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 posted in Hotel on Feb 24, 12 9:09 AM

"That girl is so skinny I don't want to pay full price for it." ? That is the funniest thing I've heard this week. Would you pay more if she had a lot of meat on her bones?
 posted in Hotel on Feb 23, 12 11:16 AM
Thank you, Catfish_Girl for putting the url in your post for the group play forum. I must have I missed your first post regarding that information. I'll check there in the future as well as our present game(s) forum(s) pages for group play information.
 posted in Hotel on Feb 19, 12 2:28 PM
popla27 wrote:Just a quick question regarding the planets puzzle[/color].. Are the marbles in colour for you guys? Mine were varying shades of green and orangey/gold and not in a way that was useful. I have solved it so it doesn't matter, I'm just curious.

Popla27, My colors didn't show up correctly on my monitor either. I used (spoiler)the rings on the planet map to line my marbles up. It worked like a charm since the marble on ring one will only stay on ring one and so on through ring 5.
 posted in Hotel on Feb 18, 12 5:04 PM
alvertis5706 wrote:@Dialogue...Ha! I wasn't doing as well as I thought; I TOTALLY missed picking up those clues. Thanks!

You're welcome!
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Govols 2,

I don't know if you're still stuck or not but have you checked your room? There may be something to help you out there.
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I finished. Now I'll see if I can help someone out.

alvertis5706 wrote:It's late afternoon in RL here in the U.S. Any of you U.K. fishies can use my bed while I'm wandering around!
So far this has been a game I can handle...until I got to the Sarcophageus puzzle. I admit I was forced to go the to game forum, and used Lisa's solution. The only problem is, I still don't understand it. Does anyone know how you would come to solving it ? ie, the rationale?

I'm not quite sure what you mean by the rationale but I can tell you how I solved the puzzle. Spoiler *** In the Astrology section in the library is a bunch of parchment pieces stuck in between the books. When I clicked on the parchment pieces in my inventory, a jigsaw puzzle appeared. When I finished the jigsaw puzzle, a picture of the answer to the finished sarcophagus puzzle appeared, which went into my inventory for reference. I then put the marbles on the Sarcophagus where they were in the picture and voila, an open sarcophagus appeared.*** I hope this helps.
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Well I made it day two and am about to head out the door to meet sis. I have a question for you all. Do you find it strange that a paranormal investigator would have such a snotty attitude to anything as unusual as what people are telling her? Or do you think that sarcasm is her cover? Just asking?
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I am starting to replay the game now. I forgot just how good a game this was. Not too hard and fun to play.

 posted in Scratches Director's Cut on Feb 15, 12 1:55 PM
Thank you for playing this game as a group play.

See you all Saturday at the Hotel.
 posted in Scratches Director's Cut on Feb 15, 12 1:52 PM
govols2 wrote:Hi everyone, just checking in.

I am looking forward to RTMI but I am wondering if it is 360 like Scratches. I can't demo from here to find out and I don't like to download from too many other sites.

What about Hotel ? Is that a light game or dark game . 360 view.

Welcome back Govols2

I found a playable demo at the developer's site (Kheops). It links to another site but I have never had problems with the other site. The game is 360 view but most good adventure games are 360 view now.

I bought Hotel almost a year ago and never played it. This weekend will be a good time to play it. The group play helps me to play on instead of giving up. I don't remember too much about the demo I played but it looks to be a dark game. Maybe someone else can help you with that.

Oops! My error. I have played the entire game of Hotel and the game is not dark. There are some dark scenes but the game itself is not dark. I remember that I enjoyed every minute of the game. It is not 360 view so it shouldn't be a problem.
 posted in Royal Envoy 2 on Feb 11, 12 4:33 PM
I tried this game despite my misgivings about the timer. I enjoyed playing the game and I thought the new format was easier and more fun than the first Royal Envoy but for some reason I got gold much farther into the game in the first one than I did in this one. The timer seemed to run much faster in this game than it did in Royal Envoy.

I would have bought this game had I had the option to continue playing after the time ran out. I know it is a time management game but even if I don't finish in time, I would like to have a choice whether I want to replay the level or not. This is a no buy for me, ever, if the timer stays in the game. I rate this game out of five stars. The lightning bolt is a zap for the timer.
 posted in Scratches Director's Cut on Feb 9, 12 2:23 PM
The first weekend in March is fine with me, Catfish_girl. I'm ready.

From reading this thread, I am glad that I passed up Scratches. I'll pass on Asylum also. If the developer says the game is more scary than Scratches, then I don't need to play it.
 posted in Drawn™: Trail of Shadows Collector's Edition on Feb 8, 12 7:01 PM
This game is superb. It has everything in an adventure game I like. It is visually beautiful, the music well done, and game play is challenging. This is a game that makes a player think.

I am not too thrilled with the new concept in the strategy guide. If I need help so badly that I resort to the strategy guide, I do not expect to have to find a walkthrough in order to figure out how to do what I need to do or how to complete a puzzle. I pay double so I don't have to go outside the game to get answers. I do like that the strategy guide gives a player multiple hints but if I still don't get it, I want to be told...spoiler or not.

