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With regards to the first 4 achievements, you can only get them by playing the first puzzle wrongly (the one in the Alley with the Princess and the Frog Prince). In other words, make four wrong choices so that you have to reset the puzzle.

The four wrong things you have to do are:

1) Shoot the elk with an arrow (so it knocks you down.)
2) Shoot yourself with an arrow. (Aim the bow and arrow all the way up so that you shoot the arrow vertically up and it falls down and injures you.)
3) Choose the Golden Arrow when the fairy in the lake offers you three choices.
4) Choose the Apple when the fairy in the lake offers you three choices.

Hope this helps!
 posted in Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown Collector's Edition on Apr 24, 14 10:28 AM
I always have trouble in this level, especially if I decide to be ambitious and build chalets.

The easiest way to get gold in this level is to keep it simple.

By gathering wood at the beginning and chopping all the wood, you will have more than enough wood to build 5 upgraded cabins with gardens, 1 dovecote and 2 gramophones.

So the sequence for this level should go something like this:

1) Collect as much wood as you can at the beginning (but you don't need it all).
2) Send people to the farms.
3) Chop up that rock so you can get to chopping the trees down.
4) Build 5 upgraded cabins with gardens so you can get money.
5) Build a dovecote and buy doves. Build 2 gramophones.
6) By the time you finish, you should have finished chopping the trees so you can hop through the portal, cheer the leprechaun and buy the last 2 doves to get 800 happiness. You should also be able to collect enough gold by then.

Hope this helps.

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In this level, there is one obelisk (fog stopper) which is impossible to reach. It's supposed to be unreachable.
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Where are you stuck?

To start the level, you should clear all the debris and demolish the two banks. It should be enough to get you started on building wells and cabins.

If you need more hints, you can always check out the walkthrough if you have the Collector's Edition.
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For this level, you need three houses with gardens plus a dovecote with 5 doves.

To have enough food for the houses, the dovecote, and the glutton, you should try and reach the Bush of Fertility on the right as soon as you can. Just keep grabbing food and you should be able to finish in time.
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I'm super frustrated by this level too. Can't the developers add a patch or something so we can buy two brown male sheep and get our brown wool in time?
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In this level, it is probably best to start by hiring a worker immediately.

Then, you should build a sawmill and start processing wood immediately.

In the meantime, hire some more workers, about 6-7 more depending on your preference.

Start building a couple of cottages as soon as you have enough wood.

While you're waiting for wood to be processed, dig up some treasures.

You should also hire tax collectors as soon as you've finished hiring enough workers.

Keep building as soon as you have enough wood. Build another cottage and 2 cabins.

Start upgrading all your buildings and adding gardens. Keep all your workers busy as much as possible and keep processing wood continuously.

When you have enough wood, demolish the sawmill and build your last cabin and upgrade and add a garden.

Does this help you at all?
Actually, the Crooked Man is part of a new game called Cursery: The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat. It has nothing to do with the Dark Parable series at all. The beta of the game was a lot of fun. Can't wait for the new game to come out!
Before the Embroidered Cushion can be used on the tree with the smelly tree sap, the tree branch needs to be chopped down first with an Ax. Have you done that yet? I can't think of any other reason why the Cushion doesn't work.
Blue Tea Games did announce that their new game is "The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat" on their Facebook page.

However, they call it a "new game", not a "Dark Parables game". So it must be a new series they're starting.

Judging from the beanstalk, the new Dark Parables game is probably about Jack and the Beanstalk. Will the golden goose turn up? Guess we'll have to wait and see.
Have you visited the scene named Tower Top yet? (You can access the scene once you have placed all the glass items on the two statues in the puppet factory.)

The emblem is on the floor next to the coffin on the left.
The locomotive is in a drawer in the main room of the cottage. If you haven't manage to give Pinocchio the right items so that he leaves and go upstairs to his bedroom, then you can't access the drawer. You will need the Wooden Doll Head to open the drawer.
I have to sympathize with your arachnophobia. I'm afraid of butterflies/moths, and most developers aren't shy about putting those in games. It's especially fun (not!) when I have to find them as part of an HOS scene. Still, since I'm addicted to HOS games, I just struggle on and pretend the butterflies are not there. I'm getting pretty good at denial.

