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 posted in The Sultan's Labyrinth: A Royal Sacrifice on Sep 24, 12 3:27 AM
relaxing game but into 6th chapter in the demo and it was getting a bit repetitive has some very good points I like having to construct the items and change from scene to scene... was not sure whether to buy as a dd then it froze on me with 10 mins left
no I will not buy
 posted in Monopoly ® on Sep 19, 12 8:35 AM
tried it for 10 minutes I think I will stick to the old way sorry .
 posted in Haunting Mysteries: The Island of Lost Souls on Sep 18, 12 12:09 PM
No problem with my macbook just finished demo and would have noticed as `i hate clicking more than once on an item found response good, more than I can say for the game left me cold---- been there done that---- feeling do not think I will buy or maybe wait for a dd
 posted in Echoes of the Past: The Revenge of the Witch on Aug 25, 12 1:13 PM
too much running back and forth, I don't think I have ever used the hint button so many times just to make sure I was heading for the right location !
Lots of puzzles really enjoyed the logic problems (the jars especially)
HOS repetitive, hence a little boring, storyline week, music real elevator stuff I turned off sound, however an entertaining game, I do recommend it , but glad I bought the SE ( I rarely by CEs anyway unless on special)
I have about one more chapter to go but have to give the eyeballs a rest !! also my feet are tired !!!
 posted in Jewel Quest Mysteries: The Seventh Gate on Aug 22, 12 11:13 AM
I do not like timed games but I am really enjoying this one , having the timer
adds an interest to the game, you can collect hints , I got up to eight so far , and you can skip from scene to scene to give the eyes a rest from staring at the same image, I was in last minutes of time but had just enough hints to wipe out all scenes !!
Puzzles are fine, and enjoy having to earn the hints, we have had too much hand holding in a lot of the newer games, . My reasons for not liking timed games is that I love just browsing around all the different places, but this game seems to go back to the same old places , it would be soo boring without the timer !!!
 posted in Puppetshow: Return to Joyville on Aug 17, 12 4:48 AM
Really had fun with this game , I am a fan of ERS ... good mini puzzles but I found some of the " how to play" instructions were not that clear , I rarely skip puzzles but had to skip the one where you matched faces to accessories because I tried and tried and could not figure out what I had to do !!!! I even went to the walkthrough and still could not get it !!! Must be dumb I guess !!! No-one else seemed to have any troubles !!! Say why are there so few comments and reviews on this game ??
 posted in Puppetshow: Return to Joyville on Aug 17, 12 4:36 AM
The inventory is on bottom left and fans out to indicate contents, a little annoying as i kept clicking down from habit, and getting the menu up !!! I also have a macbook.
 posted in Grim Facade: Sinister Obsession on Aug 6, 12 11:39 AM
ER yes .....what happened ??? game over. I have played many ERS games and loved them , as usual the gameplay was good , puzzles good , graphics good, and story line good until it fell apart by that abrupt ending , I guess I wait for sequel !!!!!, Which I would purchase as I really enjoyed playing this game until I was cut off !!!!
 posted in Pirate Solitaire on Jul 18, 12 12:09 PM
Just Bought this on a DD worth the £2.30 for a chill out love the music !!
Ahh finished finally ....great experience.. one of the best MCF I think... ending a bit of a letdown maybe another episode ??
Thanks Big fish worth every penny .
 posted in Margrave: The Curse of the Severed Heart on Jul 17, 12 12:59 PM
yes for a deal price well worth the money, voiceovers did not bother me, music great, hogs not easy to find some items, I am about midway through and so far have enjoyed mini games .All in all I like this game I have just finished Return to Ravenhearst which was great but heavy going and this is light relief !!!
A map would be useful !!!
Checked out the developers and wow they are UK based ( I thought those accents were real !) Great to get a good game out of the UK Well done Guys going to see what else you have to offer ....
 posted in Hidden Object Crosswords on Jul 17, 12 8:29 AM
Agree Dakini there is no way to get any speed points , this game just plods along. A good idea but has missed something somewhere , played demo for 20 minutes sorry BF but I am sooo bored no buy for me even with the temptation of an extra punch !!
ok ok popping pimples it not my idea of fun,I had to ask myself " am I really doing this?" but it is a GAME !! and a very imaginative and well put together one !!!
In fact I thought that whole section with the pimples was really amusing !!!
I am only half way through game and had to draw myself away to eat ,so checked in with forums.. I think the is one of the best Ravenhearst games. I have to go back afterwards and play the others , I love the Morphs now I am used to them, mini games interesting and make me THINK .....I am finding the game difficult as I am trying not to refer to the SG . Anyhow A great Game so far, love it !!!!
Now no more talk back to the game !!
 posted in Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness on Jul 1, 12 1:39 PM
good graphics and story, did not have sound on, yes the game was short but I really enjoyed it .. I think the "Advice `" system made it a little to easy for my lazy brain to click for help !!!! I think this is why I finished the game so quickly !!!
Enjoyed mini games although they were quite easy, skip button too close to the how to play button I skipped a good game by mistake !!!
For the daily deal I had more than my moneys worth !!!!!!!
Will now check on books by the author Lovecraft
Thank devs
 posted in Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch on Jun 25, 12 11:38 AM
yes I liked this game but it went soooo fast. fab. graphics , music and story but much too short I would love a sequel but a little longer.........more like this please
 posted in Fantastic Creations: House of Brass on Jun 5, 12 7:57 AM
Yes FANTASTIC CREATIONS ! a refreshing game sooo different ! Enjoyed the "Find 12 " rather than just senseless HOS....
I did not find it too short but I do spend time enjoying the artwork and exploring all the scenes !!!!
Are there any more games from this Developer????
I could not find much on them is it Gi Games?
Please Big Fish more games like this
 posted in The Tiny Bang Story on May 27, 12 7:58 AM
This has to be one of the best games I have played,BUT if I wanted arcade/action games I would buy them, I love this game for the puzzles and enjoyment I get from solving them and progressing through the gameplay.
I am now stuck on the aeroplane game and completely frustrated I hate this type of game and wish there was a skip option for those of us who wish to continue playing an otherwise superb game.
putting these type of puzzles in the Tiny Bang Story is like putting logic puzzles in the middle of arcade games... er I do not think so !!!!!Would not work !!!
I rarely complain about any game but I feel really cheated with this one.
I will have to get some help to solve the aeroplane for me so I can continue URGHHHH
 posted in The Tiny Bang Story on May 25, 12 8:52 AM
 posted in The Tiny Bang Story on May 25, 12 7:19 AM
am having trouble with the levers in the satellite puzzle, I know what is required but I am having trouble with the levers,.... SPOILER ... I follow the colour sequence click on the levers and they do not always move I am really stuck is it a glitch ? or is it me or my macbook any ideas
 posted in The Tiny Bang Story on May 25, 12 7:07 AM
open up the game and enter a new player name anew game will start afresh !
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