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 posted in The Perfect Tree on Dec 24, 09 7:56 AM
It's not cool, but at least the newest version that I got from developer doesn't do it. So if you haven't got past level 108 it's a good idea to contact Anawiki Games.
 posted in The Perfect Tree on Dec 24, 09 7:54 AM
Lizzie, did you edit level 108 on your own? You're pretty smart
 posted in The Perfect Tree on Dec 24, 09 7:53 AM
I guess quality is a matter of individual perception. It is very good for me.

Anyway, I feel your pain, though my version doesn't clear the tree when you pass level 110... though I received the latest version from developer. Contact ANAWIKI and they will provide you fixed version for free.

And don't blame BFG that much, they are probably unable to test all games. If there's someone to blame, it's developer, but I guess they just needed to deliver it on certain date and that's why there's a glitch left (you can't move xmas, can you?).
 posted in The Perfect Tree on Dec 24, 09 7:48 AM
Level 26 is doable, but in timed mode you need to be fast. They probably made it too hard for that phase of game. Anyway, you can easily unlock chains doing matches with black bells and snownam. Maybe doing it in the first move isn't the best idea, but helps a lot if you do it in the beginning. And try to do as many match-4 or bigger to get power ups, but don't use them instantly. Wait until you clear most of the easily clearable tiles.

Happy Holidays!

 posted in The Perfect Tree on Dec 23, 09 11:46 AM
@quarlesqueen: level 108 is buggy, you are right. Just contact developer (Anawiki Games) to get free fix like I did or wait for update on BFG... though I wouldn't expect a quick update due to Holiday Season.

I'm really surprised by GZ review. I mean really. Maybe he had bad xmas experience ;-)
 posted in Unwell Mel™ on Dec 23, 09 2:30 AM
A lot of people seem to adore Unwell Mel... good for him. After playing it for 15 minutes I felt sick and quit. Maybe I'm weird, but I couldn't look at all these illness without affecting my frame of mind.
 posted in The Perfect Tree on Dec 23, 09 12:17 AM
Level 108 is a glitch I contacted developer about it and they send me a fix and I was told that they will provide an update to the Big Fish Team as soon as possible. Google ANAWIKI Games if you don't want to wait for update on BFG site.
 posted in The Perfect Tree on Dec 22, 09 4:17 AM
There is at least day and night version of the tree screen, but I'm not too far in the game yet so I don't know if there's anything more in it.
 posted in Runes of Avalon 2 on Dec 22, 09 4:13 AM
I like the challenge behind that game. Haven't had any difficulties so far, but I can see that if you don't make your moves fast enough you end up running out of time.
 posted in Nat Geo Adventure: Ghost Fleet on Dec 22, 09 3:36 AM
I wonder why they can't show 2 games at TGT just like they do in TOday's Releases. It would be so much easier.
 posted in The Perfect Tree on Dec 22, 09 12:54 AM
This game is sooo charming Smooth match-3 action, one of the smoothest I've seen recently. The game puts you in such a nice mood for xmas it's hard to stop playing. And for me the music is great.
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