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FYI - for those who are worrying about the Game Manager putting your games on the C drive, while the GM options page says the C drive, IN FACT THEY ARE STILL GOING TO WHATEVER YOU CHANGED THE DEFAULT TO. They are going to the correct place. The GM is just not LISTING the correct location on its page. In other words, it's working fine, but GM's display is the only thing that's incorrect.

I haven't changed the GM from the C drive listed, yet my games are all loading on my external hard drive.
 posted in Nightmare Realm on Jul 29, 11 11:18 AM
I've just downloaded (installed the new GM first) and it's telling me that my trial time is up. Anyone know how to get around that? I know I haven't played it - it just came out today!

EDIT: I closed the game manager, opened it again, and now it says I have 60 minutes left.
 posted in Intrigue Inc: Raven's Flight on Jul 7, 11 10:27 PM
I'm having a problem at the Penthouse. The first thing at the Penthouse is to go to the Gazebo in the back left corner, which is a H0 scene. I cannot get the goggles in that scene. The first time I played it I picked up the goggles, but they got stuck on the screen - I couldn't click on them, they wouldn't move, and my inventory said I still needed to collect them. I exited the H0 scene, went back in, and the goggles were not there anymore, although it says I still need to collect them. I can't go on. I know I can start with a new profile, but I'm so far along that I don't want to replay the whole thing again. My drivers and everything ARE up to date.

 posted in The Tiny Bang Story on May 16, 11 6:12 PM
Argh! I have the same problem as juliebr, so I was excited to see your list, Lady_Cav. I seem to have all the ones listed.

EDIT: Never mind, I found it! Duh!
 posted in The Tiny Bang Story on May 15, 11 6:39 PM
Well, we've been asking for something different, and for me this fits the bill. It's like a breath of fresh air. I haven't even finished the demo, but I know I want to buy it. Maybe not for everyone, but definitely for this fishie!
 posted in Hidden in Time: Looking-glass Lane on May 14, 11 3:16 PM
Quizzly, I was frustrated by the third box, too. Here's how I got around it: I uninstalled, restarted my computer, and reinstalled. My original game was still stuck, but I started under a new name and, surprise, surprise, it worked. I wouldn't be surprised if you don't have to do the computer restart, but customer service suggested it, and I did.

It's worth a try.
 posted in Hidden in Time: Looking-glass Lane on May 13, 11 7:25 PM
Posted in the other thread, but will repeat here as to how I got by the third box problem. I uninstalled the game, then restarted my computer, then reinstalled and started again under a new profile. I was pleasantly surprised when I got past the third box. The tin can count is off, but I don't care so much about that.

Good luck!
 posted in Hidden in Time: Looking-glass Lane on May 13, 11 7:20 PM
Here's what worked for me: at the suggestion of customer service, I uninstalled the game, then restarted my computer, then reinstalled the game. After that I started the game again under a new name. Imagine my surprise when the third box worked properly! So, try that if the other suggestions don't work.
 posted in Margrave: The Curse of the Severed Heart on May 13, 11 11:31 AM
Frustrating - I've been playing for several days and was pretty far along. Then last night I started the game and all my progress was lost. My name was still on the screen, as well as another game I had started when I demoed the game, but both names had me start at the very beginning. It had been saving for several days, so why suddenly is everything lost? I'm afraid to start again for fear that will keep happening. And, I tried everything bfgArnoStyx mentioned above.

I've never heard of this problem before.
 posted in Hidden in Time: Looking-glass Lane on May 10, 11 6:51 PM
Haynesplus, I'm having the same problem. Several fishies have posted in the "Technical Problems" thread. It's a problem with the program, not with anything you are doing. We'll just have to wait for a fix.
 posted in Hidden in Time: Looking-glass Lane on May 10, 11 6:42 PM
I am also having the problem with the third box. I'd really hate to spend the time starting again with a new profile to get to this point and have it still not work. It's frustrating because we can't go on.
 posted in Empress of the Deep 2: Song of the Blue Whale on May 6, 11 12:37 PM
Just finished the demo. Downloading the full version now. I'm really enjoying this game. True, it's not very difficult, but it's bright and clear. It's not frustrating for me in any way. I'm probably particularly enjoying it because I just finished Shiver, which was way too dark for my liking.

Everything about this game, in my opinion, is first rate. Can't wait for the download to complete so I can keep playing.
 posted in The Tale of The Lost Bride and A Hidden Treasure on Apr 18, 11 7:43 PM
I gave it the old college try. I liked the graphics, but the objects were very small. I didn't mind hunting around for them, except that I felt pressured because of that darn timer. Without the timer I would definitely consider this game. Too bad.
 posted in The Fool on Apr 7, 11 4:17 PM
Did anyone else notice a few parts of this game bearing a strong resemblance to Drawn? The intro scene while the game is loading where it says "The Fool" and figures drop down on strings like puppets, for example. And at least one other scene - it may be in Mortenland, I don't remember exactly where. And maybe more but I haven't gotten very far into it yet. And the narrator's voice sounds just like the guy from Drawn. Most of the artwork doesn't have that look; only a few scenes. But they are very distinctive looking. Maybe I just noticed them because I love Drawn so much.

Just an observation.
 posted in Puzzling Paws on Apr 6, 11 9:03 PM
I really like this type of game, but that constantly turning screen made it hard for me to plot out my moves. Sometimes parts of the board that I needed to look at would rotate out of sight. Too bad it's not an option to keep the board stationary. I don't mind the graphics and storyline because it's the gameplay I want, but the moving board may just kill the deal for me. Too bad. The gameplay itself is fun.
 posted in Clutter on Mar 9, 11 4:26 PM
nantyglyn wrote: The big problem I'm having is that I CAN'T get past the last screen where the objects can move.

Okay - moral of the story - I need to play when I'm not so tired. I always play in the evening, but, determined as I was to finish this part of the game, I played it this afternoon. Of course, I finished it with time to spare, and having only moved one object.

Thanks for your comments, Masanders and JoeKazz.

By the way, Joe - I noticed you have a "handprint" plate among the objects. I have the same one from when my daughter was small. I'm wondering if we got them from the same potter?
 posted in Clutter on Mar 8, 11 10:45 PM
Hey Joe - I'm impressed that you are a lone developer. The game is more fun than some that have been developed by big companies. The big problem I'm having is that I CAN'T get past the last screen where the objects can move (the rock one?). I REFUSE to skip it. I'v gotten down to one object left that I can never find. yes, I've read the hint ("Don't sweat the small stuff"), but I still can't do it! Can you pass on some wise tidbit as to what to do to get past that level? You can PM me if you don't want to share it in the forums. But please put me out of my agony! There must be some tidbit of wisdom that you can pass on.

I do enjoy the game, and would look forward to another game by you (but only if I can get past that level!)

Great job!
 posted in Cave Quest on Feb 20, 11 10:37 AM
ecblisa wrote:

I'm almost sorry I'm leaving for Hawaii Monday for two weeks with only a netbook.

ecblisa - I took my netbook to Hawaii last October. I loaded quite a few games on it before I left. I had no problems playing them. it was especially good on the plane because the small size fit nicely on the tray table, and it made the flight go by fast. You'll be surprised how many games will play on it. Give it a try!

 posted in RealMYST on Jan 22, 11 12:34 PM
 posted in RealMYST on Jan 21, 11 7:58 PM
robinbobbin wrote:my head is spinning with the possibilities; will i be able to play riven and exile again too? what about the 7th guest and the 11th hour updated for xp/windows 7? oh my!

You and I are on the same page, robinbobbin. All those games for today's computers? Be still, my heart!
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