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 posted in Cruel Collections: The Any Wish Hotel on Jan 8, 14 7:03 AM
OregonPandora wrote:Is the game you are thinking of Mountain Crime - Requital? That was an excellent game.

YES, Oregon. . .that's it! That was one of many 'diamond' gem soft releases during that time (I see I purchased it in January of 2012). Thanks!!!
 posted in Cruel Collections: The Any Wish Hotel on Jan 8, 14 5:41 AM
We all must be on the same page with this topic. As I was reading the game's description on it's home page, the first thought that came to my mind was the game where we were a doctor summoned to a remote hotel because (as I recall) one of the patrons there was either very ill or dead (can't remember which). And, of course, after our arrival to the hotel, it turns out to be a 'who-dunnit-mystery we had to solve. I don't remember the game's title, or when it was released (one or two years back), but I do remember it was a really good game and, wondering if this game was on par with the other, came into the forums to read the reviews. . .and see others are having the same form of game de 'ja' vu (lol). I also agree with another poster that the slew of soft edition of games released, as of late, have been much better fare than the CE releases. Hmmm. . .consumer taste change, maybe
 posted in Dark Angels: Masquerade of Shadows on Dec 26, 13 10:53 AM
Wow, BigFish Wendwater!! You do realize that you're 'Thread' heading for Dark Angels is Holiday Jigsaw Christmas, right??? Hmmm. . .must've been some good eggnog, huh?!?
 posted in Redemption Cemetery: Bitter Frost Collector's Edition on Dec 26, 13 10:45 AM
A large 'Thank You' to GMAC1007 for your message. I, too, Beta tested ERS's Christmas game over the summer and it is - or was - just beautiful. And, although I don't remember the game's title (as I see you do), I thought that ERS/Big Fish would have had that 'CE baby' ready for release by Christmas. . .maybe in fun competition to the release of our pachyderm friends' Christmas CE!! Who knows. . .maybe ERS/Big Fish will have it ready for release as a way to start the New Year!?!

Speaking of which: HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!!
 posted in Dark Angels: Masquerade of Shadows on Dec 26, 13 8:35 AM
Hey, I've morphed into a. . .guppy? How do you go from a lobster to a guppy? I mean, I know I only have 100 posts, but. . .a guppy? At the rate I'm going, I guess I'll never make it to 'shark' status (lol). Oh well!!
 posted in Dark Angels: Masquerade of Shadows on Dec 26, 13 8:29 AM
LovetoMissLisa wrote:I'm very surprised offered this as a soft release.

I think it's a terrific game! I love the storyline and the gameplay is very different. I hope everyone get's a chance to at least give this little hidden gem a try. It's buy for me!

I hope the New Year brings everyone

Wow. . .haven't seen you in a looong time, Loveto! I used to read your reviews all the time. Good to see you again. Thanks for the 'heads up' on this one. Yesterday evening, while the TGT (Gatsby) demo was downloading, I went into the forums to read the reviews on it - as NONE were given on the homepage - and it seemed that nothing but unfortunate issues were going on with it. Suffice to say, I stopped the download and deleted it (and I really wanted to play it, too). However, as I was looking to see today's TGT, I noticed the 'Dark Angels' game (under Gatsby), but also that no reviews were on it's home page; thus, I decided to come into the forums to check the "safety" of it by others (lol), and I'm glad to see this one's a 'goody'!!

Thanks again for the positive 'heads up' and I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and/or diverse other celebration(s), and have a Happy New Year!!

 posted in Mysterium: Lake Bliss Collector's Edition on Dec 21, 13 7:39 AM
reddleman wrote:Thanks for the review, JustTheFacts.

My goodness. . .with all the many outcries (and still growing) on this 'Tiny Tim' task/puzzle, it has me wonder what the programmers were thinking to create such a complicated code for something as minute as a puppet task/puzzle?!? I played the demo when this game was in 'TGT' status and have yet to purchase; however, with all of the possible 'solutions' fish members have come up with to get it to work, I'm not so sure I'm interested in bothering with it, as I can't see having to go back and forth into the forums to read and apply, under trial & error, each solution in an effort to find the one that will advance me forward!!

