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 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Tree of Life on Apr 24, 10 1:02 PM
From what I have read it is something that comes later after more tech has been purchased. It has to do with one of the puzzles, but I can't remember which one it was.
 posted in Virtual Families on Apr 24, 10 12:59 PM
It ends at the 30th generation. They are trying to fix it, so if you reach the 30th generation and want to keep going, you need to back up your save game file and wait.
 posted in Cute Knight Kingdom on Apr 24, 10 12:56 PM
Thanks for your help.

I've been trying different things again and the worst that can happen is it ends and I start again, again.

I kept an eye on the dreams, and I go back to the one job I do well at nearly every day to get that dream level back up, sleep at Mom's and then go and try a few other things again.

I read about the cheat where you can live longer than the 3 years. I'd love to do that as I totally suck at the game so I need longer than 3 years.
 posted in Cute Knight Kingdom on Apr 24, 10 9:48 AM
Hi everyone. I bought this game some time ago and I tried to play it but failed. I ended up home being a candle maker before turning 19.

I'd like to give it another go. So I'm asking for general role playing tips as the walkthroughs I've read give you the recipes and specific endings which I'd rather find out on my own, but not a "the end" so quickly this time. It's the first role playing game I've tried.

I don't understand if I should be trying different jobs to build up all skills, or sit at one job that I find that I am good at and be happy with that. If so, if I work at that one job does it ever turn into a better job and more adventures, or do I need to go outside onto the path and try and enter other areas to find endings. I'm really confused, so any help in ways to play the game would be appreciated.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Tree of Life on Apr 24, 10 4:06 AM
Only kids under the age of 14 can pick up mushrooms & collectibles.
 posted in My Tribe on Apr 24, 10 3:11 AM
I don't use fb so I don't play the fb version, but from the sounds of it the My Tribe on there has some really nice new features. I'm hoping for a MT2 too....
 posted in My Tribe on Apr 24, 10 3:09 AM
The only way to remove trees is to mark them for harvest so they will chop them down.

If you have nothing to build, you can always build another wood storage, so it will use 100 wood to build, and store another 500 and it will be sure to get rid of at least 3 - 4 large trees, and more smaller trees.
 posted in Little Folk of Faery on Apr 24, 10 3:07 AM
I downloaded the trial for this game as I like the VV, My Tribe style games, but it wouldn't open on my notebook. I don't think I had good enough specs to run it. It was a shame.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Tree of Life on Apr 24, 10 3:03 AM
The game speed in the VV games are just for aging. The villagers will have their babies faster, and get older faster. They will also eat their food supplies faster. If you pick a slower option, they will obviously age a lot less quickly, and I think it would make their food supplies last longer. I don't think it has any impact on building or getting science points as these things are based on how fast they move, and that's the same with whatever speed you use.

There is nothing like potions & stardust like they have in My Tribe to make them walk faster unfortunately. It's one of the biggest complaints I have with this game and why I'm not buying it. It might have been okay a few years ago, but I think they should have improved this as people often spend a lot of time looking for runners, so it shows most people like them to move at a bit faster pace. They test my patience now too.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Tree of Life on Apr 23, 10 7:34 AM
I downloaded another trial to give this version another go. They WON'T stay on task, so I hear you on that. I had two trainee farmers before I switched off (made sure they were farmers & ticked for farming), and heaps of berries were left but they were dead when I switched the game back on. When I finally got one of the living peeps to bury them, they died of starvation! Kiwi was just 22 and I couldn't bear to look up the ages of the others after that.

But I thought level 2 construction let you lift those rocks to get the fruit down. I'm not sure though.

Seems like they have the A.I. of Virtual Families as I never had so many problems getting them to do what they are told. It's the whole "do your job" and they are off drying their hair all over again. You have to babysit these ones too much.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Tree of Life on Apr 23, 10 7:26 AM
geezing wrote:

alinarouge wrote
Sorry my English.

I'm trying to solve Puzzle Nr. 10 - Mossy Rocks.
As soon as I see a red crab I click on my space bar - as suggested.
I can drop 2 children on the crab and also drag an adult on the crab BUT.... on that moment.... the game blocks and appear a small window on which is Written:
"Error access........."
The game closes itlsef and I can't play anymore!!!!!

Somenthing's wrong.
Very bad.

