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Have just finished all 90 levels and thoroughly enjoyed it.
The change from chaining (2 or three guys chopping wood / collecting food) is no biggie, just means I can now use a different strategy sending one to cut wood one to collect food and one to build grainery . sawmill etc.
The levels were difficult but not hard. Just the right dfficulty for me.
Was sad that I had finished the game and look forward to the next and any changes they might make.
Had no problems in running the game and no crashes. Very smooth running game and a pleasure to play.

I think it i good that some of the rules get changed from game to game as it helps develop our minds to develop new strategies and the game doe not get to be just another repeat of the same things from prevoius games with minor changes to story line and graphics.
 posted in Farm Frenzy Inc. on Dec 22, 15 11:42 AM
I am not even talking about 3 stars, just completing to get 1 star is impossible for me. Finally got through by spending some green crystals to get extra time.
103 was fairly OK, but then hit 104 and again time runs out to quickly to get 1 star. I suspect they have made these so difficult that you need to extend time to finish or get extra stars.
If that is the case then I think I will cease playing this game. I have not spent any money on this game and refuse to as once you start spending some real money that then leads to you spending more since you have already made a monetary commitment and so it goes on.
Much better a one off payment an own the game, not have to spend more, not have to remain connected to the internet to even be able to play.
 posted in Farm Frenzy Inc. on Dec 21, 15 5:51 AM
The update has been out for some time now and is almost like a new game - perhaps needing a separate forum group.
There does not seem to be many posts referring to either version (only 3 pages ) so perhaps others have dropped out or are having no problems at all.
I am stuck on level 102 requiring 4000 cash, 8 Lasagna, and 30 steaks. I can get 2 out of 3 but not all three and always run short of time. Any tips from others that have gotten past that?
 posted in Divine Academy on Oct 6, 15 8:30 AM
I am starting to wonder if the FTP game system bubble is about to burst. My first encounter was with My Singing Monsters and I paid about $20 cash in that first game. This is what the game developers need / want. They perceive that these games will provide a bigger income stream. They do for first timers and the impatient, but after having been bitten once, I have played many others and not paid a cent.
Perhaps others have done the same and the supply of money is dwindling.

Perhaps they need to get a certain amount of money back before they will release another module.
So far I have played My Singing Monsters x2
Farm Frenzy Inc x3 (on three computers)
Build a Lot World x 3
Divine Academy x 3
Archie Riverdale Rescue x2
I have not paid any money for any other FTP games apart from that first one. If more people are starting to do this and the money is drying up then I can see this type of game failing.
Currently have been waiting over 3 months for any update to Build a Lot World, Farme Frenzy.
My Singing Monsters seems to be finished as well with no more real updates apart from the seasonal ones in over a year.
 posted in Farm Frenzy Inc. on Sep 28, 15 7:12 AM
Finally managed 3rd star on level 49
I had fully upgraded warehouse and truck and upgraded copter to take 3.
I bought 2 hives to start and sold 7 cows.
On return I built the yogurt plant and bought another hive, started processing milk to yogurt straight away).
This gives 3 honey and eventually 3 candy per cycle for 6000 per cycle when sold.

I sold the final 3 cows when I had 6 milk (5 milk + a yogurt by this time)
Sold 3 candy and built the cheese plant and started processing yogurt to cheese.
Bought 5 syrup (red bowls to make cheesecake and 1 butter)
Then continued to sell 3 candy at a time and any cheescakes to build up coins.
when had 3 honey comb , 3 honey and 3 candy and about 11000, sold the hives and candy to get to 20000+/ Built the cake plant and started making cake, and upgrading yogurt plant.

Sold all I could and was making last cheescake as truck returned and upgraded plants to get the 8 upgrades. Finished with 2 seconds to spare.
 posted in Farm Frenzy Inc. on Sep 28, 15 2:57 AM
Thank you Efi24.

Finally managed it with 4 seconds to spare.

