to have a lone problem. I've had no problem with the cursor at all. What I do have is periodically, a "developer's window" will open up and give me a list of execution errors and warnings. It even has a command entry box at the bottom. I've gotten it 3 times since I bought the game (of course it didn't occur in the trial ... it never does) and the only way to get out of it is to exit the game (typing "exit" in the command box).

When I go back into the game, much of what I've done isn't there any more.

Apparently, BFG released this game without checking to see if the debug switch was set in the software. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.

I really like this game, but it's very frustrating.

NOTE TO BFG: If you can't fix this problem, can you at least tell me what command to use to turn off the debug mode.

BTW, I have a screen shot of what it looks like if any one cares.
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