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 posted in The Fall Trilogy: Chapter 1 on Jan 28, 10 1:09 PM
ok, thank you for the info MargieB.
 posted in The Fall Trilogy: Chapter 1 on Jan 28, 10 11:54 AM
runewarden wrote:Clicking get tips on the game page takes to an unknown page.

runewarden, where exactly is "get tips"? I just launched the game and I can't find this option anywhere in The Fall Trilogy: Chapter 1.
 posted in Green Moon on Jan 27, 10 1:34 PM
Mr_Russ, I apologize for that.

I will go with the walkthrough. If I can't figure out or understand I will do what you suggested, which is a very good idea. I know there is help here. Thank you.
 posted in Green Moon on Jan 27, 10 12:10 PM
Did you pour the water first?
 posted in Green Moon on Jan 27, 10 11:46 AM
I am backing down on my review. I don't get it. Well, I was doing pretty good (applause) up until I started level 8. That's when it went down hill.

I was wandering around, moving from one world to another, trying to figure out what to do. I had the list of items to find and what to do with them. I found one part of the stone (applause again). I thought I was on the right path. Unfortunately, I wasted several matches, can't remember where but it was a cave. That's where I found an amethyst. After all that waste I thought I'd better pick it up. Then I got killed in what I believe to be the shaman's cave by some beast with bright red eyes. I must have been dead because I woke up looking at the main screen. Then I promised to build a catapult and to give someone else some wheels to carry a mastodonte. But how am I gonna do all that? I wandered more. I was really lost. I went back to the house but no indication on what to do next. I had to use the walkthrough. I don't know about you but how on earth was I supposed to know I had to get the pen, a slice of pizza, and a cookbook? I agree with the scrolls, it does make sense and I remember to have seen them but I forgot all about it. I tried to give them to people, I really did, but nobody wants them!

I gave up. I think there is either something wrong with me or with the logic of this game. It's gotta be me, right?
 posted in 1001 Nights: The Adventures of Sindbad on Jan 27, 10 11:00 AM
Thank you all for sparing me the hassle of downloading/uninstalling.

I also agree with the statements regarding the lack of good games lately.
 posted in Green Moon on Jan 25, 10 5:40 PM
Janie42, Congratulations for such a great review !!!

I am at Task 8 and having a hard time but I'm confident I'll make it. I agree with you, it's a fantastic game!
 posted in Green Moon on Jan 25, 10 8:05 AM
Thank you MargieB. I will do what you suggested. I will take my time. If I succeeded, it would open a whole new world to me, that is AG.

nantygiyn, the book was not the problem. The tasks were there.

 posted in Green Moon on Jan 24, 10 3:02 PM
My brain isn't wired right I guess. I want to like it, I really do. I am so frustrated not to be able to figure out simple tasks like making coffee . I am all over the place, I pick up too much stuff, the way I do it is wrong, I know it. I should be more patient I guess, explore and try to find the logic in all this. If I can do it, it would be such a great accomplishment. My ego is pretty low right now reading all the posts and realizing that I can't even make coffee and that I have to drop most of what I gathered, etc. Ok, I will give it another try, calm down, stop and think before making any decision or move. MargieB is always there if I need help, right? I got the shortcut for the walkthrough on my desktop...

Wish me luck.
 posted in The Sultan's Labyrinth: A Royal Sacrifice on Jan 24, 10 2:42 PM
I'm afraid I will pass on this one also. Too easy, too simplistic, too short, pale, dull.
I think it's a good one for beginners though (good tutorial, untimed option).
Sorry but it's a
 posted in Rhianna Ford & The Da Vinci Letter on Jan 22, 10 3:54 PM
I didn't like the game either. Played the whole hour, gave it a chance, but it didn't get better as the game progressed. HOGs are not challenging enough anymore. Very little interaction in this one, very easy puzzles. However the graphics are gorgeous and the story is kind of interesting. I got bored pretty fast so it's a no-go. I will have to find one before the end of the month to fill up my punch card.
Too bad again.
I'm sure HOGs fans will enjoy though.
 posted in Penny Dreadfuls: Sweeney Todd Collector`s Edition on Jan 18, 10 4:23 PM
Didn't resist long. I HAD to have it. I don't collect anything, except dust sometimes under furniture, but having purchased the CEs for Murder in the Rue Morgue and Dire Grove, I had to have this one too. Getting 3 credits doesn't hurt either. The only disappointment would be the "Theater" part. Skipped all of them after listening to the first one. Really, really annoying. Everything else was up to my expectations, which are becoming greater and greater, game after game.

