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 posted in Little Noir Stories: The Case of the Missing Girl on May 1, 11 5:20 AM
I too have been coming back for months looking for a fixed release. I never turned in my game for a credit BECAUSE I WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME. Please fix this..oh now I am just sad. Why do they put it up for a two ninety nine sale? They are just going to give the impression that you get what you pay for.
I suck. I can't even hold out a few days to buy this game. lol. Don't tell my husband.
 posted in PuppetShow: Lost Town on Apr 26, 11 1:36 PM
Well now if I want to go to internet explorer while playing it freezed my whole computer. Still lagging too. sigh.
 posted in The Treasures of Mystery Island: The Ghost Ship on Apr 3, 11 8:20 AM

Me too, white background, won't release luggage. Too bad I was enjoying game. Off to delete from system.
Very Sad.
 posted in Echoes of Sorrow on Mar 19, 11 7:14 AM
It is annoying. The game is clunky. All games have to transition during certain points, but most are smooth. It feels like they had several sections cobbled together in a hurry and badly. I really don't understand the hoopla over this game. I did not enjoy my trial and will save my credit for something better.
 posted in Royal Envoy Collector's Edition on Feb 22, 11 1:21 PM
I know this is a year too late. The instructions are written backwards is all. I grew crazy with this until I read this thread today.
 posted in World Mosaics 4 on Feb 16, 11 11:05 AM
That is very sweet of you guys. I thought your game was just fine. I am used to the mouse clicks now, so oh no! lol.
 posted in World Mosaics 4 on Feb 13, 11 8:28 AM
I don't know, the game seems fine to me. I really don't care about any story, just want the puzzles. I don't know if it gets harder or not ( I got distracted and didn't get that far during my trial) but it seems worth a credit to me (if you have been sitting on any). On the whole this series seems less sophisticated than Gemsweeper.
Visually stunning. I simply had no urge to hurry the dialogue or skip anything. I don't think the mini games are that easy (playing on expert) as I was having a darn hard time with a puzzle when my time was up. Downloading full game now, though I shouldn't until next month, lol.
 posted in Phantasmat Collector's Edition on Jan 8, 11 7:04 AM
Totally loved this game. I have zero criticism. Nice length too.

 posted in Awakening: Moonfell Wood on Dec 25, 10 12:00 PM
lol, Merry Christmas!
I think it is great we are here on BigFish enjoying our games. I don't know about you, but everyone except for me is napping right now at my house. Plus you never know what kind of deal you might get on a holiday at BF.
After I spent my day with the grandkids, I had to come back and say thanks again. It's a great game. I so enjoyed the others but they were kind of hard to let the older (10yrs) play. Not to mention too many frozen dead things.
This game has just enough yucky filthiness and creepiness (and the snark it so funny) and she could skip the harder puzzles. We had a great time and I didn't have to stand over her to help as we could adjust the handholding. We had such fun shreeking over the snake coming at us and the not so sweet dogs and gross garbage.

I am blessed that I have not run into any technical problems as yet. I just wanted to add my thanks for this awesome game too. I really liked the variety of options on this game as well. The handholding is a little annoying, but I just train my eyes to ignore it lol.

I haven't finished it (or even close), but I must say the first time I took an object out of a hand of a character in this game, I was astounded at you techies who made this game. GOOD JOB! What you will think of next I couldn't guess.

I hope everyone has had a nice Thanksgiving!
 posted in A Magnetic Adventure on Nov 10, 10 2:31 PM
This game is almost diabolical. It is so innocent and innocuous looking, but some of the puzzles are darn hard, lol. The hint system is not helpful, and there is no skip, but I like it. 50 puzzles seems kinda short, but I notice they get crazier as you go on so hopefully it is worth the money. I am going to take the plunge!
 posted in Mystery Trackers: The Void Collector's Edition on Oct 20, 10 12:14 PM
What does the update do? I run Vista. The game ran perfectly, well, except that it ended, lol. Very nice game.
 posted in Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White on Sep 17, 10 1:55 PM
The whole game worked just fine! Sad for folks it is not working for.
 posted in Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White on Sep 17, 10 11:51 AM
I also have vista, and the trial ran just fine. I will take the plunge, lol. Knowing all the while BFG will give me back my credit if I run into issues. Wish me luck!
 posted in Lost in the City: Post Scriptum on Aug 27, 10 1:38 PM
lol, where is the magnifying glass? that would have helped me. I like this game very much, but am broke. will have to wait. I was surprised and unhappy when my hour was over, it went by too quick!
 posted in Redrum: Time Lies on Aug 7, 10 4:41 PM
Is there some kind of hint or trick to these? I have never done one and they are kinda frustrating for me.
 posted in Journalistic Investigations: Stolen Inheritance on Jul 31, 10 3:49 PM
I didn't think it was so bad either!
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