Varied your procedure a little as following it I could not get enough to upgrade the cheese to level 2 so while processing the milk to yogurt and with cheese at level 1 I was able to make two single cheeses and sell them along with the beehive to get enough to upgrade the cheese to 2 at a time.
Also I sold 4 of the cows , just in case I had miscounted and also perhaps did this when I only had about 12-14 milk, so a couple of more cycles gave me the complete set of milk before selling that last cow.

And yes this is perhaps something that needs to be recommended to the game designers that we can replay previous star levels.
Currently if we have 3 stars on all levels we can only replay 47- 48 levels to get extra keys when releasing all three starred levels would allow over 120 levels to replay.
 posted in Farm Frenzy Inc. on Sep 27, 15 4:31 PM
Have taken to playing the levels again from 3 onwards. It is about 3-4 where you start getting the keys.

Sometimes you have to play a particular level up to 3 times to get a key.
Have found that some levels give 2 keys and just today on level 20 (1 after the Milk House) I got 3 keys.
This is the first time I have managed 3 keys on a level.

Sometimes the key may not appear til the last couple of seconds and I have found a few times that a key has just appeared as I have clicked on the last item needed to complete that level.
 posted in Farm Frenzy Inc. on Sep 13, 15 6:25 PM
I am struggling to complete level 49 and get the last of 25 stars needed to unlock the cake plant on Level 50.
I have been replaying other levels to pick up keys and upgrade factories , storage and truck..
I usually start on about level 3 and play it a couple of times to try and get another key. Usually it comes on the first or second attempt and if not then I move on.
I have noticed on a couple of levels that I get two keys. This does not seem to be repeatable on that same level at that time.
Anyone else noticed two keys arriving on a level. Do you know what causes this and any tips on finding those levels more often.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Heave Ho on Sep 7, 15 7:18 AM
Yay!!! Got it at last without boosters. 5.50
Thank you so much jojo_the-joyful.

Yes I agree these games are soo good. Must be to have 17 versions now, although the Farm Frenzy Inc spoils it a bit as the FTP game. Much prefer paying outright for the game and then being able to restart any time when you realise you have made a mistake with no penalty.
I really like the long ones as well. I think in an earlier one you had to beat 45 minutes and started with one chicken and nothing else. Very slow and relaxing to start and then getting faster as you got more animals and got closer to the time.
 posted in Divine Academy on Sep 6, 15 6:25 PM
The harpies will drop items when at least one of the items in the set is below 6.

As mentioned they travel to the magistrate building and cluster there.
As soon as they arrive and cluster hit them with a bolt, they will scatter and then go back to group again. Hit them again and you will find that you can get most of them with just the two bolts and pick off the remainder with just one each if unlucky.
 posted in Divine Academy on Sep 6, 15 6:21 PM
With your collections try to keep at least one item at 5 for each set. ie if sets show say 6,6,7,6,8. then cash one set in so that it reads 5,5,6,5,7. So long as at least 1 item is a 5 then you will keep getting extra items.
So keep a watch on your sets icon at the bottom and if you get a red number check to see if all items are 6 or more and then cash enough in to get an item back to 5.

That way you get the maximum number of items . With forest growth I have managed to get an item up to about 12 before the others reached 6.

By keeping exchangeable sets up you can easily fill a request for a set exchange without having to wait to earn it.

Also if you need a bit of extra gold , stars etc to take you up a level then you can easily cash in a couple of sets to get you there.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Heave Ho on Sep 5, 15 10:42 PM
This version of Farm Frenzy seemed easier in most levels than other versions.
I have managed up to Level 72 without needing to use any boosters but am finding it impossible to complete Level 73 in Gold time and even Silver time is a task.

You start with 1 Monkey and 10 chickens and have to get 15 Pasta which is pretty easy, 2 monkeys which again is a go, but 25 puddings is impossible for me so far in Gold or Silver time. My best so far has been 6.45 .
Any hints on how to get Gold would be appreciated.

