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 posted in Fire on Jan 30, 16 7:37 AM
If you get the bear off the rock and twist that branch, the gates in the tree open up and then you can get into that tree...if you know how to get into the tree lol. I hope this helps but doesn't give too much away.
 posted in Fire on Jan 30, 16 7:33 AM
It was the berry on the vine that was giving me grief...but I figured it out. Thank you for the help's good to know people still view this game forum! <3
 posted in Fire on Jan 29, 16 7:29 AM
I cannot figure out how to get that 4th berry from the red vine. It bounces up and away every time I click it.
 posted in Leah's Tale on Dec 19, 12 3:30 AM
I got it...found that stupid staircase in the, I was blind -.- ....thanks for the help!!
 posted in Leah's Tale on Dec 14, 12 12:13 AM
Im stuck in Klog's cave near the fort. Nothing is happening. I have the 'tempting item' to lure him out, but the game won't do anything. I could use some help, is this a bug or something that uninstall/reinstall would fix??

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