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horrorqueen99 wrote:In this game, it shows that they have the same DNA and it is mentioned that they are his daughters and inherited his insanity. I get that they called him father in the other games, but this specifically says they are his biological children. How is this possible at all?

Maybe Eipix got confused.
The 24th? I thought this was just an early demo!
karenmusik wrote:How can he have a car of this make and model when all the clothing suggests they are a much earlier time period? Not logical.[/quote
This game is set in 2015. The twins wear old clothing because they are over 100 years old.
Also, you unlock another record titled "?" after beating the bonus game.
KDlala wrote:I dunno, even if the MD did drown, Alistair doesn't seem the type to let his mortal enemy slip away THAT easily. He'd probably become obsessed with bringing him/her back to life just so he could torment them. XD

I guess we know the next game's plot now haha
How about Shadow Lake? I never bought it so I'm not sure if it connects or not.
I doubt the whole MCF series would end with you drowning in the ocean. But I guess there could be another Master Detective....
This is Eipix's first MCF game. So if you are looking for HOP's similar to this, I would suggest checking out some of their other series. I greatly recommend the last 4 Hidden Expedition games. They were all developed by Eipix and the HOP's are greatly similar. Hope Diamond is the best IMO.
read61 wrote:I always thought that Charles made them call him Father and think of him as their father even though he wasn't. Victor was their brother only because they shared the same mother, not the same father. However...the reason they "went bad" is supposedly because of their blood-line, infected with the Dalimar insanity. If I ever re-play RTR I won't feel the same about saving them! Funny how this game barely mentions Charles; I always thought he was the "ultimate evil one" of the group. Apparently he can't hold a candle to his father!

I wonder if this is the end of the Ravenhearst saga?

I agree with everything. But I don't think it will be the end because if you watched to the end of the credits, there is a brief cutscene of Alister picking up the energy orb from the rubble.
KDlala wrote:While we're on the subject, I'm also finding it VERY hard to believe Charles was the father of the twins. In Return, we see that Rose had a husband before she was called in to care for Emma, so I'd actually like to know how Charles managed to father the twins before that happened. I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable here, but the games make it clear he raped Rose and got her pregnant with Victor, are we supposed to believe she willingly slept with Charles, a man obsessed with another woman, while she was married?

The twins have been saying that Charles was their father ever since RTR. I think they were young and confused, because Victor was Charles son and their brother. After being resurrected in EFR, they probably still believed this. Somehow they were committed to the mental hospital and taken under Alister's care. (or they were kidnapped and taken to the mental hospital at a very young age) Also, the twins probably grow up much faster than the normal human being because they were born in the 1800s and were resurrected.
I've never played any of the Elephant Games MCFs, but the dates were probably changed because it was a different developer.
On Charles Dalimar's shoulder.
KDlala wrote:
Creepman wrote:In Escape from Ravenhearst we brought them, Rose, and Emma back to life. This is probably how they are alive. Does anyone know how the twins became evil though?

I remember that, but they were just little girls then, did they really have time to grow into adults and get corrupted by Alister? There's only been a few years in between then and the game, right? How'd he get them away from Rose and Emma?

Yeah, it has only been 4 years since Escape from Ravenhearst. Maybe they fed from the soul pods and it made them older and more powerful.
In Escape from Ravenhearst we brought them, Rose, and Emma back to life. This is probably how they are alive. Does anyone know how the twins became evil though?
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