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I beat the developer's time by adding an additional man early in the game.
managed to beat the developers time!
Collect all the gold and food, work your way up, break the crystals to the workshop and work across to the farm. Unblock the small gold mine on the bottom. Upgrade the workshop and then the farm on the top left. Release the prisoner on the bottom, unblock farm next to goldmine and upgrade to level two. Release the third prisoner and unblock the third goldmine.
No need to upgrade the goldmine, ignore the crystals across the center, use the extra product booster, use running fast at the very end.
Hope that helps!
 posted in Viking Brothers 2 on Jun 10, 17 1:03 PM
I give up
 posted in Viking Brothers 2 on Jun 10, 17 10:11 AM
Thanks! Worked like a charm! Will go back and tackle level 36 some more, just can't give up!
 posted in Viking Brothers 2 on Jun 10, 17 10:03 AM
So frustrating!
 posted in Incredible Dracula II: The Last Call on Mar 23, 17 5:45 AM
I'm having trouble on level 27, can't fix the stairs, the guy goes out there,resources go down, then he turns around and resources go back up.
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules V: Kids of Hellas on Jul 5, 16 11:18 AM
I also can't get this, have tried guide but no good, run out of time
 posted in Elven Legend on May 21, 16 12:37 PM
I made 3 stars!
Immediately upgrade house
work towards farm and water stump
use 2x bonus
work up towards wood stump
upgrade farm as soon as possible
use 2x bonus again
collect stone, break up stone, build Griffins house
use 2x bonus
ignore bottom left swamp, clear upper swamp only
 posted in Moai II: Path to Another World on Aug 14, 15 9:45 AM
Thanks for the helpful clues! Make sure you get all your wood before trading with the Hindu who wants wood for food, you still get credit for the wood but don't need to get extra.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Hurricane Season on Apr 26, 15 1:55 PM
I didn't like the extra bonuses. I found it made the game too easy. The stickers were interesting in that you had to replay the level to get the sticker but once you received the sticker you could quit. It really should have made you need to get gold in order to keep them!
I liked the older FF games better.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Hurricane Season on Apr 26, 15 1:51 PM
I have Window 8. I found that I wasn't able to convert some of the factories. I needed to restart certain levels, especially level 88.
 posted in Sky High Farm on Apr 6, 15 12:47 PM
This game is really difficult! I can't get 3 stars either! Anyone manage it?
 posted in Sky High Farm on Mar 29, 15 2:44 PM
Finally made three stars! I needed to move all my things around to do it. I used 5 planters , keep everything on the right, closest to the place where you sell things. I also moved my water closer to the pepper and mushrooms after I had filled it once, not sure if this saved time but I finished with 5:31 remaining.
 posted in Rescue Team 4 on Feb 15, 15 7:52 PM
Can you help?
 posted in Farm to Fork on Feb 10, 15 12:50 PM
What am I doing wrong?
 posted in When In Rome on Sep 4, 14 10:46 AM
I finally made gold on 34. I found the trick was to always keep one man on the clay. Wait for the second man to come back before getting the jar or whatever the next task is.
 posted in Times of Vikings on Aug 12, 14 11:54 AM
I watched the videos and kept trying. I think repeating it over and over makes you faster. I finally got gold on level 30- it was definitely a tough one!
 posted in Aerie - Spirit of the Forest on Jun 20, 14 6:35 AM
thanks I couldn't find the 29th one either!
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three on May 2, 14 12:12 PM
The missing 19th clue to the treasure
map did appear in the normal mode but not in the hard mode. Have replayed this a few times and can't find another clue. Very frustrating!!
 posted in Gardenscapes 2 on Mar 14, 14 10:54 AM
The lights in your garden, not in the hidden scenes!
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