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 posted in Phenomenon: Meteorite Collector's Edition on Mar 24, 13 3:23 AM
2 hours later and only at 36%!!
 posted in Scarytales: All Hail King Mongo on Mar 2, 13 2:44 AM
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 posted in Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death Collector's Edition on Feb 17, 13 4:14 AM
I agree with you Nilosh. Not only are there the same old tasks but they are being done in a similar order. Again there's ivy needing cutting This is a beautiful looking game but all too familiar for me. Maybe as a DD.
 posted in Shadows: Price for Our Sins on Feb 16, 13 9:18 AM
Mr_Russ wrote:
Lady_Cav wrote:I didn't find it odd to see that Dylan is a girl, and don't understand what the reference to Magic Roundabout is about (Mr Russ?)
Dylan is a male rabbit that may or may not be on something. The Magic Roundabout is a cartoon series. I think the narrator is Emma Thompson's father.

ETA I've just found out that Dylan was named after Bob Dylan.

Mr Russ where have you been?????
 posted in Shadows: Price for Our Sins on Feb 16, 13 8:25 AM
Mr_Russ wrote:Dylan a girl? The developers haven't seen Magic Roundabout.

This looks like another Robin.

Yeah - crazy, man, crazy
 posted in The Invisible Man on Feb 11, 13 3:24 AM
I wanted to enjoy this - lots of lovely touches and a good story - but I found the whole navigation rather clunky. And I don't like the hint telling me to 'use my inventory' when I haven't acquired the item I need yet. Thought I'd mention that cos I wasted so much time trying to figure out what to do. And with one experiment it was over before I'd completed step 5 (I think ? ) . Actually I do remember: there was definitely a switch to be pulled, and I never did that. I find that sloppy and it worries me that there will be other mistakes. I think I'd use a coupon code on it, but not a credit.
 posted in The Invisible Man on Feb 11, 13 3:16 AM
I wondered about the morning coat too!!
 posted in Chimeras: Tune of Revenge Collector's Edition on Feb 7, 13 6:49 AM
I must be the only nay-sayer here. LOVE elephant games and agree they are the top of the heap. But this one didn't grab me. I agree the demo ended very quickly. Elephant games do 'same-old' brilliantly, but that was my feeling - I'm a bit tired of this.
It's probably just me. Love the map. Love the hints. But 'Nutcracker' was so gorgeous, I couldn't wait. I don't feel strongly about this one. And this is a first for me.
 posted in Maestro: Music from the Void Collector's Edition on Jan 31, 13 10:45 AM
indigobuni wrote:Allow me to wake up long enough to comment on the newest version of Maestro. First game, yeah. Second one, um okay. Third one, wake me when it's over.

Sorry, ERS, but people are right. Same 'ol, same 'ol. There's nothing special or unique about this 3rd game in the series. If I do get it, I'll wait until the SE, so I can use a coupon.

My advice to ERS. Stop making so many sequels, take a look at some of the outstanding devs out there now (Elephant, Blue Tea, Boomzap), and come up with something new that will wow us. We're okay with sequels, but they should really be more outstanding than the previous one. Unfortunately, this one does not cut the grade.

Totally agree. I absolutely loved The Void and the first couple of EA Poe series. But this one I deleted after 10 minutes. I agree we are totally ok with sequels. And I also agree that this developer has huge potential that I personally think they are not bothering using. Totally agree also with cbtx.
 posted in The Lake House: Children of Silence on Jan 29, 13 1:20 PM
thank youxxxxx
 posted in The Lake House: Children of Silence on Jan 27, 13 9:29 AM
At some point I had to get a can opener to open a can of pineapples that weren't fit to eat. No idea what that was about.
 posted in The Lake House: Children of Silence on Jan 27, 13 9:27 AM
 posted in The Lake House: Children of Silence on Jan 27, 13 7:14 AM
What was that about?? Didn't understand that bit. Anybody got any ideas?
 posted in The Lake House: Children of Silence on Jan 27, 13 7:12 AM
Can't remember, but the game is a decent length. Worth the SE definitely.
 posted in Surface: The Soaring City Collector's Edition on Jan 24, 13 8:48 AM
mcscooby wrote:All I can say is "Valdy please don't stop the reviews!" I check out your reviews while I'm downloading the game - gives me an idea of what to expect and look for! Thank a lot and keep up the great work!

 posted in Surface: The Soaring City Collector's Edition on Jan 24, 13 8:27 AM
Valdy is a star. I always read her reviews and they are really helpful especially when there are collectables cos I con't be bothered to do the tutorial. I've often thought of thanking her, but once when I did, my comment was removed - I assume cos it wasn't actually a review. Fair enough. So this thread has not turned into a big it up for Valdy thread, but a thank you Valdy thread. And I have no problem with that. She does us proud.
 posted in Deadly Voltage: Rise of the Invincible on Jan 22, 13 2:57 AM
crispypot wrote:Two hours later and i`m still waiting for it to download

Me too!
 posted in Death Pages: Ghost Library Collector's Edition on Jan 20, 13 12:32 PM
Love elephant games. Buy nearly all of their CEs. But not this one. It seems a bit tired. Which is not their fault. The trouble is I'm spoiled rotten.
 posted in Time Mysteries: The Final Enigma Collector's Edition on Jan 13, 13 1:38 AM
Thanks for the tip nellie. I've been stuck at 47% for ages.
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