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 posted in Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects ™ on Oct 8, 13 4:27 PM
I bought this game and Huntsville. Can't get them opened. I up dated my video card and it didn't help. I have played these games before but not on this site. They were the free versions. I likked them so much I decided to buy yhem. What a mistake. If someone could give me some tip I would appreciate it. Thanks!
 posted in Midnight Mysteries 3: Devil on the Mississippi on Feb 17, 13 3:54 PM
SilverAlexis wrote:I just downloaded this game CE with the new game manager and it won't open. Task manager says it is running, but it isn't in applications running. If I try to click the icon I get the 'already running error 809'. I am slowing losing time to play the trial (wanted to see if I like it to take advantage of the sale this weekend) but looks like a lost cause. Anyone else have this problem? I really don't want to reload the game. The new game manager takes forever now and it almost doesn't seem worth it... for ANY game on BFG anymore.

Very very very disappointed long time customer I am. I may have to start shopping for a new game site.

Any help would be appreciated before the sale day runs out!
 posted in Patchworkz™ on Dec 9, 12 3:19 PM
I cant get my game to play after i get it downloaded. Can any body help me?
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