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 posted in Bigfoot: Chasing Shadows on Sep 6, 13 3:31 PM
Sadly no, I ended up uninstalling the game as nothing I tried worked - now I will never find out how it ends :-(
 posted in Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock on Jan 21, 13 2:51 PM
I have just finished the iPhone version, and the ending is identical, up to the bit where the mine explodes and the sign changes then ending at that point without anyone emerging from the rubble.
So I assumed that you had stopped the vampire, but at the cost of your life and possibly soul which made no sense as I thought that the vampires were the source of all the evil and once they were defeated the other ghosts would be freed and the town would simply be an empty one.
 posted in Bigfoot: Chasing Shadows on Nov 22, 12 1:29 PM
I am playing on my iphone, have reached the lake bottom and appear to be stuck.
I have found just about everything, moved the boulder away from the barrel with the oar and am pretty sure that I should now cut the ropes with the knife in my inventory, and the fact that when I hit the hint button, the circle appears round the ropes tied around the barrel.
But no matter where I put the knife nothing seems to be happening - what am I doing wrong?
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