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 posted in Fashion Apprentice on Jan 23, 10 8:00 AM
I found this game to be very unforgiving on the clicks. Like blowing 5 clicks on an object, only to use a hint at the end to find out you were right - it just didn't like where you were clicking.
This game actually takes that to an extreme.
This was a fun game.

However when you go shopping, leave and come back to get blouses. Really, you have to buy a skirt, leave, come back - look more items.
As you can tell from this thread - a lot of us had nearly topless models running around.

The premise and story were fine. But the "pixel only" clicks will wear your patience down.
 posted in Agatha Christie: Dead Man's Folly on Jan 19, 10 8:40 PM
ah good to know. I only launched the demo and I'll admit, the story was ... well more scattered than the clues.
I was going to back burner any purchase for this but I think I'll take it off the stove entirely.
 posted in Agatha Christie - Death on the Nile on Jan 19, 10 8:36 PM
I am definitely buying this game. Even though chances are my husband is correct in Who-Dun-it and why already, this is well laid out and well played out.

It gets a bit sniffy at click targets but that's to be expected with various games. It's not to the point of being detrimental.

I can't say enough nice things about this game, so I'll shut up.
 posted in Agatha Christie: Dead Man's Folly on Jan 19, 10 8:32 PM
This is a decent seek-and-find. It's not as good as Death on the Nile but the main reason is the language barrier.

Sadly this game is obviously translated and some things did not come over too well.
While I forgave the "2 Brass" meaning "2 Brass instruments", it became apparent on every other seek map that I was going to need to hit Hint if only to figure out what they were talking about. Also it took me a while to string the words "Death Duty" together because originally they were discussing a gambling debt.

Football = a soccer ball in true Euro. And we don't call those "Chinese Coolie Hats" anymore. More to the point, we don't say Coolie anymore. There were lots more.

If you can adjust for that, then this is a well done game. A bit interuptive, mind you, but solid on the hints. Nothing brings my click-groove to a screeching halt than a clue popping up when I click a non-related items.

So while I'm not sure about putting it on my buy list, it's definitely not getting trashed just yet. I shouldn't have played it tired, otherwise I would have been more on my feet.
The average American will have a bit of a curve with the words not quite matching up or making any sense, but that's part of the challenge. Don't let it beat you, my fellow Americans. Chances are the Canadians are just fine with it (^_^)
Head downstairs.
Look slowly around.
You're done with the room across the street.
In the Rue Morgue - even I had to refer to the walk thru once. Turns out I was off by a PIXEL on a door puzzle.

You need to seek-and-find until you find all 3 balls. Then you should be on your way.
If you get stuck on the ball puzzle - it's a little to the left
Light a latern
Cut the bread.
 posted in Gardenscapes on Jan 17, 10 7:38 AM
OK I played again, made the garden the way I wanted to and it's still fun.

Especially compared to Mary Kay Andrews: The Fixer Upper
Please do not get this game. It is nothing like GardenScapes.

So this does have a slight replay value. Especially if you want to tweak the garden to the way you want it for your screensaver.
 posted in Mary Kay Andrews: The Fixer Upper on Jan 17, 10 7:34 AM
I wholeheartedly agree and I'm uninstalling it as I type this and I still have 30 minutes to go.

The click boxes are shot. I blew 8 clicks on hoses only to find it wanted a hose that was elsewhere. Thing is, the hoses I clicked on were a garden hose and a bundle of wire. I could not find that bundle of wire until the end despite it being one of the first items on the list - AND clicking on it at least 4 times.

Too many items depend on a single pixel to be triggered.

And yes - the plot kinda blows.

The execution at large is rather terrible. I was expecting/hoping for another GardenScapes.
That one was fun.

This one is terribly linear, you have no exploration value, sometimes the text goes too quickly (like the paragraphs in the beginning) or a single line will linger on the page and sometimes a scene will close before you get a good look.
 posted in Gardenscapes on Jan 16, 10 8:36 AM
What about these things? I'd get about 2 jumble sales and then these items would stop showing up.
The most annoying was the Buttons because I collected 5 at one sale, 5 and the next and then in the 3rd, I collected only 4. The 5th button appeared to be unclickable.
My number was 14/20 and after that I never got to collect anymore.

Can someone tell me more about these? Is there a goal per jumble? Is there a scene I'm missing?

And the developers need to remove Austin's phrase "There's a list I drew up of more things" after the garden contest is won.
 posted in Gardenscapes on Jan 16, 10 8:28 AM
It would be nice if they made a DLC for another story arc that included new items.
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