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Go to which is the best set of solutions to getting out of the lab.
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The trick is to be able to remove the disk from the computer's CD reader. To begin with, I exited from the game before I'd done this, and when I came back, it seems as if the software had lost track of the status of the CD player, and was not allowing me to remove the CD.

Even uninstalling and re-installing made no difference. In the end, I gave myself a new name and started from scratch.

This is definitely a bug in the software, but one that's manageable. The best approach is to complete this phase before exiting. In fact, always exit at the beginning of a sequence.

I already had the water when I got the rag. Removing all the 'cameras' was a real pig, as if the cursor's position wasn't being mapped correctly. I had to use Hints to confirm a camera. It's a bit rubbishy to be honest. I reckon the software engineers didn't debug it sufficiently, so deleting the cameras is a bit hit and miss.
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