Any help?

Thanks a lot.

Ciao Alina

This has also happened TWICE to my game.
I recently updated my graphics driver while playing Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer. I do not think it is the driver.

I also would like help, please.

Read over at the other forum it is a common error, and there's no fix yet. So you'll have to not pause the game with the crabs.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Tree of Life on Apr 23, 10 12:57 AM
I don't even know what would be in strategy guide. The puzzles are all very easy to solve (read spoilers elsewhere), and so what is there else to know?
 posted in My Tribe on Apr 21, 10 8:44 AM
mariaisla wrote:When I moved Island my ppl behaved like that, I gave them moons so they could start eating and gathered food, a fast way was to put stars on the fields so the crop became instant ready. It was a stressful time so the next move I will have a lot of moons. hope this helps

Doesn't moondust completely change the persons looks? Maybe this is another fb question and moondust does something else.

Anyway, when I move to another Island they will fall asleep on their feet if there are no huts for them to sleep. Either build some huts quickly, or use stardust to help them along with huts.

I'm guessing you have trees ticked for harvest, and their skills ticked for them to collect food, wood & stone etc?
 posted in My Tribe on Apr 21, 10 8:40 AM
There is a potion to increase physical strength, and then they walk super fast too.

If you're playing the fb version I don't know if you can do potions, so another way is to keep putting stardust on one of them and it will get around to increasing physical strength. Put it on the one with highest strength now, so you have a better chance of increasing it enough, although if you keep going with stardust it will keep increasing all skills & strengths.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Tree of Life on Apr 21, 10 8:33 AM
dewieee wrote:I bought this at another site about a month ago. I found that I had less patience this time around and lost interest quicker. The puzzles were not as interesting to me as the previous ones. The graphics, of course, are great. I liked that you could pick which villagers you wanted to start the game with (really think that through and remember expecting mothers can't work), I found it was always good to get a person who "likes to run", Otherwise, the slow walking drives me bonkers. I had to use the walkthrough more than usual to figure out what to do with some of the puzzles.

And, yes, I ran the clock forward and killed them a few times, lol. Have fun and happy Wednesday.

Couldn't agree more. I didn't buy this version but I have all the previous ones. Although I did like the way you could pick the villagers, and the new layout was really pretty, I nearly fell asleep watching the pace they walk and they wouldn't stay on task. Drove me bonkers too. Plus it looked just like the other version with gameplay, and I lost interest in the others very quickly after the puzzles were solved, so I'm taking a VV miss this time around. I hope VV5 is better!
 posted in My Tribe on Apr 16, 10 1:13 AM
There is a potion to increase physical strength. Also if you keep putting stardust on a tribesperson, it will eventually get around to increasing their physical strength, so if you have plenty of them spare, you can keep dropping stardust on them.
 posted in My Tribe on Apr 13, 10 2:22 AM
No problems. I hope you enjoy it as I find it a fun game.

You can also have someone live forever too. It's one of the trophies and you need to find the correct mystery and make a potion for them.

There are heaps of potions to change their hair styles, build up skills etc & you should find lists of them online. I'm not sure what is in the fb version as I haven't played it, but the downloadable My Tribe does have a lot of different things to build & trophies to collect.
 posted in My Tribe on Apr 12, 10 10:24 PM
There is stardust & moondust to collect, but not shells.

Crates and barrels also float in for you to collect. They come in quite close, and usually around the same area each time. Try looking at the map view from time to time as you can see them on there.

Have you marked trees and rocks for harvest, and built storage sheds for them, and for food? Also, a science hut & arts hut?

You can go into science & build tabs to see how much you need to research & build. There is quite a lot and you pick what order you'd like to take your tribe. You might want to try sailing to a new island before building all the structures.
 posted in My Tribe on Apr 12, 10 10:03 PM
Mark the tree with harvest, and they will chop it down!
 posted in My Tribe on Apr 11, 10 11:26 AM
june726 wrote:i have a problem, i can play my tribe before.. then suddenly, it crashes, and my pc had blue screen. after the bs, i restarted my pc and if i open my tribe.nothing happens?what happened?

Take a note of the error message you get with the blue screen. Often it is either hardware or a software conflict, but without the error message it's too hard to know what's wrong. It could be your computer and nothing to do with the game.
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