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* the middle passage. From the bifurcation head east and open the two chests to find covey balm and haunch. Return to the bifurcation and take the other path through the unlocked gate. You are presented a ball puzzle. The rule is-if you touch the ball or vice versa then you are transported to the entrance of this room.
* You have to be fast and walk in the passage when the ball is moving away from you. Press the first switch and continue till you see another moving ball. Press the switch beside the spikes, then the other. Make your way through the balls and press the switch. Come back to the spikes and go to your right to the unblocked gate hiding another switch. Press that switch and reach here:

* Observe the movements of the appearing and disappearing holes carefully, their positions are fixed so make your way through to reach the switch. Press it and get back one screen.
* Walk up to the place where the three passages branched out. This time take the right passage. Pick up the studded shield from the chest and follow the route directed by the arrow direction in the screenshot:

* Keep walking; you will notice a door on your way. We will come back to it.
* Walk up to the dead end with a chest. Collect the wyrm whip and go to the door you saw. Pass through the door. You are presented another puzzle-the color puzzle. Each cubicle has a note on the wall. The note gives the hint as to which color cube will fit in here. The switch near the door will reset the puzzle if you mess up. The answers to the note are:

1. I hold the sun, the moon, twilight and day rise-Blue
2. I bring love to your heart, roses to your cheeks-Red
3. My light fills your days with warmth and joy-Yellow
4. Upon my carpet you run and play and slumber away-Green.

* Push the cubes in the cubicles matching their colors and press the switch near the room center. Stand on the blinking cube in the center of the room. You are transported to another room. Activate both the switches that you see on your sides. Take the path to your right and press the switch. Pass through the door to face another puzzle. You have to key in an answer to a question and if it’s the right answer, the gate unlocks (please make sure that the spelling is correct and there is no space between words; if by mistake you key in a wrong alphabet, press escape to delete).
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Hi sxykat04 and welcome to the pond! Here's a few things I found that I hope will help!

Find your way to Ghedahre through the Halloween Hills. If you have sufficient number of stakes then you can stake all the vampires. But I would recommend not to stake the ones who are useful (shop keepers, quest givers, etc). The graves beside the church don’t yield anything except one, which opens a passage.
Enter one of the houses to find Teijal. She will give you a quest to find sun block cream. A vampress in another house will give you a quest to find a ghost to haunt in her house (side quest no.37). The vampires near the farm will ask for elephant garlic (side quest no.18).

Here is where you find sludgemaster2000:Go to the tea cup town and talk to Lambchop. He will give you the sludgemaster 2000 since you gave back Bini’s voice. Give it to grazilda. You will get the ruby red slippers in return. You will need it to complete another quest later (side quest no.19).

* Getting back to business, play the piano in the church and then enter the gate that opens up. Go towards south first. Keep walking till you reach a door straight down. There’s a vampire and a chest in there. Open the chest to get a bronze rod. Get out from there and enter another door beside it. The rightmost coffin in the second row reveals a secret passage. Follow the passage, it leads straightaway to another door. Go through it to find leyrvo’s lamp. Get back by three screens. Start walking to your right from there, then up till you find another door. It will lead you to a chest containing 1 chain mail. Get back to the church room.
* Go outside and enter the hole in the grave. The in-game event will be triggered automatically and a secret passage is revealed. Enter it. You will find three ways branching out in front of you. Walk to your right instead of entering any of these three passages. Keep walking to your right and on your way get the chest from the area shown below to get 1 cassia leaf:

* Carry on till you come across a switch on the wall. Press it and the barricade blocking another switch will unlock. Press that switch too. Then continue walking from where you left off. Get another chest on your way to retrieve bronze rod:

* A bit ahead lays another chest.

* Collect the raven blowpipe and return to the place where the three passages had branched. Take the passage to your left and get a chest containing 100 gold pennies.
* Now head towards t
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Hi pongolayla and welcome to the pond! I sent you a PM with a link to a screen shot of two mirror shards, and the third one is in your bedroom uncursed in the music box...It pops out when you solve the puzzle!
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Hi georgiesg and welcome to the pond! Here's what I was able to find for you; hope it helps!

Take the 4 lightbulbs out of the inventory drawer and put
one in each of the 4 red lamps on the walls of the room. There is one
lamp on the upper left wall, and 3 together on the upper right wall

Boiler House Tunnel Room Generator Hidden Object 8C (see picture)

All 3 items will go into inventory.
The “can” is a yellow-green gas can.

Boiler House Tunnel Room Generator Inventory Task 8C:

Put the lever in the left side of the switch box on the righthand wall.
Put the funnel in the top of the generator (It says “MONKEY” on the front.)
Touch the gas can to the funnel to fuel the generator. The lights will come on!
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Hello again!! Sorry for taking so long to respond! I am on it!

Just give meeeeeee hmmmm 30 minutes?
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Hi alamoo and welcome to the pond! This should answer your question about waterproof tape!

The Leaky Hose: buy the waterproof tape from the store. Drop it near the leaking hose. You will need to get the water pressure down before you can use it. Make someone in the house take a shower, wash the dishes, or do any activity that will make the water run. Meanwhile, get another person to tape the hose.
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Hi Jillspets and welcome to the pond! I am so very sorry that it has taken so long for you to get a response! Okay, well I checked around and the common theme with saving the game seems to be the computer not meeting the hardware requirements to save it.. I'm sure if you contact CS they will be able to help you more than I can but that's what I was able to find out....Here are the minimum system requirements for being able to save Dracula : Origin....


