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This is the first time I really had any problem with a slow download for BFG games. Maybe it is because I have had no power for the last 4 days and now that the power is back on and the Internet is up it might be running slow. Is anyone else having slow dowload issues? I am complaining just want to know if I am the only one with this issue.
 posted in Resurrection, New Mexico Collector's Edition on Oct 27, 11 3:46 PM
I dont know what everyone is complaining about downloading this game. I just downloaded it and it only took 5 minutes. People should not try to download a game as soon as it comes out. Everyone is trying to do the same thing and that slows down the server greatly. If you really want the game try waiting a while until downloading. Come on people stop blaming BFG.
I am in the graveyard the one beyond the wall and I cannot get the urn from on top of the tombstone. Is anyone else having this problem? Cannot finish the game without doing this part. Help anyone please.
 posted in The Dark Hills of Cherai: The Regal Scepter on Oct 8, 11 4:38 AM
Really slow download on my desktop computer that runs Vista but on my laptop which runs windows 7 no problem with the download. That just goes to show how screwed up windows OS's are. Apple computer here I come. lol
 posted in Rainbow Web 3 on Sep 23, 11 3:46 AM
I am not a fan of match 3 games, but I just love the Rainbow Web games , and cannot wait to try this one out. Will be back with my review after I have played it for a while.
Just finished downloading the game only took a couple of minutes. I think some of the reason people are having such long download times is they are probably doing other stuff online or have too many windows open. Doing too many things at one time while downloading does take away the speed of the download. I have only had a few times where the download was slow, but since the new GM my downloads have been faster then ever.
The walkthrought is integrated into the game, it is under the menu button in the game intself.
 posted in Grim Tales: The Bride Collector's Edition on Aug 4, 11 5:10 AM
If people are having a hard time downloading BFG games, maybe they should look at their computer instead of BFG. Try getting rid of some stuff on your computer, I did and now I do not have any problem downloading from BFG. I just finished downloading this game and it only took a couple of minutes.
 posted in Hide and Secret: The Lost World on Jun 20, 11 5:52 AM
I am done with this game, it is just getting frustrating. I have done everything I am supposed to do and I cannot find the stupid bell clapper. I have read the walkthrough over and over and it does not tell u anything. I have found the girl behind the spooky door, u dont get the fourth telescope piece until u save the girl which does not help me since I cannot fine the bell clapper. Not happy with this game at all.
 posted in Hide and Secret: The Lost World on Jun 19, 11 11:55 AM
I am near the end of the game, but I still cannot find the stupid bell clapper. Went to the desterted town and there is no HOS anywere.
 posted in Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy Collector's Edition on Jun 19, 11 11:53 AM
I was wondering the same thing. I finished the game but cannot play the bonus part of it.
 posted in Hide and Secret: The Lost World on Jun 19, 11 4:59 AM
Need help finding the bell clapper. If anyone knows where it is please tell me. I have been through the game looking for hidden object scenes and no luck. This is getting frustrating.
I am going to try to uninstall and then do a reinstall to see if that helps. I also am going to see if I get the same problem on my laptop which has Windows 7 on it. I have found that some games will play on Windows 7 better than Vista. Will let you know how it goes.
Can anyone tell me how to get the your centaur out of the caldroun, the guide is no help. Is anyone else having this problem? If I dont do this part I cannot finish the game. Help me someone please.
 posted in Dark Dimensions: City of Fog Collector's Edition on May 12, 11 3:08 PM
Hey carolina67 I kind of fixed the problem with the game running slow. First I installed an update for directx, and then when I started the game I went into the options and upcheck special cursor. It did not fix the slow issue completely but it did help. I am going to download an update for my video card and maybe that will help. Will keep you posted if it works. Happy game playing.
 posted in Dark Dimensions: City of Fog Collector's Edition on May 12, 11 5:21 AM
I am having the same problem with this game running slow on my PC which has Vista on it. I downloaded in to my laptop which has Windows 7 on it and it runs great. I am going to check out what the issue with vista might be. I have found out that I can run certain games on windows 7 but not on vista. Will keep everyone posted on what I find out. I really dont want to play this game on my laptop screen is way to small.
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Raincliff Collector's Edition on May 5, 11 4:39 AM
I am downloading this game right now,did not realize that it would be such a large file. I hope that it is as good as the Void. Can't wait to play.
 posted in Detective Agency 2: Banker's wife on May 4, 11 5:02 AM
The door knocker is not on the front steps in my game. Wish I had not wasted a credit on this game. Going to get rid of it now.
 posted in Detective Agency 2: Banker's wife on May 4, 11 4:57 AM
I would like to know the same thing, cant go any further until that is found. The walkthrough says it is on the steps, but not in my game. Anyone else having this issue????
Well fishes I cannot finish this game since I did not get the brush spaped leaf when I got the resin. Hope everyone esle has a good time with this stupid game. Wish I never bought it.
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