Despite my strategy guide complaint, I still rate this game out of 5. I hope there is another Drawn to come in the future. I love this series. It is definitely one of my favorite series'. It is well worth the collector's edition price.
 posted in Otherworld: Spring of Shadows Collector's Edition on Feb 6, 12 10:46 AM
As others have said, this is a really beautiful game. The music was so nice I did not turn it off as I usually do. The music is unobtrusive and relaxing.

Playing hardcore mode is comparable to playing an adventure game, which I like. Thank goodness the strategy guide was there when i got into some tough spots. It's much better to have the guide right there instead of having to look for a walkthrough on the web. As I took my time and sometimes left the game running when I walked away the total time it took me to play the game and bonus was 12:50. The game must be long because one of the achievements is to play the game within a certain amount of time. I suppose that might be easy to do in casual or even advanced mode as you can get hints and skip minigames in those modes.

Some people complained that the epilogue was more of a prologue than an epilogue. It is an epilogue because Fiona is explaining to the player how the events occurred prior to the game's beginning after the player rescues her. I think the story said months or years later.

At any rate the game has everything I like to see in a good game. The graphics are gorgeous, the music is good, the minigames are doable (but not always easy) without any or little help, the adventure is nice (not dark and scary) and the play time is long even if you don't leave the game running and walk away.

I forgot to mention that the game has achievements to strive for and one of them is to find all the hidden objects you aren't even aware you're supposed to find.

Another good thing about the game is that it seems that there may be a sequel to this one in the future. I hope so.

Truly a fun adventure game.

I rate this game out of 5. I'm glad I splurged and bought the collector's edition. It is definitely worth the money to me.
 posted in Scratches Director's Cut on Feb 1, 12 4:18 PM
Thanks Catfish_girl. I will buy them both so I'll be ready when the rest of you are.
 posted in Scratches Director's Cut on Feb 1, 12 12:49 PM
govols2 wrote:.

Dialogue, I think we are playing Return to Mysterious Island or something like that next. So that some who don't like the dark and eerie will not have to wait so long for a group play.

Govols2, Thank you for letting me know that. Any of the other games that were on the list will be okay with me although it would be nicer if the game was not dark and dreary. I like the dark and scary games, just not all the time. I have a lot of them. Scratches was just too much for me. I tend to get so engrossed in these games that I dream about them when I sleep. I had no intention of letting Scratches give me any nightmares.

I will wait until Catfish_girl or someone else announces what the next game will be before I buy any game. I'm glad you warned me.
 posted in Scratches Director's Cut on Feb 1, 12 12:12 PM
Hi All,

Although I am not playing the game, I am following this thread. It looks as though you are all having a lot of fun. I look forward to joining the crowd again.

Since Dracula Origins is next on the list I demoed the game. Big Fish doesn't have one but the official Dracula Origins site does have one. I'm not a big Dracula/vampire fan but this game is too well put together to pass up. I'll be ready when you all finish Scratches. For now I will keep following the thread and wait patiently with my
 posted in Otherworld: Spring of Shadows Collector's Edition on Jan 26, 12 4:00 PM
Since I had beta tested this game under the name Garden Spirits (I think) I waited patiently for many months to see if it would be finalized. It has been finalized. A few things have been changed for the better.

The graphics are beautiful. The game plays smoothly on my computer. The music is not annoying. (I usually have to turn it off) Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the speaker's voice. The story is good also. This is one of the few times that I let the full hour demonstration play. I wanted to see how much further I could get in an hour beyond the point where the beta stopped. I was quite pleased with what I saw.

I was thrilled to see that there was a hardcore mode available. That makes the game more of an adventure. I might miss the hints and instructions for the minigames in the future but you never get any of those things in adventure games anyway. The developers thought of everything, well almost everything. It would have been nice if all the characters talked. (Come to think of it, maybe not.) I don't think any of them did in the beta though.

It's a lovely game, not too dark and dreary and the scenery is gorgeous. I rate this game out of 5.
 posted in Otherworld: Spring of Shadows Collector's Edition on Jan 26, 12 12:01 PM
I beta tested this game a long time ago. I have been waiting for it to come out. I liked the game so much I have played the beta multiple times. I guess now I get to play the whole game multiple times.
 posted in Amerzone: Part 1 on Jan 19, 12 11:03 PM
I played Syberia and Syberia II and loved them both. Amerzone is not up to Syberia's standards but I understand it is a precursor to Syberia and it is referenced in Syberia. I would like to play this game as it looks interesting but I won't be buying it on Big Fish's game site. I didn't buy Captain Brawe because of the game being chopped up into parts and I won't buy this one for the same reason. I will look for it elsewhere at a price that is more to my liking.

It's really too bad. When I saw it on the site today I knew I wanted to play it because it is a Benoit Sokal game. Syberia really made an impact on me. I hope I get to play this game some day.
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