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 posted in Slingo Mystery: Who's Gold on Dec 24, 10 6:59 AM
I've been playimg games for nearly 4 years. I started out simply and it's taken me some time to work up. I like HOGs, but collectors editions and strategy guides leave me cold. I like a straight-forward game, clear instructions, no junk-pile, AND some mystery and a bit of challenge. I DON'T like having to consult a walk-through every 5 minutes because the game is not clear. I'm reasonably intelligent, been around a while but my brain functions a little bit differently than most folks.

I saw Slingo 2, so decided to check out this one. I have never played Slingo, never really was drawn to it, so haven't understood what all the fuss was about.

I like this game very much! I consider it a fairly intelligent game, easy to understand while creating a bit of challenge, supplies different aspects to focus on, and I like the main character. SHE seems reasonably intelligent, creative, and motivated. I'm having fun without brain strain, the Slingo is OK, and it holds my attention.

Those who think this game is a piece of garbage or way too simple (I didn't read through all the reviews as I thought many seemed sort of negative) don't see it from the viewpoint of those who like or need something simpler. I do feel for those of us who aren't into graduate level games, this one is good.
 posted in Jane Lucky on Dec 9, 10 7:23 PM
Barely made it half-way through and out I went. Maybe I am too picky but there's somewhat inane dialogue and then there's off-the-charts stupid. Game made no sense, junk pile objects, little tiny circles where you need a magnifying glass to see see them, picking flowers and removing traps while still a hostage, and oh yeah, save the terrorist. :::eye roll::: Please.

The graphics were good, nice and clear, music not bad, the terrorist angle was a new one and I thought might be fun, but someone really didn't know how to put this game together. Just getting introduced to the characters was almost enough to gag me. Maybe I should see about trying to get hired by a game company, I could do way better dialogue than so much of what comes out.

Yes, I'm tired of the creepy mansions, deserted (but haunted) graveyards, evil witches and spooky sanitariums. That's why I tried this one! I wish someone would create a game that made a little sense, had objects to find that might have something to do with the game and decent dialogue AND be able to do it without a guide or visiting the blog every 5 minutes. Is that too much to ask? Probably.....Ah well, so it goes.
 posted in Chronicles of Albian: The Magic Convention on Dec 1, 10 7:19 PM
My first thought with the first scene was "Oh no, junkpile!" It never got better for me even with glasses and nose to the laptop screen. Items too small, many on same colors, (such as tan on tan) I did not find ONE fairy, and only a few jewels. For those who have lots of patience, a magnifying glass, and don't mind taking plenty of time for each scene, this is the game for you!

I used to like straight HOGS but am finding I like a bit more interaction although NO strategy guide. I like a game I can play and not have to have a Master's Degree to decipher. I thought this might be one but not a buy for me.
 posted in Millennium Secrets: Emerald Curse on Nov 28, 10 3:05 PM
I'm being told I have to disable the camera before leaving and nothing is working to do that. The plank won't move and everything just sits there. Nothing in the blog walkthrough to explain this and I am enjoying the game! I want to purchase it but not if I can't get any further in the game. Somewhere here I thought it said there was a walkthrough. Where is it?

CANCEL all questions, I figured it out! I also bought the game as I am loving it!
 posted in Antiques Roadshow ™ on Nov 22, 10 3:13 PM
This decoder will not work at all. For me, it first went dark on 27 and NOTHING worked past that. I left the game, came here, read the tips, went back only to have it go dark on 26 and then nothing worked. No matter what I clicked, in what order I clicked it, nothing worked. This is ridiculous! If I had wanted a game that needed a decoder to decode the decoder, I would have bought one!

Too bad, I like Antique Roadshow and thought would be a cool game.
 posted in Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder on Nov 15, 10 4:28 PM
Because my brain appears to be wired a bit differently, some interactive HOGS are just too challenging so I thought I would enjoy this straight HOG.There aren't that many and I generally enjoy film noir style games along with sepia tones. I don't like a game that I constantly have to go to leave the game and go to the blog walk-through or need a strategy guide to play.

I enjoy clicking on at least SOME objects that have to do with the game itself (there were very few) and as has been said, some objects are very disproportionate. While not uncommon, to me it's a sign someone was in a hurry and didn't really care about the game. Coudn't find most of the bullets, and it was WAY, WAY too short with a weird ending that was very abrupt. Had I realized just how short it was, I would probably not have gotten it. I do not feel I got my money's worth at all. :::shrugs:::not the first time, probably won't be the last.
 posted in Pirate Solitaire on Oct 25, 10 3:15 PM
I've been playing different solitaires for years and am always on the lookout for a good one that one can actually play. I found Faerie Solitaire when it first came out and have been playing it ever since. I honestly don't know how many times I've been through it. I haven't tried Fairway Solitaire but intend to do so.

I do like up/down solitaire. However, like others have said, I found this game cartoonish, I didn't like the very annoying pirate voice and the coin scramble was also quite frustrating. I don't care for games with dark screens and flashlights and avoid them whenever possible.

It feels to me as though the creators of this game based what they did on other popular games as I found nothing new with this one. I had hoped for a better game than this and definitely will not be buying it.

I have to wonder, did someone actually play this game before they released it? Did no one notice how annoying some of it was or how they copied other games? Was it all just to make some quick money?
 posted in Pearl Diversion on Aug 26, 10 2:02 PM
Is it possible to delete profiles on this game? I play it fairly regularly and it seems the game slows down the more I progress into it. I thought perhaps deleting some of the profiles might help.

When it comes time to create the drugged coffe to give to the guard, the list for the screen pic of the kitchen says I have to have a pair of tongs. When I click on "hint" it points me to the coffee maker to make the drugged coffee. The walk-through doesn't show any tongs listed and I cannot give the guard his drugged coffee. I'm stuck here! Help!
 posted in The Tarot's Misfortune on Mar 31, 10 11:39 AM
WHAT STOVE? I can't find any stove let alone a teapot. I've searched both rooms very carefully and I cannot find a stove. Even the hint doesn't help.
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