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 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials on Jul 23, 10 12:05 AM
I have played this game through twice and both times I ended up with 49 clovers!!! What are the odds that if I play again and still get 49 that I will end it all????
 posted in Simajo: The Travel Mystery Game on Jul 23, 10 12:02 AM
Sorry sapmem--fell asleep before I got that far. This game bored me to tears.
 posted in Hidden Expedition ® - Devil's Triangle on Jul 22, 10 7:21 PM

I just started playing this game again and I was stuck at the bird. I knew he was hungry, but the only food I had was a fortune cookie. I said to myself, birds don't eat fortune cookies!!!!!!!! Apparently this one does. Game makers need to at least make sure their puzzles make sense.
 posted in Vampireville on Jul 22, 10 5:09 PM
Henx wrote:Not finished with game yet but it is fun and easy. Really liked it. Great humor. Yes Michael looks like Keanu Reeves or I thought so.

I had a little trouble with the umbrella but I think the trouble is the order in which the items are listed above. You have to keep getting new items to click as the only release 4 at a time, until the umbrella is actually listed as an item to pick up and then it still would not release until I clicked on an item below which released the phone. Then I went back and the umbrella released. Try it and I hope that helps.

Just started playing this game and I am gld to know I am not the only one who thinks Michael lks just like Keanu Reeves.
 posted in PuppetShow: Mystery of Joyville ™ on Jul 22, 10 4:06 PM
OH NOOOOO!!!!! There is no joy in joyville, mighty Blue has struck out!!!

For the first time ever, I got stuck and had to look at the walkthrough. Life, as I know it, is over.....
heatherington wrote:Now this is where the Mystery Case Files crew could take a page from the Flux Family Secrets: Rabbit Hole crew. You can have an enjoyable game without dirty decrepit rooms. For too long it seems that people think a room has to be nasty filthy with spiders and snakes in order to be enjoyable and charming. This Flux Family game shows you can have cleanliness and enjoyableness in the same package. There were just as many challenges as in the Mystery Case File games but it was just so much more enjoyable when I knew that I wasn’t going to run into a nasty tarantula around every corner. Please make more hidden object games like this one without all the nasty little eight legged creatures that don’t belong in a sane reliable world such as time travel.

heatherington----it is called atmosphere. Game designers to show off all their learned skills, although I know what you mean as I hate looking for objects and coming across roaches all the time. I see enough in real life!!!
It seems to be just me, but I really did not like this game as well as the first one. It was OK to try free, but I will not be buying this one.
purplemist wrote: I loved the first Echoes of the Past also and when i saw this one i thought yippee....
the graphics are great..nice and clear...the puzzles are not quite as challenging as the first one yet they are still interesting
The music at times can be catchy
Now all I need do is decide buy it as a CE or be patient and just buy the mormal version

Remember purplemist---patience is not only a virtue, it is also CHEAPER.
tuttepeever wrote:After a drought period, this looks promising. Haven't finished the demo and will save it for tomorrow since my pillow is calling. Regardless of how much I KNOW this is my type of game, I won't purchase the Collector's Edition. I NEVER WILL. I can buy another game for the cost difference and I have a lot of patience so can wait until it comes out at a regular price. I don't know why BFG does this but sure wish they wouldn't especially during this difficult economic period for most of us.

Agree with everything, especially the drought period. I was wondering what happened to the good games!!!
meanbusiness wrote:I purchased the first and loved it. This looks like an awesome sequal. However, I do not need all the extras that go with it. Why doesn't BF offer a compromise deal? Just include the extra game play, minus concept art, wallpaper etc. Give it to us for 10.99. I would love to buy this game, but I say again, I do not need the other stuff. I guess I will just wait until the "short" version is available.

I agree entirely. I loved it (and the first one,too) but I will wait for the regular version at the regular price.
 posted in Fix-It-Up: World Tour on Jul 21, 10 1:50 AM
I liked the other Fix It Up games and found this one enjoyable as well. Basically I agree with QEII with the exception that my husbands name is not Steve, it is Scott.
 posted in PuppetShow: Mystery of Joyville ™ on Jul 21, 10 1:46 AM
After playing Puppet Master: Souls of the Innocent I found out that there was a game before it, so I downloaded this one. After approx. 15 minutes of playing I bought this game, too. I actually think I enjoyed this one more and I would recommend it to anyone who likes HOG/adventure games.
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets on Jul 21, 10 1:12 AM
Bring on the bloodsuckers!!! I was not a fan of the previous Hidden Mysteries games as I find plain old HOG boring without the adventure/puzzle aspect. A definite buy.
 posted in The Pirate's Treasure: An Oliver Hook Mystery on Jul 21, 10 1:07 AM
Great cure for insomnia.. Did not like it at all. Thought it was a cheap looking hidden object game.
 posted in PuppetShow: Souls of the Innocent on Jul 21, 10 1:05 AM
I loved this one soooo much. I did not know there was a prior one. I am downloading it now. Hope it is not too sort, as some reviews have stated.
 posted in Blood Oath on Jul 21, 10 1:01 AM
Blood red for a bloody good game. I have been bitten by the Blood Oath bug!!
 posted in Elixir of Immortality on Jul 21, 10 12:57 AM
I hate to sound like everyone else, but.....BUY this game. Great storyline and graphics plus an array of **** scenes and puzzles. We need more games like this!!
 posted in Journalistic Stories on Jul 19, 10 5:41 AM
Thought it was just me!!! First the Oz game and now this. Game makers need to pay attention. HOG should be challenging, not IMPOSSIBLE!!
 posted in L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz on Jul 19, 10 5:18 AM
BORING!!!BORING!!!BORING!!! (repeat as often as necessary before you even consider downloading/buying this game).

BTW__If you can read this message, your eyes are still not good enough to find the ****. Game makers should remember it is HIDDEN object, not impossible to see. use hints all the tiime object. Kind of takes the fun out the the game.
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets on Jul 19, 10 5:15 AM
to sbxxcb85----Thanks for your help!!!!
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