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 posted in Ancient Spirits: Columbus' Legacy on Oct 11, 10 2:25 PM
Having trouble getting pulley put together with rope. Any help would be appreciated.
 posted in Roads of Rome on Oct 3, 10 4:56 PM
I can get gold but not stone. How do you get enough stone to build the bridge to the right? I have tried everything.
 posted in Build It Green: Back to the Beach on Oct 1, 10 2:53 PM
Try adding a park. Destroy any old buildings
 posted in Roads of Rome on Sep 29, 10 7:01 AM
I have the same problem. Also have new computer with Windows 7 and every other game also plays well.
 posted in Totem Tribe on Sep 22, 10 12:54 PM
You get to Lonely Iceberg by giving the guy in the house a fish.
 posted in Youda Survivor on Sep 19, 10 3:12 PM
Does anyone know how to give the pelicans shrimp? I've caught 4 but dont know how to get it to them?
 posted in Farmers Market on Sep 19, 10 8:48 AM
No matter how hard I try I cannot beat this level. I have 2 millers, dairy. 2 cookie vendors, one muffin vendor. I finish the mluffins first. Then I change it to a bread vendor. I have both millers with spice. I have 2 sweet vendors with berries. When muffins are done I tear down and make a meat vendor and then a burger vendor. I can't get enough money and run out of time.
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess II on Sep 9, 10 7:57 AM
There are 4 tips by PetraElster that are listed on several pages. They are great help. I did better after readilng all the tips that were given. (They are listed as Tips 1, etc)
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess II on Aug 26, 10 3:54 PM
[removed by moderator] has the walkthrough. Very helpful
 posted in Skymist - The Lost Spirit Stones on Jul 5, 10 7:45 AM
Is there a walkthrough?
 posted in The Fifth Gate on Jul 4, 10 6:55 AM
Thank it does.
 posted in The Fifth Gate on Jul 4, 10 4:59 AM
How do you get the rose seeds after you've been given them?
 posted in Be a King on Jul 2, 10 7:56 AM
How do you download 12 new labels? I'm on the lels after winning the game by clicking on the maps at the bottom.
 posted in Be a King on Jul 1, 10 7:42 AM
First town after winning the game. Can't get 340 people and $5120 in cash. Can't get enough food or protect enough people.
 posted in Be a King on Jun 29, 10 5:52 AM
Play a King II is harder and I'm enjoying it
 posted in Be a King on Jun 29, 10 5:48 AM
I have a 4 mo old windows 7 64 bit and have no trouble with these games.
 posted in Be a King 2 on Jun 27, 10 6:17 AM
Buy 2 heroes. Atthe southe4n ther is a tower with a "scroll" on it. Click on that and accrpt the quest.All the citizens are rescued and end of level.
 posted in King's Legacy on Jun 14, 10 1:49 PM
I tried doing that but it still won't work. I take the ingredient click on the dish but nothing happens.
 posted in King's Legacy on Jun 14, 10 7:17 AM
I can't drag and drop my ingredients on level 3. The dis and bowl light up but it doesn't work for me. Can anyone help please?
 posted in The Heritage on May 29, 10 3:20 PM
I'm at Chapter 13-1. There is no sparkling area in the portrait. I get the arrow to go to the next room but it won't work. I just did "new update available". I have uninstalled and reinstalled and it still won't work.
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