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I just finished The Gift of the Magi; I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game! Some of the mini games were a bit frustrating, however. I've really had to push the "hint button" more times than I care to admit. I look forward to your seasonal games every year! Thanks for a couple of days' worth of Christmas fun when I should've been doing my housework! ARGH! I look forward to your future games!
I don't know exactly what you did ---or for that matter---what I did but I just finished Alice....What an enjoyable game! It is a shame it had those glitches in it to frustrate all of us fishes! I'm almost afraid to keep swimming upstream and play the bonus game. Here's hoping everything works well!!!

OOPS!!! 2 hrs later, I tried to finish my game on my lap top (windows 10,too). Here I am back to the original code signs. Frozen can't swim in frozen water!!! I'm going to submit my ongoing problem to Felix and see if he can "get me off this hook" (pun intended!) Thanks.....
I have to repeat what everyone before me has said.....Windows 10 and Alice are not very friendly to each other. I was cruising through my game---so close to finishing it--- and bam! I got the same coded message that the others did. I'm frustrated My other games are okay with windows 10...what happened?
 posted in Alice: Behind the Mirror on Sep 11, 14 6:29 PM
I just finished playing this game. I don't know about the people who panned the game, but I found it "different". I will admit that I did have trouble with some of the seeking games and some of the puzzles--if it weren't for the helpers in the forum, I'd probably still be trying to figure out how to get the egg into the pot! I think some folks take gaming too seriously. This was a fun game to play. I wasn't chasing down witches, trolls or finding some long-lost relative. It was just a few hours of relaxation---and that's what I think the authors were trying to accomplish. Thanks for Alice! I enjoyed it warts and all!!
 posted in Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Premature Burial on Jan 27, 13 1:40 PM
I re-booted the game and played it a second time. This time I did get the dagger back! I guess it just "glitched" the first time around....thanks for your help anyway!
 posted in Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Premature Burial on Jan 25, 13 8:21 AM
I went and got the dagger from the picture and cut the drapery ropes like I was supposed to, but the game kept my dagger....How can I cut the rug upstairs to get to the trap door without it?
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