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 posted in Sunken Secrets on May 16, 16 9:37 AM
I agree with this post I don,t see why it shoul take so long to make an item that requires multiple items that already take time to make and why requests r asking soo much of those long term items with maltiple charitors and even request board asking for those same items all at the SAME time
Also do not like these new dives man 5000 out of 6500 magic points just to keep him down for one hour while there is anywhere up to 6 areas that need to be open taking up magic like mad and some areas as high as 10 hrs to open you literally have to be on top of your magic generating fountains every minute for two day and nights straight (no sleeping) just to complete one dive and that does not count the constant sending of balloons which take 5 to 8 hrs to come back and hope they have the leaf stones you need the last dive I tried to attempt bucouse I needed basalt and Amber required 12 leaf stones there should be an easier faster way to get the magic stones basalt and Amber we need BESIDES BUYING PEARLS FROM BF
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jul 27, 15 5:12 AM
I agree with Chrysm Wholeheartedly They need to sell the Rights to someone who will finish this Wonderful game if They will Not it would Restore most of our faith in this company if they can take our request Seriously and get the game back to US ALL
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jul 27, 15 5:02 AM
I agree it's madness that they discontinued this game AK was the best game out there All these newer games suck big time all they are are wastes of time no amagination involved they all run off the same principle as earlier games with little more to do like farm heroe sega plinko gummy drop all are just copies of bejeweled blitz or brick bashers there is NO story line NO adventure Nob WOW factors Like AK had
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jul 13, 15 9:27 AM
acerb I hate to offend you but you seam to be new not old to game us older more loyal players are just as upset if not more so and the BS lines are ongoing BFG claims its not up to them you go to BZ they claim that its not them its BFG
If you read between the lies and look up the info on the two sites outside, of mediators you will see BIG Fish Games is a BIG cooperative in business for many years while Boomzap is a Small company of just Developers who have to rely on Big coops to help get their materials out to the public BY Selling off game rights and contracting with them
If their contract is not renewed by the bigger cooperation for a game they have sold the rights to then they can no longer have access to that game to further develop said game
WHICH IS what has happened apparently in the case of AK BFG would not renew the contract with BZ for the AK game there for it IS BFG's Fault we have NO more UPDATES
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jul 13, 15 3:53 AM
according to BZ BFG is in complete control of all rights to this game that BZ no longer has any say to it because BFG has purchased the rights of this game and have not re-newed their contract for BZ to continue development of plot
there for BFG gets ALL the revenue and should atleast build a new department within their company Fill it with Game Coding (geeks) specialist who can continue the game from where it sits now And I will say it again and again hopefully they will finally get off their big fat bottoms and put a team together to finish this game I am tired of all the crap sayings that they are not responsible for the way it ended they are too and they need to make it right stop offering the game for download to new unsuspecting gammers it is rude and very unperfessional
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jul 13, 15 3:34 AM
frequentfrog wrote:
bfgWaimea wrote:While it would be ideal to see our favorite games run in perpetuum, it's simply not possible.

Be that as it may, no one is asking that because people actually know that isn't possible. No one expects a game like this to run on into infinity. The thing people want or wanted -and didn't get- is an ending.

A cliff-hanger and lots of 'coming soon!' does not an ending make, far from it. I feel played for a fool. If you have achievements going up to level 75, players have every right to think there will be content until that level. I ran out of quests already at level 56, without spending actual money on resources.

An ending would also have made this game a lot more attractive for players yet to come who then wouldn't be cheated when paying money to progress. Spending money on a game you know will be no longer developed but that has a proper ending is a different beast entirely from spending money on a game forever stranded midplay, without any closure.

We know that most of you have wonderful memories of Awakening Kingdoms - or else this news wouldn't have this effect - and we wish all of you continued enjoyment no matter what games you choose to play moving forward.

But it won't be those wonderful memories people will remember or share, those will be overshadowed by the memories or disappointment and resentment at how Boomzap and BigFish choose to end this game. Frankly, at the moment, I can't help but think that, customerwise, this was shoddily executed. Not either company's best moment.

And as for future online games? As long as I remember the way AK went down that will only serve a big determent from spending money in other future online games. I have nothing against companies developing games to make money, or offering free games that are programmed to entice people to spend money. Far from it! I think it's lovely there actually was a way to play these games without having to spend any money BUT... don't make fools out of players by keeping them hanging on for months and then give no closure whatsoever. That just isn't cool. And I think that is what has mostly upset people, more than the news that AK will no longer update.