Such a beautiful game, too!!!
 posted in The Fog on Dec 9, 13 8:15 AM
orphaned wrote:when I first joined - did not even know there were walkthroughs.

Muddling through on my own was half the fun of playing a game.

sorry to see such a negative attitude which could deprive many of some fabulous games!! besides, hard is good!! especially in easy mode!!!

I'm in agreement with you, Orphaned. However, as some of us are [probably] more 'seasoned' at playing Hid-Obj games than others (I've been playing this genre for over six years), I've long come to recognize the variations in logic created by each developer - that is, with the exception of the "rocket scientist" developers Mad Head Games. . .OMG (lol)!! Some logic is obvious for a particular task, while other tasks determine - what I term as - logic-combination (this is best way I'm able to put it), and I find that the hint button is all that's needed if I'm really stumped. Otherwise, if I use walk-thru's at all, it's during game play of the more heady games; as was the case for the 'super puzzles' in the recent Mystery Case Files release.

As this game is - I believe - by a new developer, it's under the reputable folks of Ah-la-whar (so as not to get 'bleeped' out) Games; thus, I feel confident there will be a walk-thru for those that require one.
elijah5 wrote:Hi Robsim,
I just finished putting the locked back together and did not use the piece that looks like a cross with a jewel in it. Once I put it back together, I just picked it up and it and the pouch went into my inventory.

Which is why I'm back here to repost. I went back and pressed the 'restart' option of the game and, upon redoing the locket assembly, I realized that the jeweled 'X' is the button to exit OUT of the pouch/locket assembly; as it looked so much like a part of the locket and didn't realize it wasn't (Oh, stupid meeee - lol )!! Thanks for your reply/response, Elijah.
orphaned wrote:as an elephant never forgets ......

am so glad now have my first purrrfect present !!!!

thank you! thank you! thank you!!!

can not wait to open it !!!

(and just may not!!!! LOL!!)

Merry Christmas to meeeeeeee!

Too funny, ediegamer!! I can just here the 'sing-sing' in your voice on the 'Merry Christmas to meeeeeeee', part!! lol
Since childhood, I've always been a fan of 'A Christmas Carol' movies, stories, etc., and this game fits right in with this favorite. However - unless I'm doing something wrong (don't see how) - when attempting to put the locket back together (from the pouch), the hand-curser is unable to grasp the final piece which looks like a little cross with a jewel. Each time I put the hand-curser on it and click to pick it up, the entire pouch goes back to inventory. When I click back on the pouch, what I put together of the locket is still intact, but it seems the hand-cursor/'hotspot' to grasp that last piece doesn't want to come together. Anyone else encounter this? This is a definite 'buyer' CE (love Elephant games), but if I'm unable to play it. . . .
Although not a review, I thought (oops) this was the upcoming release of the Christmas 'goodie' that our waskily-wabbit developers has coming out (my daughter and I beta-tested over the summer months - it's just beautiful). Nonetheless, I'm still playing the recent Elephant/Mystery Case Files CE release (taking my sweet-bippy time on that one), and will definitely will be doing the demo on this. Aaaah, so far it's been a gaming holiday 'merry, merry'!!
 posted in Crystals of Time on Dec 3, 13 11:24 AM
This is a great little 'TGT' release. Played the demo and, although the story-line is nothing new, what I look at is how developers deliver the story-line in their game's version. Here, the game's mechanics could have used some polishing, such as the cursor doesn't always turn into the 'hand' when necessary; the directional arrow has to be placed exactly on the 'hotspot'; or that a circle of sparkles appear showing where an item needs to be picked up (that's a 'no no'), however, they're overlooked when delving into the overall feel of the game and its' element of "edge-of-seat" mystery. The scene locations are very clear and there are quite a few locations to explore. During the game's demo, I experienced no technical problems, it filled my screen, and the music the developers chose to use adds well to the mystery/atmosphere without being overwhelming. Also, as I'm not one that is in need of a map (only a few games I've needed one), both it and the journal are suitable enough for a basic game such as this. I also like the feature of going back and forth into a different time, which is similar in nature to two other games of this genre on BF.

