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 posted in Wanderlust: What Lies Beneath Collector's Edition on Mar 1, 18 2:04 PM
I am not able to play Wanderlust: What Lies Beneath CE. The pointer is so slow and unstable (shaky) that it will not work. I tried re-installing, but issue persists. I have a PC with Windows 10 OS. Is anyone else having similar problem?
Game repeatedly freezes when checking paw prints. Back button doesn't work. When I try to restart the game it remains frozen and Play button will not work. Re-installing unfreezes game, but refreezes if paw prints button checked. Using Windows 10! (the new one) 64 bit. Other games so far not experiencing problems with new Windows 10! OS (aka Windows Creator)
 posted in Cadenza: Havana Nights Collector's Edition on Mar 24, 16 9:40 PM
Getting Black Screen plus sound..Windows 10-64 bit OS. This is second game from this developer that couldn't play on my computer.
 posted in Immortal Love: Letter From The Past Collector's Edition on Dec 12, 15 10:50 PM
Having same problem with black box when trying to load and having to sign out to get it to disappear. Deleting game and reinstalling of no help. Windows 10 issue apparently.
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