I totally Agree with frquenfrog it is a shame the way big fish games has let their contract go so easily for this game and Stopped ALL updates yet still advertise and allow new downloads of this game to others WITH-OUT putting A warning on it
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jun 6, 15 7:47 AM
shimmer66 wrote:Ah ... yeah. I really hate that AK is going to stop continuing progress. It's the one game that I can really get into and never get bored of. I don't memorize it, either, and I was really looking forwards to the continuation of the storyline. It's really cool--enough that I was even prepared to spend months or even a year just doing the HOS waiting for a continuation of the quests.

If it ever becomes possible, I would really like--and I think my opinion would be shared by many other players--to know the reasons why development was stopped. Even if it was going to be slow, or if there was no promised date and only a "sometime, someway" for an update, I would still play the game. If it was because of programming issues, then I understand, but I also believe that humanity is very creative in fixing problems. If it was financial, then I, at least, would be glad to have an option where your so-many-dollars-a-month for a bigfish membership would go towards that game instead of receiving credits to buy games. In the end, wouldn't that be even more of a profit than the credit system works out to be?

I understand that there are a lot of issues to be considered when developing a game, and many of them are not things that can be revealed or explained easily to those not familiar with the process. But I hope that there can be at least more of an explanation as to why the world of AK is going to end its development.

I agree 100% with shimmer66 with the proposal to use our big fish game monthly donation towards AK or ( create new monthly premium just for AK)
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jun 6, 15 7:36 AM
my name is Grace I love AK have bought all the AK titles and played them all three some 8 times my son loves them too AK FTP game came out in Dec 2013 I immediately downloaded it to play though I had never tried or knew what FTPs were till after playing this one through out process I became addicted to it and tried others none came close to mimicking the Themes and artwork of AK and none came anywhere close to the stories they where based on. I want this game to continue I feel it would bring quite a bit of revenue if they would just finish the Story line started and offer it as a Buy It Now game with a completed content . I know for sure I would definitely be on board for that day
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on May 31, 15 7:04 PM
I understand you said you were not going to give us any more updates for AK but based on all the posts regarding it Please consider us players we all love this game
I ask for myself and I believe many others Please consider re-activating your team to Finish the AK story line with some changes to make internet access and cloud a less vital part of the game put the rest of the quests needed to complete the story and offer the whole game to us at a price of 60-70 Dollars for the COMPLETED version of this VERY Wonderful game
I am sure that A lot of gamers will be more then happy to come up with the money just to have this game and know there is an actual completion and can turn around and play over and over once they reach a genuine ending
If you could do this I for one will definitely pay up to 100 just to have a completion to this game
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on May 23, 15 9:40 PM
JanRG wrote:
madrabbit wrote:I don't mean the one where u buy crystals or Bolgins from bfg for real cash I mean the shop where you buy supplies using Bolgins you enter either on side bar or at the tree or shop on the main screen
you need internet access when you make any purchase or exchange any of you collections I know cause when I try and the online thingy says I am not connected it wont let me make those purchases or exchanges
Rigt now yah they are still keeping cloud open and available but WHAT happens when the cloud account for this game is not renewed by bfg or bz and you aleady have game but cant do much in it

You answered your own question, you can't do much, BFG want you to move on.

yah but I don't want to move on I want to finish game and start again I love this game I tried others like ART pirate one and a stupid mystery mansion and others and hated them all none compared to the activity and graphics and storyline of AK
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on May 23, 15 9:31 PM
I agree at least one more update to tie up loose ends save mermaid from basilisk tower finish books to maybe open new special bonus(like 100 diamond pouch for sale at tree store for 10,000 Bolgins), and remove need to be online file save to hard drive of player not Cloud and remove chest. PLEEEEEASE
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on May 22, 15 2:40 PM
I don't mean the one where u buy crystals or Bolgins from bfg for real cash I mean the shop where you buy supplies using Bolgins you enter either on side bar or at the tree or shop on the main screen
you need internet access when you make any purchase or exchange any of you collections I know cause when I try and the online thingy says I am not connected it wont let me make those purchases or exchanges
Rigt now yah they are still keeping cloud open and available but WHAT happens when the cloud account for this game is not renewed by bfg or bz and you aleady have game but cant do much in it
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on May 22, 15 5:25 AM
1 what's going to happen with new games and gamers when they stop the cloud support and stuff for game
it requires internet access for turning in your collections, Saving your game, requesting or writing to friends, Auctioning item or buying from auction, and buying buddies from pet store, or buying from in-game store supplies.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on May 18, 15 7:55 PM
to All BFG and BZ Administers I am still very angry over this I am a very patient person and have waited along time for an update only to finally hear it's game over with out a true ending they could not have at least given us one last update with the rest of books the of the egg and death of basilisk and end to the wizard that tried destroying the kingdom. even if they never finished anything else that says to come soon in game or give us more buildings to upgrade they atleast could of bean considerate enough to have given us the 4 main things mentioned above so we could have a conclusion to this game.