Anyway, the Bonus Chapter is where most of the spider-related things are, so if you don't play it, then you should be fine. Even though I'm trying to avoid being specific, there will be spoilers.


How bad is your phobia? There are a number of scenes, including the first scene, that have spider webs and skeletons trapped in spider webs.

There is a scene where you have to use the right item to get rid of a few spiders on the floor to rescue a person.

The Spider Queen appears when you get past the stone lions. You have to get rid of her using the right item.

Her lair (the Web Cave) is full of spider webs, and there is a spider decoration on the left above an alcove. You also have to use a spider-shaped item in a focus scene in her lair.

Towards the end of the game, the Spider Queen appears again in her Web Cave. She will remain there while you go to gather the stuff you need to defeat her.

The final cutscene in the game shows you defeating the Spider Queen.

I think, these are the main appearances of spiders in this game. Hope this helps.

Is it really not on the table? I found the red bottle of Goddess's Tears on the table to the left of the sewing room. If you click on the table, a focus scene should open and you should be able to get the bottle to the left of the focus scene.

If it's not there, maybe there's a bug?
Hey eirini51,

The blue heart emblem and the hook aren't available until the second half of the game. You'll be able to get these items (Spoilers alert) after you come back from the Mirror World.

If you want more specific details, let me know.
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I just hope there will be a sequel. Besides, the Dark Parables series, the company doesn't seem to have a good track record for making sequels for their other games.

Still, did anyone notice that the map says "Eastern Enchantia"? Maybe we'll get to visit other quadrants of Enchantia in the sequel. Though I would love to know the story behind the unvisited locations in Eastern Enchantia as well.
I believe that a few people had the same problem and they discussed it in the Technical Issues forum.

I don't think anyone has found an exact solution. Did you already talk to the Horse Guard and given him the badge and the silver lance yet? Did you talk to the Horse Lord yet? I believe that doing these things first might be necessary before you can get to the sun HOS scene.

Hope this helps.
After the monster disappears, you should be able to open a close-up scene of the door.

You need to use a couple of items to open the door.

Spoiler: The items you need are: the Dwarven Badge and a small dagger.

Hi judie, any item with "Dwarf Lord" in its name belongs to the Dwarf Lord spirit standing in front of the palace. His full set of battle armor is:

Dwarf Lord Helm
Dwarf Lord Pauldrons
Dwarf Lord Breastplate
Dwarf Lord Gauntlets
Dwarf Lord Greaves

You already have the first two items on the list.

The Dwarf Lord Breastplate can be found in the room that has a door that leads to the Golem robot on the right. There's also a door on the left leading to some stairs that leads to the room with lava flowing down. In that room, there is a set of armor standing on the right. The Breastplate is on top of that set of armor.

The Dwarf Lord Gauntlets are in the same room as the Golem robot. You should have acquired a Heart Gem in an HOS scene in the room with the flowing lava. You should use the Heart Gem in the display right next to the Golem robot, and you should be able to get the Gauntlets.

As for the Dwarf Lord Greaves, they are in the scene where the Dwarf Lord spirit is. You need to use the Crafted Shield and the Eagle Insignia on the Dwarf statue standing in the middle of the scene. The Crafted Shield can be picked up in the scene where the Golem is. The Eagle Insignia is on the floor in the room where the Dwarf Lord Breastplate was found. Once you use these items on the statue, the Dwarf Lord Greaves should magically appear and you can grab them.

By the way, if you're stuck in a game, you can always press the Hint button. It should be able to tell you if there is some item in the scene you haven't picked up. It should also show you the area in the scene where you can use an item in your inventory.

Hope this helps you.
Hi, have you given the ghost Dwarf Lord all of his armor set yet? If not, you cannot access the room in the palace where most of the golem's sensory organs are found.

Also, the other leaf can only be found much later. You need to complete the golem, access some more new scenes and get some more new items before you can get the leaf.

If you have already done all these things and are still stuck, I'll be happy to give you more details on how to get these items. (Or you could use the strategy guide - it probably offers much clearer instructions that I could give you since it has pictures.)

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