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 posted in Lost in Reefs 2 on Nov 4, 15 8:07 PM
I am stuck on level 70 in swap mode, any tips /help how to get past this?

I have tried saving up bombs, lightening etc. but still run out of time, any ideas as I am going crazy losing the joy in this game.

Is there any way to get more time?

Please..... any ideas welcome
 posted in Tropical Dream: Underwater Odyssey on Nov 25, 12 3:49 AM
I have to agree with your review, boring is being kind, camera recharge is slower than pouring molasses, irritating beyond measure at the constant clicking OK and having to be spot on top of the OK for it to accept the click.
Definitely one of the worst games I have tried and I gave it 10 mins, although 9 were spent clicking OK!!!!!!
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