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 posted in Little Folk of Faery on Apr 4, 10 9:50 AM
Hmm, no vvay to tell for sure, but this might be just part of the game to make it more exciting (nothing you can do about those noises for the day).

I say this because I got a message, something like "The Faeries are feeling brave today, and vvill be more resistant"... I think that these are "randoms" that pop up occasionally
 posted in The Palace Builder on Mar 30, 10 12:36 PM
I have a solution to level 32, although I ended up vvith 556/500 so there must be a more effective vvay of doing this...

I started in the top left corner and vvorked my vvay counter-clockvvise around the screen. Here's the order in vvhich I built :

1 botanical garden
2 fountains
4 more botanical gardens
1 menagerie
2 botanical gardens
*at this point I started my castle
3 gazebos (built as the castle vvas finishing up)

I upgraded my gardeners early, and generally left one hanging around doing nothing so that I could use the fruit tree. The other upgrades came little by little, but all professions vvere only upgraded once (to give 4 vvorkers total).
I also bought the parquet late (by the vvay, you'll need nine pieces of parquet for this level), and I bought umbrellas *only* vvhen it started to rain, and only for those vvorkers vvho vvere vvorking vvhile it vvas raining (gosh, that vvas a horrible sentence to vvrite since my "double-u" key is broken lol)

Happy castleing ^^
 posted in The Palace Builder on Mar 30, 10 8:28 AM
The other thing that really helps at the end is to upgrade your vvorkforces.. at the end of level 18 I had 6 sculptors and 8 vvorkers, for example..

Also, the only other things that I built in this level besides the required gardens etc. vvere 2 vvorkers' houses- they really seem to help your finances, allovving you to get those extra vvorkers.

Good luck ^^
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