Truth be told, I actually look for games by new and/or small developers for release on BF, as they bring their own different/unique style(s) of subtlety to hidden object games with their "no-two-games-alike", cookie cutter feel, and this little gem has enough challenge to make you think, but not too much where - for me, that is - a walk through is really necessary.

For me, this game is a definite buy!!
 posted in Secret Trails: Frozen Heart Collector's Edition on Nov 23, 13 1:31 PM
I down loaded the demo and the game worked fine (Windows 8.1, 64 bit); however, something interesting 'popped' up after the game installed. Another box appeared (over the game manager) - I believe from the Windows program - that stated an 'app' was needed to properly display the program (play the game). I hit the 'install' button and it installed whatever 'app' was supposedly needed. I then pressed 'play' and proceeded to play the game without issue. By chance, did anyone else notice/get this same "install 'app' message box" after downloading?
 posted in Nevertales: The Beauty Within on Nov 22, 13 2:35 PM
Hello Fish Friends:

I wanted to chime in on JTF's use of the word 'BLING' in her reviews for clarification. As an African-American, be advised that JTF is, indeed, using the word in a correct manner. 'BLING' is a slang term, coined by rap artists, that refers to the jewelry/riches earned through the sale of their music (the same as our paychecks allows us to purchase the goods we have). 'BLING' can also mean their fancy cars, mansions, fur coats, etc. (you get the picture). In the CE games we play, 'BLING' would refer to the 'jewels' (or extras) that come in the form of collectibles and achievements, as not all CE's come with these goodies (only bonus game, wallpapers, music, etc.). Thus, JTF is using the word correctly in her/his description of 'BLING' when giving a review.

I just wanted to share/further clarify the slang use of this word and hope it helps!!

I hope everyone has a great holiday!

 posted in Haunted Halls: Nightmare Dwellers Collector's Edition on Nov 21, 13 9:34 AM
ERS. . .ERS. . .E - R - S!! What is UP with you guys and gals?!? I downloaded the demo; listened to what the police had to say; loved the look of the lavish colors and characters, especially dude with those donuts (yuuum); and even had to chuckle at the '5 Cuckoo Street' address where we had to report to. But, as soon as I started the actual game play, I HAD to stop. . .after about 10 minutes. Why so silly, ERS. . .whyyyy soooo silly?!? Love you folk, but I think I'll have to standby for your next game (lol)!! Wow!!
 posted in Greed: The Mad Scientist on Nov 7, 13 12:27 PM
Robsim wrote:I'm at the part of the game where it's time to make the cure/formula. I have all the ingredients, but when I attempt to place the first ingredient (elixir) on the machine, it returns back to the inventory. I've placed it (elixir) on and around multiple 'spots' of the machine, but it continues to do the same. . .return it to inventory. Can anyone tell me where to properly place it or what it is I might be doing wrong? Thanks!!


Please disregard the above. I left out of the 'secret lab' and left the gamma ray lamp, not realizing it was something that had to be put back into inventory . Thanks anyway!!
 posted in Greed: The Mad Scientist on Nov 7, 13 12:16 PM
I'm at the part of the game where it's time to make the cure/formula. I have all the ingredients, but when I attempt to place the first ingredient (elixir) on the machine, it returns back to the inventory. I've placed it (elixir) on and around multiple 'spots' of the machine, but it continues to do the same. . .return it to inventory. Can anyone tell me where to properly place it or what it is I might be doing wrong? Thanks!!
 posted in Paranormal State: Poison Spring on Oct 29, 13 8:20 AM
cottoncandy2 wrote:Well, I lost interest right from the start where the guy tells you to answer his cell phone -- if you can find it. How important is that call???

lol. . .too funny!!!
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