Another piece of art! : 5 5

Thank you again
 posted in The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft on Jan 17, 10 10:34 AM
SKYEBLUETOO wrote:I agree tuttee, I'm really getting sick of this "NO TRIAL" or "Collectors Versions" of BF games. Enough already !!!
That's all I see lately and the rest are all either kid's games or games not worth having. I'm very disappointed with BF in the last month or so.
Let's hope they get back on track with some interesting and quality games without the "special" gimicks.

I don't mean to rub it in but please, please, try to see the good that does. Some people simply like to notice ONE fading flower in a gorgeous bouquet.

Go take a look at this thread. Another gift from
Collector's Edition is now worth 3x on Punch Card
 posted in Penny Dreadfuls: Sweeney Todd Collector`s Edition on Jan 17, 10 10:18 AM
 posted in The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft on Jan 17, 10 7:30 AM
bakagaijin78 wrote:Do you go into Walmart, Futureshop, Gamestop, etc. and go to the store clerk or manager to demand a trial of a boxed game before buying? No, you probably don't because they would most likely laugh at you.

I think it is a privilege to be provided a demo for most of the games on this site, not an entitlement like so many people seem to think.

Sorry, but I get so tired of these 'boycott because there's no trial' threads every time there is a large file game.

Do some research before buying, that's all. $6.99 is a great deal for these large file games.

Yes, enough already! That tirade is getting old. Please stop complaining about LFG without trial, just don't buy it.

Have a good day!
 posted in The Search for Amelia Earhart on Jan 16, 10 6:43 AM
Sadly, another annoying game, in all aspects, except obviously for the reference to Amelia Earhart. However, I understand that all developers don't have the same budget to work with or the same resources. Too bad. Hope other fish will enjoy and have a good time.
It's a no-go for me.
 posted in Penny Dreadfuls: Sweeney Todd Collector`s Edition on Jan 14, 10 7:11 AM
Boy, it's a tough one! I am soooooo pleased with this release but I also did demo it and like BinLA I'm not sure the CE is worth the extra money.

Fantastic game! One thing missing though is the silhouette helping you to identify objects, like in Sleepy Hollow. English is not my first language and when it's British it gets a little harder especially when dealing with very old representations.

I wish the regular version would be released sooner. I would hate to wait for weeks. I am so torn right now.
 posted in Art of Murder: FBI Confidential on Jan 12, 10 8:54 AM
Mr_Russ wrote:
number1cook wrote:i want my 2.99 back this game is to slow looks like fun but everytime i quit the game i have to start all over ...iam sick i want my 2.99 my hard earned money
You have to save this yourself. Press Esc on your keyboard for the system menu.

Talk about missing the point here, silly me! I didn't even see your reply Mr_Russ.

Sorry about that.

 posted in Art of Murder: FBI Confidential on Jan 12, 10 8:49 AM
number1cook wrote:i want my 2.99 back this game is to slow looks like fun but everytime i quit the game i have to start all over ...iam sick i want my 2.99 my hard earned money

Number1cook, I would suggest you contact customer service, which I did yesterday. Very nice people, courteous, helpful. We chatted for a while but I needed more help so we are exchanging emails now. I have been offered a credit already for Art of Murder but we're trying to make it work because I really think this is a great game. I'm confident that if there is nothing we can do they will go forward with the credit.

In my opinion, has the best customer service.

Good Luck!
 posted in Art of Murder: FBI Confidential on Jan 10, 10 4:52 PM
Anyone having problem with jerking cursor and screen. Also very slow. My comp meets all the requirements. Don't know what's going on. I bought it today for a steal: $2.99 but I would like to play anyway.

Thanks all.

So no one knows about the jerking and freezing?

I don't think I can get my money back with a $2.99 game. Too bad.
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