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Hi jinny5608 and welcome to the pond! I have sent you a PM with the link to a screenshot with all of the differences circled and I hope it helps!
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Hi pongolayla and welcome to the pond! Here ya go!

There are 2 mirror shards in each of these rooms:

2 pieces, armored hallway, 2nd floor

2 pieces, royal bedroom, 2nd floor

2 pieces, powder room

2 pieces, study

2 pieces, dressing room, 2nd floor

2 pieces your bedroom

The last mirror shard is in your bedroom uncursed in the music box and you will get it when you you solve the puzzle and the music box plays...
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Hi zak6260 and welcome to the pond! I looked and looked but this is all I could find sorry..

After successfully drawing over the outlines of the three clouds, enter the treehouse and take the wooden tree piece on the carpet. Exit the treehouse and climb down from the tree to see that the roots now have water.

Exit the big tree painting. Use the wooden tree on the wooden tree slot below the painting. Return to the broken bridge to see that a tree branch is now extending across the gap. Take the phoenix egg:
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Hi peh4psu! Here's what I found for ya ok?

Return to Igor in the stable and ask him about the numbers and arsenal. Note that these two topics are only triggered if you have:

• Given the jam pot to Igor

• Entered the names and numbers on the coffin lids of the two woman into your Report

• Examined the armoury cage lock

Igor tells you the numbers represent how many nights his master's favourites 'held on' before going crazy and being liberated by him. He also gives you a clue to the combination of the armoury cage:

...three times the nights with a white moon

PLUS two times the nights with a red moon

PLUS five times the nights with a black moon

Return to the Grand Hall and try to open the door marked '4' on the map. When confronted by Jada, Dracula's current mistress, listen carefully to the dialog with her to learn that she has spent exactly 5777 nights with him. In the first conversation with Igor he called her 'the beauty with black hair' and Harker's journal (found in his coffin) referred to her as his 'black-haired initiator'.

Examine the portraits found at '1' and '3' on the map. Click the plaques at the bottom of the portraits to learn that they depict Illona and Moana. From the actual portraits you know that Illona was blonde and Moana had flaming red hair.

Using all this information work out the combination to the armoury cage lock as follows:
3 X nights with a white moon (8954)
= 26 862

2 X nights with a red moon (12176)

24 352


5 X nights with a black moon (5777)

28 895

= 80 099
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Hi Irecapat and welcome to the pond! I am so sorry that it took so long for you to egt a response! Here is what I found for you, hope it helps!!

Seating: If you seat a customer on an uncolored chair you won't earn any points. If you seat a customer on a colored chair which matches the color of the customer's outfit you earn 100 points. After this the chair will be marked with a "X2". The next time you seat a customer with a same-colored outfit on that chair you will get 200 points, for the third time 300 points, and so on. Color-Matching is an important strategy to get the expert score on all the levels, but you should not try to always seat customers according to their outfit at all cost. Getting color-matching points is not worth losing customers, because you should always have in mind that losing a customer not only means an instant 200 points penalty, but also losing all the points you would have received from this customer for serving and cashing out, which easily exceeds a singular color-matching bonus.
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Hi missk8t and welcome to the pond!! I am so sorry that it has taken so long for you to get a response! If you still need help with this let me know ok?
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Well hello again hillcountryhappy and welcome to the pond again! LOL

You can't "turn them on". You are awarded the skip balls after completing so much of the chapter..
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Hi hillcountryhappy and welcome welcome welcome to the pond! What chapter exactly are you in right now? I'm sure I can help you get past it, just need to know the chapter ok?
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Hi pmn1 and welcome to the pond! Is this the mini game you meant?

Your goal is to lower the bars all the way to the bottom by matching three bricks of the same color vertically.
The way you have to make the match is sliding the bricks from side to side so you can align them. Once three colors are aligned, the bricks will break apart and the bar that is above that column will drop down one space.

You should be able to slide all three rows of bricks, if you CANNOT move all three rows, exit out of the game completely, by the time you come back all rows should move.
Once all the bars are all the way down, you will win the game.

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Hi Issy2 and welcome to the pond! Here is where you should have found the lighter, outside the pyramid...

You'll find Diamon's standing next to an open tent, with lots of trinkets and supplies inside. Pick up the Flask, Bottle of Kerosene, Screwdriver, Lighter, and the Rod.

And here is how you use it in the third room.....

* Use the Sapphire on the rightmost pedestal, and then use the Flask of Water (you may need to look at the various pedestals a few times before Diamon will set the stones)
* Use the Ruby on the middle/front pedestal, and then use Kerosene. Use the Lighter on the Kerosene.
* Use the Topaz on the leftmost pedestal.
* Go back to the tomb entrance and outside. Pick up Sand, which you'll find on the left side of the tomb entrance.
* Go back into the tomb. Mary's moved. Proceed to the final room.
* Use Sand on the leftmost pedestal with the Topaz, and an Amulet will appear. Click on the Amulet to pick it up. A cutscene ensues...

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Hi DaintyDee! Just wanted to pop in and say I'm so glad you were able to finish it and so sorry I couldn't have been more help to you!
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Hi fer100 and welcome to the pond! If you bought the game from BFG, it will always be in your purchase history, and should (I think) maintain the level and score you had last time you played it!
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Hi BarbieRuski and welcome to the pond! I hope this is what you are looking for!

Exit the treehouse. Use the white chalk to draw along the outlines of the three clouds in the direction the arrow is pointing. To draw, select the white chalk, hold the left mouse button down and then drag the mouse:

Go to:   
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