I still think they can find away to finish this game I don't care if they plan to go back to their damn roots they should not have started something and promised what they did if they did not plan to finish
I will give the devs till dec 2015 to rectify this decision if not bz and bfg will be deleted from my games and important list and will get no more business from me or any of my friends ever again that includes no more game purchases no more subscription fees
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on May 16, 15 9:27 PM
me too I love this game bean addicted to ever since it came out in Dec of 2013 went through a lot of lost games and restarts but I still think it's the best game I have come a crossed in many of years
I really hope they come up with more content for this game and not just write it off
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on May 13, 15 4:21 PM
LittlestHobo wrote:I too am awaiting an update. However, the last update was in December 2014. The one previous was in Feb 2014. It took 10 months between these updates. It has been only 6 months so far.
I realize the planning and execution of programming takes time. Then come the bug fixes. I am not a virtuous person and waiting is not a strong suit. But wait I shall. I just wish that BFG would let us know that an update is in the works.
Then people would pester them as to when is it coming out. So in the meantime, I will hone my skills in seeing what works best to garner the most money to do updates.

I am most enjoying the creativity of all the bards out there writing poems and song lyrics.They are very clever and please keep them up. It does pass the time.

Soooo....with that all in mind, I will start beefing about updates after 10 months. The time is ticking......

Sorry u have it wrong updates for game go for 2014 where feb 14th 2014, April 25th 2014, june 10th 2014, june 30th 2014, july 22 2014, Aug 6th 2014, Aug 29th 2014, Sept 4th 2014, oct 24th 2014, dec 16th 2014
That is 10 update for the year 2014and none for 2015 that's why people are upset
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on May 10, 15 8:04 PM
tkermode4215 wrote:I had an idea - I am a BF member, it's like $6.99/month. Do you think if the money was coming from in-game purchases rather than from my monthly membership they would be able to invest more in the game?

I know from a business standpoint they are going to focus on the most lucrative outlets (not trying to knock that!). So if I (we?) made AK's "numbers" better would it help things along?

to the tune of tkermode4215 if we all spent our own hard cash in this games INGAMESTORE buying crystals and Bolgins they would put this game as top priority But being that it has bean so long since new updates People have played and learned they don't need to buy from the in Game Store to do the next updates Quests cause they can build up supplies in the interim(while waiting for update).

To the Tune of all the other wonderful players of AK All ya'lls imagination has really shined through in many ways it was nice coming a crossed this thread and reading all the funny humorous posts thumbs up to u all Thanks soo much for the smiles

And then to the Tune of BFG administrator really same old song never changes u couldn't even lift a finger to change your reply just a little to make it match the humor of the rest of this post Thumbs Down
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Feb 12, 15 3:35 AM
to ratify there are 8 games total at this point in the Awakening Kingdoms Series of games. Yes they are not all the same basic search and find fufill quest, But by playing the other 7 from chapter one to 7 you will see where all the items from the FTP version of AK comes from, and the plots for your quests. you will also see where the basilisk and the cockatrice egg fit into the Story.
the order of the AK games goes
1- Dreamless Castle
2- Moonfell Wood
3- Goblin Kingdom
4- Skywood Castle
5- Sunhook Spires
6- Redleaf Forest
7- Golden age

Hope this helps all you who want more games like AK and helps you understand the quest requests better
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Feb 10, 15 2:50 AM
again a say it this is not first time tis bug has popped its head out in this game I had same issue while back played Russian roulette as Nofishtoday put it and ended up loosing everything on my laptop the operating system the drivers the files and more couldn't even fix it by putting new os and drivers in So if you are experiencing crashes with computer after last update I strongly recommend you stop using the game may be best to just delete it completely till they say fix is out for it
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Feb 3, 15 9:19 AM
scajen22 wrote:ok everyone, I have fed the dark chest over 2000 times... as you feed it, you are actually getting items for the next feeding. I asked friends what I would be needing the huge amount of slime and crystals from the feedings and was told they will be used as it needs to be fed later in the game. Yes, you do get more crystals at each required feedings- see achievements. Not sure how much feeding to do til I max out but I continue to plug along. I agree to it being boring having to do the same scenes over and over! I usually do a few scenes extra so there will be less to do next time and I have feed it up to 4 times in one submitted feeding due to having the extra items already! I too have caught up on quests, except the darn one where the lines can't cross, never figured those out or liked them. I have tho gotten master level in all scenes and was rewarded nicely! ANYONE know how to get the darn lizard out of the way in dark island??? No one I asked knows... thanks.. happy gaming!

I don't know about these feeding its getting hard to keep supplies up for the chest and later buildings the baskilisk you need to wait on we need what's in the Egg the Cockatrice which will have quest to complete before it hatches these quests have NOT bean given yet!!!
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