Update: Closest I could get without boosters was 6.07 and finally had to use a few boosters to get Gold.
 posted in Divine Academy on Sep 1, 15 5:53 PM
Loonz111 wrote:LOL NorthStorm! Yesterday I caught my workers being lazy. I ordered them to go study in the schools, left the game for a while and on returning I saw them sneak back in the schools.. Which means they were not doing anything while I was away!

Gee you are a slave driver!!
I have 16 workers and while two were working on upgrading I took the other 14 to the beach and put them in float rings at the top of the screen .
Next I might give them a holiday in the Bay at the left and then I will try and see how many I can fit in float rings at the waterfall. I like making my guys happy , they have worked so hard so far and deserve a bit of a holiday.
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 20, 15 6:29 AM
Funny how the cyclops and elementals become less when you require them to be banished. But thgen when you have only 5 mana you suddenly get 3 of them.
I have found the protective Obelisk so useless at this stage that I think I will activate it as the last thing before I close down. Then when I start next day I will have completed that requirement bu then be able to try and get some cyclops and elementals .
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 20, 15 3:43 AM
Thanks so much for that zoozoospetal. Ihave not done much moving around and had not noticed that.
When the port became available I tried each item in turn to see what the ratio of sales was and what items gave the greatest amount of other items.
I would choose one item eg Gold and then move the slider to see how much of each of the other items
5 gold = 1 food
78 Gold = 1 Wood
125 Gold = 1 scroll
188 Gold = 1 stone

To do a lot of the studies I was running short on scrolls and so was using the schools and the port to build up to 1000s of scrolls for the study.
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 19, 15 7:36 PM
You get Gold stones for the Gold obelisk and ghosts in the tower. Ghosts need a lightning bolt to destroy them.

Blue stones for the Celestial obelisk and Cyclops from the Cavern. Cyclops need 2 fireball hits to destroy them.

Red stones for the Protective Obelisk and Fire sprites from the Lava pits. Fire sprites need 3 hits from the Freeze spell to destroy them.
There is another obelisk in the New Territory and I am guessing you will get stones for that from the Harpies nest. The harpies need two lightning strikes to kill them.
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 19, 15 7:25 PM
You can also build up your mana through the altar. I am at the stage of getting 11 mana from the altar each time, so with three altars I can get the workers worshiping and if i have time to wait 8 minutes I get 33 mana.
Or I can apply the acceleration spell (cost 5 mana for each) and get an almost instantaneous 18 mana. Do that 4 times in less than a minute and you get 72 mana.
You can also delay picking up that mana if you are close to your limit and collect it after you have frozen a couple of fire sprites.
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 19, 15 6:43 PM
Level 39, Happiness 22 Magistrate level 6 and currently upgrading to 7.

I have port and recently opened New Territory so now exploring the Harpies nest.
Just wondering why you would gridlock your port buying stone when you can use the mountain spell and resource recovery spell to produce more than you can import in a shorter time.
I have been using the Port to convert Stone and sometimes wood to scrolls and for the attack on the Harpies nest one lot of food.
I check first that there are still some studies that require scrolls and so far there are still plenty.
1 stone = 47 Gold or 18 food or 1 wood or 1 scroll.
All other trades are much less.

An earlier poster mentions about selling a house or cottage . How is that done? Have not been able to find any sell dialog. Or is that not on the PC version?
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 11, 15 5:46 AM
One of the quests requires you to use the lightning bolt spell a number of times. You don't need to wait for ghosts to use this. Just uses the spell on a number of different things and see what happens. Using it on the workers gets them on their knees and praying very hard.
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 8, 15 8:40 AM
I have also been getting the Server error :
Cannot connect to the Server. Check your Internet Connection and restart the game
Error Code 1-0

I seem to remember that My Singing Monsters had a similar problem. I thing these games become so popular that the server has trouble maintaining them at certain times of the day.
Or is it a real problem with this game?
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